Kratos Max Review – An Essential Part of Your Pre-Workout Routine

What Is Kratos Max?

Kratos Max is a performance enhancing pre-workout supplement designed to raise testosterone, balance male hormone levels, and give you the edge that you need to reach your bodybuilding goals. Contained in easy to swallow capsules, this natural formula is an easy way to raise your testosterone levels safely and naturally. It is scientifically designed to address the lower testosterone levels that face many men while also giving an added boost of nutrients and minerals that support muscle growth.

As men age, even as early as their twenties or early thirties, testosterone levels begin to drop by as much as a few percentage points every year. This can have a devastating effect, both mentally and physically. Men begin to lose lean muscle mass and gain body fat, particularly around their midsection. Even worse are the mental effects of lower testosterone, which can include fuzzy thinking, less decisiveness, and loss of confidence. Kratos Max combats these negative effects by raising testosterone and enhancing male hormone levels while giving you the nutrition you need to get cut.

How does this work? First, you take two capsules before your selected workout. The ingredient is specially formulated to be absorbed quickly and enter your bloodstream directly. From there, the special formula enters your cells to boost testosterone levels. This in turn aids in building muscle, burning fat, and building endurance. At the same time, this preworkout supplement provides an ample supply of nutrients such as B vitamins that are proven to aid in muscle growth and development. While you will still have to work hard to get the cut physique you desire, this supplement will give you an extra advantage and faster results.



Kratos Max is made by a manufacturer of the same name. It is not one of hundreds of supplements made by the company but rather the entire focus. The makers of this supplement believe it is the perfect way to boost muscle building and fat burning, and thus market this formula exclusively.

When you buy from this company, you are buying from a small business with one exclusive product. This product receives all of the company’s attention, ensuring high testing standards and excellent customer support. Because this is a small business, they have been known to run out of supplies when there is high demand. It is important to get this supplement when it is available, because it may not be available in the future.


How Does Kratos Max Work?

This preworkout supplement works in two complimentary ways: by increasing testosterone, and increasing blood levels of nutrients needed to build muscle. Plant based supplements that increase testosterone enter the bloodstream immediately to help build muscle and burn fat. Muscles also become more defined and bulky as a result.

However, building muscle requires an ample supply of building blocks, not just testosterone and exercise. Kratos Max contains these basic nutrients and building blocks in a highly digestible form, to ensure that they are available quickly to hungry muscle cells. It is important to take this formula before a workout so all of these ingredients will be in the bloodstream at the time that a weightlifter’s body most needs them.

This product will not build muscle and burn fat on its own, as it is designed for use with a bodybuilding program. It provides the raw ingredients that the male body needs to get the most out of a workout. If you have found that you are not getting the results you desire from your bodybuilding regimen, low or marginal testosterone may be the problem. Kratos Max offers an easy and safe solution to this common problem.

Testosterone also has psychological effects that many men find beneficial. After taking this supplement, bodybuilders will find that they are more energetic, more aggressive, and have clearer thinking. Testosterone also enhances decision making abilities and confidence. This mental boost often lasts longer than the bodybuilding effects.

Many supplements come in the form of shakes or mixable powders. These often have unpalatable tastes and textures that can make it difficult to consume them. In addition, they often require preparation such as blending and mixing. Kratos Max addresses this issue by packaging their proprietary formula in capsules that are portable and can be easily consumed at any location. Simply take two pills and get the results you want!


Ingredients of Kratos Max

Kratos Max is a blend of natural plant-based supplements that are designed to raise testosterone and enhance bodybuilding. The ingredients include:

1) Plant-based natural ingredients known to increase testosterone. Testosterone is one of the most important factors in building muscle and burning fat. Most men, however, see a steep testosterone decline beginning as early as their late twenties or early thirties. Increasing testosterone will give you both a psychological and physical boost to enhance your workout plans and help you reach your weight lifting goals.

2) Bioperine, also known as black pepper extract. This supplement elevates testosterone levels. It also increases the absorption of other ingredients in this proprietary mix so they hit the bloodstream immediately and are available during the actual workout.

