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What Is InstaMuscle Turbo Testo?

InstaMuscle Turbo Testo is a pre-workout supplement formulated to boost free testosterone levels in the body. By increasing t-levels, the goal is to maximize physical performance and power, increase vitality, improve workout effectiveness and ramp up stamina and strength. It is geared toward men over the age of eighteen who are looking to improve their physical fitness levels as well as older men who want to restore the testosterone levels that decrease naturally with age. It is, of course, equally aimed at bodybuilders, weightlifters and fitness professionals in general. Lastly but equally, it is positioned as a diet supplement to help athletes maximize their sports performance.

This particular supplement comes in capsule form. Its ingredients are 100% natural, as they are all derived from plants and botanicals. This product is cited as a safe, legal way to enhance workouts in order to get the most effective muscle-building results. When taken as part of a regular routine, the manufacturer states that it will help men from almost all fitness levels and demographics build a stronger, leaner body. This testosterone booster has been featured on some websites and magazines and is marketed and sold to men all over the world.



InstaMuscle Turbo Testo is manufactured by a company of the same name. Although the supplement itself has made numerous appearances across various forms of popular media, very little is known about its parent company. The official product website does not include an “about” section, nor is any sort of company history publically available. The manufacturer’s position to put their product first is admirable, though it would likely help to build trust with consumers by making some sort of company history info available. What is known is that its headquarters are located in Fishers, IN.

InstaMuscle Turbo Testo is believed to be the only product manufactured by this merchant. The advantage to this is that all of the merchant’s resources are dedicated to the research, development and marketing of this single supplement. It stands to reason that this resource focus makes for a better-researched, more effective product. Nevertheless, it would also be wise for the manufacturer to add some history online in order to facilitate greater familiarity and trust with buyers.


How InstaMuscle Turbo Testo Works?

This supplement works by facilitating a complex chemical process that stimulates the production of free testosterone in the body in several ways. First, it works by actively stimulating nitric oxide production, which in turn effects the production of testosterone itself. As any bodybuilder knows, good nitric oxide levels are essential to maximum iron-pumping sessions. Nitric oxide facilitates blood flow to the muscles and, as the official website states, delivers oxygen, amino acids and nutrients to the muscles. Increased nitric oxide levels counteract the effects of depleted oxygen and nutrients during exercise.

Greater nitric oxide supplies make for less muscle fatigue, more reps and longer workouts. They also mean quicker recovery and significantly less soreness. In addition to actively promoting testosterone production, InstaMuscle Turbo Testo also works by suppressing hormones and chemical reactions that inhibit its production. The capsules are designed to dissolve directly into the bloodstream to both actively and passively promote elevated free testosterone levels. Per instructions, the user is directed to take before workouts to maximize muscle efficiency.


Ingredients of InstaMuscle Turbo Testo

This product’s proprietary formula is an all-natural blend of natural extracts widely cited as safe for most users. Wild Yam Extract is a key ingredient in the InstaMuscle Turbo Testo formula, which many in the bodybuilding community believe contains anabolic and stress-reducing properties. Another key ingredient is Tongkat Ali, a.k.a. Longjack. Tongkat Ali is well-known in the supplement industry for bumping t-levels up and works by stimulating the testicular Leydig cells to to produce more testosterone. It is purportedly effective in increasing muscle size and strength, stabilizing stress levels and increasing energy, among other reported benefits.

Another important ingredient is Sarsparilla, a root plant commonly used in supplements for performance enhancement and muscle-building. Saw Palmetto, another popular ingredient in modern workout enhancers, is an extract that originates from the berries of small palm trees. It is believed to be a major testosterone booster, which in turn boosts muscle mass and male performance-related traits in general. It is also thought to boost the immune system, which is of course beneficial for bodybuilders, weightlifters, athletes and any man looking to put in the time and energy to get ripped.

Another listed ingredient in InstaMuscle Turbo Testo is Horny Goat Weed, a.k.a. Epimedium or Barrenwort. This is a flowering plant that purportedly boosts energy levels, treats joint pain, increases testosterone production and improves blood flow to vital muscles. Some research has also pointed to its anti-adrenal exhaustion effects, which help to promote better, harder workouts. Other ingredients include Nettle Extract, Orchic Substance and Baron. As with any supplement, care must always be taken to read full ingredient lists carefully to determine the potential for allergic reactions or medication interactions.



InstaMuscle Turbo Testo is designed to help men get the most out of every rep, thereby leading to bigger, stronger muscles. The nitric oxide-producing properties in its formula blend are designed to increase blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles in order to help men train harder for longer. The company also states that regular use of these capsules as directed will facilitate results much quicker than training alone. It must be noted, however, that this is not a magic bullet nor is it intended to treat or cure any ailments; instead, it is intended to be taken as part of a healthy diet and a rigorous exercise regimen.

