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What Is Factor 2?

Factor 2 is a nitric oxide booster in capsule form formulated by biologists to safely build muscle while enhancing strength, stamina and power. Released as the next-generation nitric oxide booster after the success of Force Factor, Factor 2 improves the original formula of its brand predecessor. This is accomplished through replacement of L-Arginine with the purportedly more effective L-Citrulline. Factor 2 delivers muscle gain, increased energy and improved nutrient absorption.

On workout days, two to four capsules are taken with breakfast and the same number about 20 minutes prior to workout. On off days, the same number are taken with breakfast, then followed again at lunch. To add lean muscle and further energize workouts, Factor 2 can be stacked with other products such as those from the Force Factor line.

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Factor 2 is a product of Force Factor, a company started in 2009 by two rowers at Harvard University. The college athletes were looking for a safe, healthy formulation without banned ingredients to help them build endurance and strength for their sport. When they were dissatisfied by everything they tried, they created their own nitric oxide booster, also called Force Factor. Two years later, the partners worked with biologists to develop a reformulation with even better potential, Factor 2.

Force Factor is now a subsidiary of NutraClick, which also owns Peak Life, Stages of Beauty, Femme Factor and ProbioSlim. NutraClick and Force Factor are both located in Boston, Massachusetts. The fulfillment center for their products is in Aston, Pennsylvania.


How Factor 2 Works?

Formulated by biologists for strength and endurance, Factor 2 is designed to bridge the gaps between the body’s exertion capability during workouts and how it reacts to those enhanced workouts. This is accomplished through boosting of nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream. With higher nitric oxide levels, workouts deliver more intense muscle engagement and energy, with the ultimate result of a more ripped physique.

When the user takes two to four capsules at breakfast and two to four capsules less than a half hour prior to workout, Factor 2 goes into the bloodstream to stimulate nitric oxide production. To accomplish this, Amino Acids, Calcium and Vitamin C in Factor 2 work together to increase nitric oxide synthase enzyme in the body, in turn triggering quick production of nitric oxide.

When the body produces nitric oxide, blood vessel walls open up and allow for greatly improved blood flow. With improved blood flow in the arteries, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to all parts of the body, including muscles. In turn, muscles exhibit increased strength and endurance, while being more resistance to fatigue. Users are then provided with maximized workouts and better workout results.

The Way Factor 2 Works


Ingredients of Factor 2

Factor 2 is an improvement upon formulation of the original Force Factor nitric oxide boosting formula. Force Factor contained L-Arginine to boost the body’s L-Arginine levels. What biologists in the Force Factor labs discovered is that L-Citrulline actually delivers more L-Arginine production in the body, than taking L-Arginine in supplement form.

Factor 2 does not contain Caffeine, Sodium or Creatine. It does contain the following:

  • 100 mg of Vitamin C in the form of Asorbic Acid
  • 16 mg of Calcium by means of Calcium Ascorbate
  • 600 mcgs of Folic Acid
  • L-Citruline
  • Lovage Root
  • CoQ10
  • L-Taurine
  • L-Norvaline

Of these ingredients, L-Arginine is known to benefit the heart. L-Arginine also facilitates healing of wounds, helps kidney function, maintains hormone production and regulates the immune system. Off-label ingredients include:

Additional Ingredients for Factor 2

  • Titanium Dioxide
  • FD&C Red #40
  • FD&C Yellow #6
  • FD&C Red #3
  • FD&C Blue #1
  • Gelatin
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Cellulose

The only downside of nitric oxide being increased in the body by any product such as Factor 2 is that people with low blood pressure problems can be negatively affected by this boost. When the product’s ingredients stimulate expansion of blood vessels and blood flows more easily as a result, this is a reduction of blood pressure on arterial walls. For people who already have too little blood pressure, this supplement may cause a feeling of faintness, actual fainting or nausea.

All the Supplement Facts of Factor 2

The Ingredients of Factor 2



Because Harvard University rowing team members originally developed the Force Factor line, their overriding goal was to create a workout enhancing product of quality for increased bodybuilding results. It was important to this team to do so while ensuring no banned ingredients were used and all components promoted healthy physical improvement. To reach this objective, they turned to biologists for Force Factor and Factor 2 formulation, not pharmacists or researchers from within other fields. Advantages of the product are:

  • Ease of use, by means of easily swallowed capsules taken twice daily;
  • Healthy ingredients;
  • Absence of damaging or banned ingredients;
  • No frequently-experienced negative side effects, such as that “exploding heart” feeling of other products;
  • Can be stacked for increased results;
  • Provides good results for dedicated users;
  • Few negative reviews of the actual product or its effects.