3) Green Tea Extract – it helps bodybuilding in a variety of ways. First, it is a natural energy-booster. Second, it improves metabolism, particularly muscle building and fat burning. Last, it enhances circulation, so your muscles get the ample blood supply needed to last through a long workout without fatigue and burning.

4) Vitamin B6, which is an important vitamin in metabolism. The body cannot build muscle without it. The Standard American Diet tends to be low in this vitamin, which can restrict muscle building. Vitamin B6 also contributes to healthy nervous system function and lowers the risk of heart disease.

5) ElevATP – a natural additive developed in laboratories after the founders of this company discovered that there are few natural supplements offering a boost of ATP on the market. ATP is the form of energy that our cells, particularly muscle cells, use most effectively. When cells run low on ATP, they begin to use fermentation to get energy, a process that is responsible for the well-known post workout burn. ElevATP increases ATP stores, increasing energy and decreasing recovery time by preventing lactic acid fermentation and the resulting pain.

6) Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 – a popular ingredient both within and outside the bodybuilding world because it enhances metabolism, which both helps to build muscle and increases burning fat. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to convert fat stores to well-defined muscle bulk. No bodybuilding supplement is complete without this ingredient.

These ingredients are designed to work together and enhance each other’s effects. For example, Bioperine enhances the absorption of the other ingredients for a fast and safe pre-workout boost. This blend was developed in scientific laboratories and tested to ensure high efficacy as well as safety and purity. If you are having trouble building muscle, this may be the safe and natural boost you need to succeed.



Kratos Max offers several advantages over other bodybuilding supplements. First, it is all natural. There are no artificial ingredients that can slow you down or cause side effects. The only effects of this supplement are the intended positive ones.

Second, this supplement is highly digestible. Most of the ingredients of the capsules are absorbed directly into your bloodstream, allowing immediate effects. This also means less of the stomach pain, bloating, and other unwanted gastrointestinal side effects that some supplements can cause. This is one of the cleanest products on the market.

Third, this supplement offers everything you need to get the most out of a workout. Many men work hard at a bodybuilding plan only to find that they are not getting the results that they need. It is difficult to deal with plateaus and other barriers to achieving the physique you desire. These plateaus are often due to low testosterone or low levels of essential nutrients. This supplement offers a safe and natural way to overcome this common and discouraging problem.

Last, this preworkout blend is more than a bodybuilding supplement. Because it increases testosterone levels, men also report rapid loss of body fat, improved energy, better sleep, clearer thinking, and a variety of other positive effects. Even a small increase in testosterone levels can have immense effects on your life.



Kratos Max has ingredients that are tested in certified company laboratories for maximum effects and minimum impurities. In addition, it is tested by independent GNP laboratories to ensure that it is completely safe, effective, and pure. Many supplements claim to contain ingredients that they do not actually have. The independent testing of this produce ensures that you are always getting exactly what you pay for.

This supplement is recommended by a variety of bodybuilders and fitness coaches. This is a relatively new formula, but it has already gained huge acclaim. Several of America’s top bodybuilders use this supplement to get the results they desire. Its clean, testosterone-boosting formula has gained many positive testimonials among successful lifters.



I suspected I had low testosterone levels due to muscle loss and a change in my dominant alpha personality. I decided to try Kratos Max after a bodybuilding plateau stretch on for months. I now have my masculine personality back and am making huge gains in muscle. I am fitter, bulkier, and more defined than I was even in my twenties. – Robert H., Tampa, Florida, USA

“I have been lifting for years with great results. However, it has become more and more difficult to add muscle even with my established lifting regimen. Kratos Max gave me the boost that I needed to continue improving my body and my life. – Cameron D., Yakima, WA

I have a busy life but always find time to lift. Many supplements come in the form of shakes that are messy, require preparation, and simply don’t taste good. In addition, I often get bloated after a supplement shake, which keeps me from enjoying my workout. Kratos Max is an easy supplement to add to any regimen, simply two capsules taken with water before a workout. It so far has not had any of the unpleasant side effects that I had when taking other preworkout blends. – Chris G., Long Beach, Canada

As a physician, I am well aware of the effects of low testosterone. I immediately recognized them in my own body when I hit my mid-30s. A blood test showed that they were not low enough to supplement with injections but still not high enough to support my body building goals. Kratos Max has caused a measurable increase in my free testosterone levels, which has allowed me to continue adding muscle and cutting fat. Its convenience is another major plus for those of us with busy work schedules and careers to manage. – Kurt V., Beverly, MA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Kratos Max is still one of the newer supplements on the market, so it has not been covered extensively in the media. However, the word about this preworkout supplement has spread like wildfire through word of mouth. Many people in the bodybuilding community recommend this supplement for its high impact, safety, purity, and lack of side effects. Because of the incredible public response, the manufacturers of this natural supplement have elected not to purchase advertising or sponsorships, instead encouraging grassroots support to build.

