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What Is Explosive Muscle?

Explosive Muscle is a nitric oxide supplement designed to help build lean muscle and speed recovery time after workouts. When taken daily, it gives men pre-workout enhancement that intensifies the benefits of their workout and helps speed their post-workout recovery. Men who take it can work out for longer and more often with greater impact and less fatigue.

If someone wants to step up his muscle gains, this supplement can help. It naturally boosts the body’s production of nitric oxide. This increases blood flow to the muscles, bringing in nutrients and removing byproducts of tough workouts. Other ingredients in the formula aide in the removal of those body-produced toxins.

Nitric oxide boosters have been shown in scientific studies to increase power, strength, and energy levels. At the same time it increases nitric oxide, to simultaneously boosts free testosterone in the bloodstream. As men age, free testosterone declines, making it more difficult to get big muscle gains and it can also lead to fatigue.

Improving the natural production of testosterone counteracts this process. This simultaneous increase in testosterone and nitric oxide means men build muscle faster, burn more fat in their workouts, improve their athletic performance, and needs shorter rest periods. It increases endurance and maximum power output. Energy levels – both in and out of the gym – are also likely to increase when men take the supplement, as well.

Explosive Muscle is a capsule. Two pills a day is the recommended dose, and the effects begin immediately and continue to intensify over the first six months of use. With 90 days of continuous use, men should see a remarkable increase in their ability to build, sustain, and repair. Because it is naturally derived and formulated, it can be taken by anyone over 16 and is so safe that it can even be taken by pregnant and nursing women.



Explosive Muscle is manufactured by Pure Muscle. The company is located in Indiana. Their address is 600 Corporation Dr., Pendleton, IN 46064. The town is a suburb of Indianapolis.

Their customer support phone number is 1-888-707-8642. They can be reached Monday – Friday from 9am to 9pm EST. Saturday and Sunday they are open from 11am – 5pm EST.

There is no information about whether Pure Muscle manufactures any other supplements. There are other supplement manufacturers operating out of the same building, but it is unclear if these are affiliated companies or not. It could be that Pure Muscle manufacturers this one product.
It is made in the USA.


How Explosive Muscle Works?

This supplement is used pre-workout to maximize the bodybuilding benefits of men’s time in the gym. It is a nitric oxide booster. This class of supplements has earned a good reputation among scientists, and bodybuilders have found they have general beneficial effects.

These supplements increase the level of nitric oxide in the blood. Nitric oxide is a gas molecule that impacts a variety of muscle functions. These include force production, respiration, blood sugar levels, and blood flow regulation. The body makes its own nitric oxide in the muscle, and nitric oxide boosters increase how much of the chemical is available to the body.

Research from Baylor University showed that after 8 weeks, bodybuilders taking nitric oxide increased their bench press weight by 13 pounds more than a control group not taking the supplement. They also increased their power by 78 watts. These results demonstrate that nitric oxide boosters can have a real impact on performance, even after a relatively short amount of time.

Explosive Muscle delivers nitric oxide to the body with amino acids. It includes arginine, an amino acid that readily converts to nitric oxide when it is processed by the body. It is especially effective when taken as a pre-workout supplement, 30-60 minutes before a workout.

These effects are enhanced by Citrulline, another amino acid. When someone builds muscle in the gym, his body naturally produces ammonia as a byproduct. The ammonia causes fatigue. Citrulline helps clear ammonia out of the body, improving recovery time and letting men continue working out for longer.

Together, these ingredients elevates the body’s natural production of nitric oxide. This elevates vascular tissue dilatation to increase blood flow. The improved blood flow allows oxygen, minerals, nutrients, and other compounds to get to the muscles.

That increases power and endurance. It also boosts metabolic efficiency, clearing the body of toxins and increasing fat burn. This helps men feel healthier and more powerful as they recover.

Explosive Muscle also boosts free testosterone. Testosterone is critical to bodybuilding. Low testosterone can lead to decreased energy, increased fat storage, and difficulty in building muscle mass. More testosterone helps increase fat burn, improve athletic performance, and enhance muscle building power. It can be especially helpful to bodybuilders over the age of 30 when testosterone levels drop 2-4% per year.

Together, the boost in testosterone and nitric oxide speed the development of strong lean muscle while it burns fat. Men who take it will see faster results in the gym. They will also be able to fit in more workouts because of the speedy recovery.