The Comparison Table of Factor 2 and Other Products



Factor 2 debuted in 2012 and has not offered many certificates, promotions or deals yet. However, Force Factor company-wide discounts can be applied to your purchase. These are available through affiliates, such as a 20 percent off entire order discount code sometimes found on the internet. These promotions codes can be entered into the appropriate discount code form field within the shopping cart during online purchase. Of course, users can take advantage of a 14-day free trial.

The Awards of Factor 2



NFL football tight end Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers is the professional athlete endorser of this supplement and other Force Factor products. While his testimonial is provided by contract, other testimonials by the general public have been favorable. The downside of most testimonials has been with brand customer service, not the product itself.

I wasn’t sure if this would work well for me. But, I tried this supplement and noticed that even with the 2 capsule dose each time I had increased energy and didn’t get sluggish during my workout. I was able to push through to the end of my routine without problem.

Joe MacNamara

I got out of the military and let my body go to pot. I started using the product and working out and now my physique looks better than when I was on active duty. Honestly, I think my old in-shape self would look like someone in the Army’s chubby weight management program next to how I look now!

Mark Curtis

I like this product. It doesn’t feel like supplements that make your heart race. I have really good energy with it and seem stronger during workout. Also, you don’t crash after, like you do with the ones with caffeine or whatever in them.

Jason Lawson

This is my first supplement, so I can’t say if it is better or worse than others. I do know that I chose this supplement, because it doesn’t seem to have anything too bad for me in it. After just two or three days of using it, I noticed I feel so much better at the gym. I’m stronger and last to the end of my routine. My reps are stronger, too. I thought the first day was a fluke but every day has been great. I’m sticking with it.

Rich Pedersen

The Results from Factor 2


Money-back Guarantee

Force Factor offers a money-back guarantee for its VIP program members. There is not a clear line drawn between the company and who a “VIP program member” is, precisely. However, one might assume that a VIP program member is a free trial program customer. Free trial program customers can use the product for a limited period of time before their credit card is charged, then calling to end their trial if they are not happy with Factor 2.

If a VIP program member customer is unhappy with Factor 2 for any reason, they can return the “unused bottle” of product after getting a return merchandise authorization from customer service. This RMA number, as it is called, is the only way the company will acknowledge receiving your product return and provide a refund. Customers must pay for their own shipping of the return and should send it with tracking codes, so it can be fully traced through their package carrier. It is very important that customers do not attempt a return without an RMA number clearly labeled on the outside of their package or without using traceable shipping, as the fulfillment center will reject the return and is not obligated to perform any further action for the customer.

The language of the return policy is quite restrictive. This is common with supplement companies, because they do not want to be in the business of issuing refunds for customers who did not use the product according to instructions or expected bigger results when not properly working out. In essence, the company limits who can receive a refund and has some tight language built into their refund policy. If you are going to use the product, like any supplement, it is best to commit to its use and understand that old adage of “buyer beware.” Of all of the reviews found for Factor 2 online, the only really negative ones are associated with trying to get money back.

Of course, with this limiting money-back guarantee language of Force Factor is still room for their customer service department to make some good decisions for customers. Phone numbers are listed for customers to call to gain the RMA number for return. If you decide to try this, it is recommended that you be as nice as possible. Understand, particularly if you bought Factor 2 in a store and are not a VIP program member, that being offensive or argumentative with that one customer service person gives them room to deny your refund.



If bought online, Factor 2 ships for about $4.99 to addresses in mainland United States. For customers in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, typical ground shipping for a package less than one pound in weight will apply. Return shipping is 100 percent the responsibility of the customer.