You will likely be seeing this supplement covered in top bodybuilding magazines in the near future. Many people that have tried it are helping to build word-of-mouth buzz about its benefits for both professional bodybuilders and men who simply like to lift.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of Kratos Max believe that their product will help you to get the muscle gain and fat loss that you need to meet your bodybuilding goals. Because of this confidence, they offer a trial of their product to men interested in taking their gains to the next level. People can sign up for a month long supply of this supplement with the first month costing only shipping and handling. This allows bodybuilders to find out for themselves whether this is the right preworkout supplement for them with absolutely no risk.

Once you buy this supplement, you will be automatically shipped a month supply of this supplement every month. This makes it convenient to continue getting the muscle gains and psychological impact of this proprietary formula. You can cancel this monthly subscription at any time. Supplies often run out, so it is important to buy this product when it is available.

Only one free trial is allowed per person, and the company has restricted these trials to just 250 a day. If you do not think the product is worth continued use, you can simply stop the monthly shipments and enjoy your free one month supply. The makers of Kratos Max believe in their product enough to offer it for a free initial month, because they know that their customers will want to continue using it.

This exclusive free trial is only available online through the manufacturer’s website. It is an exclusive product that cannot be found on store shelves. Because of high demand, the makers of Kratos Max have not had extra supply to sell through other stores and websites.



Kraots Max offer secure shipping throughout the United States. People who order the product can select regular shipping, which can take days or up to a week depending on your location, or expedited shipping for a small additional charge. Regardless of the type of shipping you choose, your product will arrive safely and in undamaged condition. The company uses the finest carriers to deliver their product in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

People who order This preworkout formula can use a package tracking feature to see when their product will arrive. It is shipped in sturdy and discreet packaging to ensure that it arrives safely and is less likely to be harmed or stolen in shipping. If a customer has a problem with shipping, they can call the customer support line to get a refund or a new delivery. This company stands behind their products and considers customer satisfaction the highest priority.

Unfortunately, this preworkout supplement is only available in the United States. It may soon become available to other areas. The limited supplies due to popular demand have restricted access to only within this country. The company is hoping to expand production and widen their customer base in the near future. Until then, only limited supplies are available and shipping is only available in the United States.


Customer Support

Customer support is very important to the Kratos Max brand. People who have a problem with this product for any reason can contact friendly and helpful customer support in a variety of ways, including telephone, email, and live chat support on the website. This support is available during business hours throughout the work week. There is support available on weekends and at night, but it is more limited.

Most people who try this supplement are completely happy with the product. If a customer does not feel this way, they should immediately contact the company. The customer support crew can answer questions and help bodybuilders to get the most out of their investment in this preworkout supplement. In addition, packages of Kratos Max can be returned at any time for a full refund.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying products on the internet can be scary due to the high number of scams and hackers. Kratos Max knows that this is a major concern for many people and thus offers completely safe and secure checkout on their website. All information is encrypted to top levels of security. Credit cards and other forms of payment are processed through top servers to ensure that your information always remains completely private.

These security measures make buying this supplement completely risk free even when buying online. There is almost zero chance of your information being stolen and misused. You can buy from this company with total peace of mind.


Pricing & Free Trial

When you sign up for a subscription to this product, the first month is free, with only a nominal shipping and handling charge. Once this trial has been used, bodybuilders can continue to get their daily fix of this supplement for the low price of $69.99 a month. The company that makes this product is dedicated to keeping their costs as low as possible so even the average Joe can afford their product. This is an affordable price considering the quality of ingredients and the rigorous testing that each batch receives.

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