Other prime advantages cited by the manufacturer are more energy, improved stamina and endurance and better, quicker results. The official website also claims its fast-acting formula will amplify attention abilities and activate awareness agility, likely due to the formula’s energy-enhancing natural properties — with increased energy to the body, of course, comes increased energy to the brain. Using this product, according to the manufacturer and corresponding testimonials, will enhance workouts, beef up musculature, burn fat, tone the body and make one’s mental state sharper and more alert. It will purportedly gain results much better and quicker than workouts alone.



InstaMuscle Turbo Testo comes with a series of certificates testifying to its quality and effectiveness. Clearly displayed on the official product website is a GMP Certified logo. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, which is a certification guaranteeing that products meet a certain manufacturing quality level. It was set in place to protect consumers from faulty, ineffective, low-quality and/or gimmicky products. Only items that meet GMP quality standards receive this certification.

Another logo clearly displayed on the website is an FDA Registered Logo. This means that the merchant has registered the product with the Food and Drug Administration in order to comply with FDA standards regarding information about the product’s regulatory and/or marketing status. The company also certifies that this t-booster was 100% made in the United States of America. This is a major draw for consumers who want to support their national economy while building their bodies up and getting fit. Bottom line, this particular merchant has covered many important bases for quality and manufacturing certification.



I would not have achieved the results I have if it weren’t for InstaMuscle Turbo Testo. My clothes fit better, my muscles are harder and I have a ton more energy than I did before. I started seeing results in a couple of weeks. This stuff has been a game-changer for me as far as making improving my workouts. I would recommend this as part of any fit guy’s training program. – Dave, personal trainer in San Francisco, CA, US

I was skeptical to begin with, but after about a month, I noticed how much more I was able to lift and how much firmer my muscles felt. I haven’t had any side effects, which is great. I’ve also noticed that my energy levels are noticeably higher. Though any supplement is going to work differently on everyone, I’d recommend at least giving Turbo Testo a fair shot. – Lee, food service worker in Brantley, WY, US

I started out with the free trial. Before I went ahead with my order, I called up customer service with a bunch of questions I had about how this works. They were very knowledgeable and able to answer all of my questions in-depth. As a result, I decided to give this stuff a go. I’m glad I did — my buddies keep asking me how I got so buff so fast, and I’m not afraid to share my secret — InstaMuscle Turbo Testo! – Christian, architect in Manhattan, NY, US

I did a lot of research before finally deciding to buy my first bottle. Out of all the supplements on the market, this one seemed to be the most promising. Let me just say that it only took me a matter of weeks to start out-lifting my best buddy, which I’ve been trying to do for years. I never thought I would see the day. Definitely a win! – Yoshi, electrical engineer in Grand Rapids, MI, US


Awards & Media Coverage

Despite being relatively new to the market, InstaMuscle Turbo Testo has made extensive appearances on a range of popular media outlets. As for television, this workout supplement has made appearances on the Dr. Oz show. It has also been featured in Men’s Health magazine. Another major media outlet that has featured this product is Fox News. Clearly, this is a workout supplement that has made somewhat of an impact on the health/fitness media world despite its relative newness to the health/fitness market.

This supplement has also been widely reviewed and discussed across the fitness world online, and (largely) favorably so. A multitude of bodybuilding forums and blogs have discussed its effectiveness, with many users reporting positive results and few, if any, negative side effects. Fitness professionals from various corners of the web have also posted in-depth reviews, comparing and contrasting its muscle-building capabilities favorably with other supplements. It has been widely discussed online and in the media by both health professionals and average users alike.


Money-back Guarantee

Luckily for users who would prefer to try before they buy, the manufacturer of InstaMuscle Turbo Testo offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Although there is no free trial program offered, the company does offer a complete refund if the customer is less than satisfied with their results. To be eligible for the refund, the buyer must contact customer service via the email address provided and return the product within 60 days. Also important to note is the fact that, per usual company return policy procedures, the customer must get an RMA number from a support team member before shipping the product back to the Fishers, IN address listed on the official website. There is a $5.95 restocking fee per unit returned, which the website states is taken out of the return issued.

Also very important to note is the fact that all bottles must be unopened in order to be eligible for a refund. Many potentials buyers may view this as a disqualifier for a money-back guarantee; if they can’t open the bottle to try the product, how are they supposed to know whether it is going to work for them? This policy may be viewed by many as tricky and unfair. On the plus side, this merchant does not enroll customers in any sort of auto-billing or auto-ship program, where the customer’s credit card is automatically billed for a regularly-priced bottle that is then auto-shipped every month. This will likely be a major draw for buyers who dislike the inconvenience of auto-ship programs so common among workout supplement suppliers.