Customers can expedite shipping by using next-day service or other expedited shipping from online retailers who offer that service. When buying product direct from the manufacturer, products ship from third-party fulfillment centers. In the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, those fulfillment centers are:

  • United States: Force Factor, 105 Commerce Dr, Aston, PA 19014;
  • Australia: Force Factor, PO Box 535, Braeside VIC 3195;
  • Canada: Force Factor, P.O. Box 1051, Fort Erie ON L2A 6C7
  • United Kingdom: Force Factor, PO Box 1417, Bedfordshire, MK41 0QB;


Customer Support

Factor 2 is supported by customer service telephone numbers localized for the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Canadians use the United States toll-free customer service number. All customer support numbers are answered during daytime and evening hours of Eastern Standard Time in the United States. Those telephone numbers are:

  • 877-492-7243 for the United States and Canada;
  • 800-084-649 for Australia;
  • 0808-1012202 for customers in the United Kingdom;

For return shipping or other needs, fulfillment centers provide outsourced or contracted service for Force Factor products. Those fulfillment centers send product, receive returns and perform inventory duties for the brand. However, those locations are not where Force Factor management works. In fact, the fulfillment locations are in states other than where Force Factor offices are located, as is common in eCommerce:

  • United States customers are served by Force Factor, 105 Commerce Dr, Aston, PA 19014;
  • Australian customers receive from and ship back to Force Factor, PO Box 535, Braeside VIC 3195;
  • Canadians are served by Force Factor, P.O. Box 1051, Fort Erie ON L2A 6C7;
  • United Kingdom customers send and receive from Force Factor, PO Box 1417, Bedfordshire, MK41 0QB;

The above addresses are not actual office locations for the management or customer service providers of Force Factor, brand owners of Factor 2. Those are shipping center locations operated by third-parties. Mail regarding other matters should be sent to the corporate offices of Force Factor or their parent company NutraClick in Boston, Massachusetts.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout when purchasing Factor 2 is always secure when buying from approved retailers and the brand company, itself. All approved vendors have encryption on their shopping websites for customer protection. Some have monitoring services reflecting their shipping policies, security information and customer service records. At the time of this review, all retailers selling Factor 2 have active encryption certificates related to Secure Socket layers on their eCommerce portals, so buying Factor 2 is always safe and secure.


Factor 2 Pricing & Free Trial

A free trial is available for Factor 2 from Force Factor. When you request a free trial sample, you must complete a quick questionnaire asking your name, weight, goal weight, age and height. You are also asked what your current physique looks like and what you hope to achieve for your body. Both of those questions offer short lists of responses to choose from.

If your physique and goals match those for which Factor 2 use is ideal, you will be redirected to a page of information about Factor 2. You can then click through to claim your free trial 120 capsule sample. For those starting out and using only two capsules twice daily, each container is a 30-day supply. If you use more capsules with each dose, 120 capsules may be a 15 or 20-day supply.

After using Factor 2 for a week or so, you can continue with your trial or call the company to end your trial period. If you like Factor 2, just keep using the capsules and fresh supply will arrive as part of an auto-shipment program. If you decide Factor 2 is not for you, your credit card will not be charged as long as you cancel before 18 days.

Force Factor’s Factor 2 free trial program membership includes auto-shipment of a new 120-count bottle of capsules every 30 days. Each shipment costs $69.99 plus $4.99 for shipping. The first charge on your credit card for this $69.99 plus $4.99 shipping fee will occur on day 19 after the beginning of your free trial period. You will then be charged in 30-day increments, but may cancel at any time to stop future shipments.

An exercise for the higher chest muscles


  • The supplement is easy to use, by means of easily swallowed capsules taken twice daily.
  • It contains only healthy ingredients and not any which are damaging to the body or banned by the government or sporting regulators.
  • Users rarely experience any negative side effects.
  • Although the product works well on its own, the regimen can be stacked for increased results.


  • It may cause sluggishness in select individuals, instead of an energy boost, which can be attributed to individual reactions to L-Arginine and Calcium Phosphate, but only in very rare cases.
  • Although rarely experienced or heard of as a result of Factor 2 use, some of the ingredients are known to cause minor side effects for some people, such as vomiting, nausea, stomach aches, fainting, lethargy, skin blemishes or allergic reactions.
  • Most consumer complaints center around the brand’s customer service for issues such as returns or exchanges, not the actual product.

Factor 2

Summary: Factor 2 by Boston bodybuilding supplement brand Force Factor is formulated to increase energy, stamina and muscle mass for a more sculpted and powerful physique. Factor 2 has been developed by biologists to ensure safe and healthy physical enhancement without inclusion of any Caffeine, Sodium or Creatine. Users are provided with a boost of energy derived from stimulation of increased nitric oxide production by the body, through Factor 2’s key ingredients of Amino Acids, Calcium and Vitamin C. Nitric oxide expands arterial walls, greatly improving blood flow and resulting in enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body, in turn building more muscle during workouts.

FREE TRIAL to $69.99
RatingRated 3 stars

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