Ingredients of Explosive Muscle

It is a 100% natural product, largely derived from herbs and other plants. It contains 1300 mg of a proprietary nitric oxide matrix and 200 mg of a proprietary nano delivery matrix. The main active ingredients are below.


Arginine alpha-ketoglurarate is a salt form of arginine, an amino acid. It works to increase lean muscle mass. As mentioned above, arginine naturally metabolizes into nitric oxide.


Arginine Hydrogen chloride increases oxygenation of the blood and increases blood flow during exercise. The combination of the amino acid arginine – the same one that breaks down into nitric oxide – and hydrogen chloride makes the supplement easier to take. It also improves absorption in the digestive tract.


Alpha-ketoisocaproic acid is used by athletes to increase performance during high intensity exercise. It reduces muscle damage incurred during workouts and improves the force produced by skeletal muscle.


This is an important non-essential amino acid used in the urea cycle. It helps rid the body of ammonia which is produced during the metabolism of protein. This is especially relevant for bodybuilders because ammonia is produced at higher rates during heavy lifting sessions.

In addition, Explosive Muscle contains Dicalcium Phosphate and Dipotassium Phosphate as part of the delivery matrix. It does not contain any fibers, binders, fillers, or synthetic additives. Even when used daily, it generally does not have any side effects.



Explosive Muscle offers a number of advantages directly and over other supplements. Their proprietary formula is a natural hormone booster that increases testosterone and improves energy levels. By increasing nitric oxide in the body, muscle grows faster and experiences less fatigue. Users will gain strength fast, burn more fat, and recover more quickly when this supplement is taken pre-workout. For bodybuilders, this means you will feel and see gains more quickly.

It comes in convenient capsule form, so customers do not have to mix powders or deal with strange tasting drinks. The product capsules are vegetable based, making this suitable for vegetarians and all religious diets. It is all natural, so customers will keep clean with no manufactured chemicals. It is also free of harmful additives.



This product is certified as made in the USA. The manufacturing facilities comply with all US rules and regulations including strict quality requirements that must be met before the product is sold. Its ingredients are all natural and it is regarded as a premium quality dietary supplement.

Supplements and herbs are not evaluated by the FDA. Thus, the government has not issued any certificates with regard to this product. These supplements are not designed to diagnose or treat illness.

The company itself has not any issued any certificates for the product. However, they do offer specials for larger orders that can reduce the price. Customers can also use the free trial period to test the supplement before committing to buy it.



Overall, customers appear to be happy with the results of using Explosive Muscle. They generally rave about how it jumpstarted their development of more lean muscle, how it increased their energy levels, and how it helped them lose stubborn fat. Below are some testimonials:

This product is by far the best I have ever used. I have tried several other supplements, but with little or no gains. In five weeks, I have put on seven pounds of muscle. – Tony H., Santa Clarita, CA, USA

I had a noticeable increase in VO2 max, my ability to move more weight, had a profound decrease in delayed onset muscle soreness, and a big improvement in recovery between sets. I can squeeze at least one extra workout in per week due to improved recovery and see an increase in lean body mass. – Joe P., Springfield, PA, USA

This is the real deal. I’ve tried many other nitric oxide supplements, but Explosive Muscle far surpasses their results. I have put on 17 pounds of muscle since I started taking it, and my bodybuilding has gone to the next level. the only downside I have seen with this product is that when I forget to take it, I find myself wanting to drink some coffee to boost my energy. – Jake P., New York, USA

This has been a game changer in my workouts. These capsules are easy to take and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my performance since I started using them. Everyone should give this a try if they can find it. – Robert B., New York, NY, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Explosive Muscle has garnered a lot of interest since its introduction to the market. Bodybuilders everywhere rave about how its nitric oxide boosting abilities have changed their workouts. The supplement has appeared in a number of popular men’s magazines. Bodybuilding websites have included many articles about the product. It has also been positively reviewed on dozens of blogs from the United States to Russia to Australia.

One Supplement Review site named it the best in terms of the results men see when taking it. A bodybuilding website awarded it a spot among their Best Muscle Gainers of 2016. Explosive Muscle is a nitric oxide booster. The discovery of nitric oxide and its role in muscles was so significant, that the molecule was named “Molecule of the Year” by The American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1992.


Money-back Guarantee

Explosive Muscle comes with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. From the date of the first trial order, customers have 14 days to try the product. If they do not like it, they can return it without paying for the trial. They can return the bottle with the 30 day supply at this point even if it is empty. There are no additional charges for items returned during the free trial period. Customers do have to pay their own return shipping fees, however.