One major advantage offered by the supplier of InstaMuscle Turbo Testo is the free shipping on every order. Regardless of the product package or number of bottles one orders, all shipping and handling is indeed free of charge. Each order is shipped via the United States Postal Service. As stated, there is no auto-ship program, so there is no need for a lengthy customer service call to cancel any pre-shipped items. Additionally, the merchant offers shipping to an astounding variety of countries from American Samoa to Zimbabwe.

According to the official product website, all orders shipped within the United States normally take 24-48 hours to be processed. Packages typically arrive within 3-5 business days. Depending on the shipping option selected, some orders may take up to 7-10 business days. All domestic orders come with USPS tracking information that is provided within three business days from the date of purchase. Tracking information is delivered via email. As for international orders, the typical time window for receiving packages is 7-14 business days, although it could take up to 4-6 weeks (as measured in business days).

The website notes that shipping time may vary by country and geographic location. There are specials procedures and regulations for international orders, which should be closely adhered to by the customer. According to the merchant, most foreign customers are not charged upon receipt of shipment. The bottom line in regard to shipping policies for this company is a very positive one: this merchant delivers cheaply, globally and outlines their policies very clearly on the official InstaMuscle Turbo Testo website.


Customer Support

Several routes to customer service are offered for anyone with questions about the product, how to use it, or any questions whatsoever at any point before, during or after the transaction. The company offers several convenient routes to contact a representative. The first, and most personal, is via an Indiana telephone number listed on the website. There is also a support email address for those who opt for the convenience of emailed communication.

Lastly, there is also an online comment box wherein the customer can input questions or concerns. The company promises to answer all inquiries within 24-48 hours. Although there is no physical contact address listed for customer service purposes, it is likely that the company can also be reached at the Fishers, IN address listed in the returns section on the website. Unfortunately, customer service hours of operation are not given. As a whole, however, this company has got their support bases covered with several easily accessible means of contact.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The product website also does fairly well by means of checkout security. Upon entering their order, customers will find a logo near the entry form guaranteeing a 100% safe and secure checkout. According to the company’s privacy policy, all information collected in regard to credit card and bank account information is protected with SSL encryption software. Customers are promised that all personal and financial information will be used only for completing and processing the transaction requested. Credit card and banking info will only be released to third parties as necessary and required for the transaction.

All email and unsubscribe policies are clearly outlined in the privacy policy section on the product website. Similarly, there are straightforward paragraphs clearly detailing how the company handles and uses personal information. All customer information stored in company databases have security measures such as firewalls and password protection software in place to protect against any and all misuse. For customers with further questions regarding the processing, use and/or general policy of personal and financial data, the website offers a clearly detailed policy via the Privacy Policy section.



InstaMuscle Turbo Testo offers a selection of several package tiers. The first is an offer to buy three bottles and get two free for the total price of $104.90. The second package offers two bottles with one free bottle included for the total price of $69.90. The third package offers the one-bottle special at $34.90 for a one-month supply. Customers will likely be very pleased by the range of pricing packages offered for different needs.

The manufacturer offers one of the widest payment method ranges of any supplement supplier. At checkout, buyers can pay via Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AMEX. Orders are subject to sales tax as applicable to their individual region. As for refunds, all are credited back to the method of payment on file once the company receives the product that has been shipped back to the distribution center, and all of the correct information has been relayed. The terms and conditions state that it may take up to 3-5 business days for all credits to appear on the statement.


  • InstaMuscle Turbo Testo claims to maximize strength and performance levels in order to help the user gain bigger, stronger muscles fast.
  • The manufacturer offers free shipping worldwide.
  • The ingredients are legal and natural.


  • All products must be returned unopened in order to be eligible for a refund.
  • Although the ingredients are all-natural, a small segment of users may experience an allergic reaction or a medication interaction to the extracts in the formula.
  • The merchant of InstaMuscle Turbo Testo does not list customer service hours on the website.

InstaMuscle Turbo Testo

Summary: InstaMuscle Turbo Testo is an natural workout supplement intended to boost testosterone levels in men. By boosting t-levels, the product claims to increase lean muscle mass, maximize workouts, improve energy, ramp up stamina and even elevate mood levels and cognitive performance. All of its ingredients are derived from plants, botanicals and extracts. Its merchant offers free worldwide shipping and a money-back guarantee, although the product must be unopened in order to be eligible for a refund. This supplement has an extensive presence in popular media via online sites, magazines and the bodybuilding community online.

FREE TRIAL to $104.90
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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