For products a customer orders later, there is a similar guarantee. Customers can contact the company for a refund within 30 days of any purchase. Power Muscle will issue a required RMA (return authorization). Note that customers must first obtain the RMA before sending back the product.

Returned products must be unopened and returned within 30 days. A $12.95 processing fee is charged for each returned item. Customers are responsible for paying the return shipping costs with their chosen carrier.



Explosive Muscle ships via the US Postal Service. Shipping charges are $5.92 per bottle.
Within the continental United States, they ship using First Class mail. The post office estimates that time to be between 2-5 business days for arrival. They ship from Indiana, so Midwestern customers are likely to receive their product faster than those on the coasts. International orders are shipped through the Postal Service, as well, using International Priority Airmail. They may take 7-10 business days to arrive, though customs agencies may delay delivery.

If a shipment is delayed, their customer care line can be reached toll free at 1-888-707-8642. They will help track the customer’s order and make sure it is delivered. It is important to call this line if there is any shipping delay, as they require notification within 14 days of shipment in order to issue a refund for a lost item.


Customer Support

Questions and support are available through Pure Muscle’s customer care line at toll free 1-888-707-8642. During the week, they can be reached between 9am and 9pm eastern time. They are available on weekends from 11am to 5pm ET.

Customer care helps with a variety of tasks. They will answer questions about the product and its ingredients. They will also handle new orders and answer questions about subscriptions and renewals.

If a shipment is delayed, they will help track it and secure the delivery. If the customer’s credit card is declined, they will update his records. They also issue RMAs (return material authorizations) for unwanted or damaged product, and can answer questions about the company’s terms.

Basically, any questions about the product, purchasing, or the company can go through the customer care line. While some supplement manufacturers develop a reputation for being untrustworthy, there seem to be no negative reviews of the customer service experience with this company. This is likely helped by the fact that their terms and purchasing programs are all clearly explained to avoid surprises or confusion.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When purchasing Explosive Muscle, checkout is secure and safe. Their order system is certified as VeriSign Secured, Scam Alert Hacker Safe, and McAfee Secure. It uses 128 bit SSL encryption to protect all the data being sent in. Customer name, address, and credit card information are all encrypted as they are transmitted, preventing interception or fraudulent use. Once the data is received by their parent company, it is also protected.

The data itself is stored on secure servers. The only people within the company who are allowed to access it are those who need to use it, like the billing center person who will charge the credit card or the shipping person who sends the order. Employees also undergo regular security training.

Even their main website is encrypted and secure, so customers know they take web security seriously. Thus, customers can trust that their data is safe if they buy this product. There have been no reports of personal information being leaked, stolen, or hacked due to purchases with this company. They test their site daily for security weaknesses so any problems that may be identified can be quickly corrected.


Pricing & Free Trial

Pricing is competitive with similar products on the market. Similar prices, shipping fees, and subscriptions are standard among other NO boosting supplements. Customers can get a free 30-day trial of Explosive Muscle, which includes 60 pills, for the cost of shipping and handling. This is $5.92. Customers have 18 days from the day they place the order to evaluate the product. If they like it, they can do nothing and they are then charged a discounted rate of $79.93 for the trial bottle.

After the initial trial, customers are automatically enrolled to receive monthly shipments and are placed on a quarterly payment plan unless they cancel. Again, they can cancel within 14 days of the first order to avoid being enrolled and to avoid the first bottle charge.

A quarterly subscription for three bottles that cover three months is billed in three installments of $86.94. This works out to $260.82 for a three-month supply. These installments are billed 15, 30, and 60 days after the initial order. The quarterly subscription continues until the customer cancels it. A customer cannot cancel an order after it has been placed unless their state legally allows it. Thus, customers should pay attention to their billing cycles so, if they decide to eventually stop taking Explosive Power, they can cancel before a renewal goes through.

There are also discounts available for those not in the quarterly program. Customers can buy two bottles and receive a third free for a three month supply, or buy three and get two free for a five month supply. The per-bottle shipping fee still applies for all bottles received via these bonus offers. If someone only wants a single bottle at a time after the initial trial, these can be purchased as well. Each bottle bought individually costs $86.94 with the obvious exception of free bonus bottles that come with the packages. Accepted forms of payment include Visa and MasterCard.






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