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What Is DSN Pre Workout?

DSN Pre Workout is a supplement designed to help athletes and bodybuilders increase their muscle mass and sports performance. This specific formula works best when taken before a workout. The supplement is designed to be taken once in the morning, not necessarily right before a workout, and last through the day. Since it is delivered in capsule form, it is easier to take compared to shakes or powdered formulas commonly used for pre-workout nutrition.

The supplement delivers a blend of relatively basic ingredients designed to help the body make the most of any workout routine. It allows athletes to shorten their workout times without losing results.



DSN Pre Workout is produced by DSN. DSN is a very focused company, currently offering only two products on their website: The DSN pre-workout and post workout formulas. This focus shows the company’s great commitment to delivering excellent and well-researched products without a lot of distraction and frills. The company bases its formula on proven science and the results achieved by a wide range of athletic professionals.

Unlike many manufacturers that seek to dazzle consumers with a long list of exotic ingredients, DSN sticks to a more basic formula that has a much stronger base of scientific and user support behind it. The company is also one of the few companies with a very open resale program, promoting the fact that business-minded customers can set up their own online stores to help DSN sell their product.


How DSN Pre Workout Works

The DSN Pre Workout formula gives the body all of the ingredients it needs to perform better and build lean muscle. Every ingredient enhances the body’s normal methods of action when working. Rather than working on poorly understood and arcane effects of herbs and exotic extracts, the chemistry at work in this pre-workout supplement is easy to see. The ingredients enhance the energy available to working muscles, allowing them to work longer and harder with less fatigue and recovery time. It also provides the building blocks and stimulation for protein synthesis. Prompting the body to create more proteins is what will result in faster and better muscle gain.

In essence, this supplement works on a trifecta of complimentary ingredients. Creatine stimulates muscle growth and improves workout potential while the inclusion of amino acids and vitamins gives muscles the extra boost they need to work harder, recover and grow faster.

As with all pre-workout supplements, the supplement works best when combined with a strict and steady regimen of vigorous workouts and a proper diet. While this supplement contains an amino acid, it is not a protein supplement, so it will still be important to get all of the needed protein and other vital nutrients from food. It may also be best combined with a protein shake or bar.


Ingredients of DSN Pre Workout

As a whole, the DSN Pre Workout supplement doesn’t contain anything controversial or exotic. It has a relatively basic list of ingredients with well-known and proven benefits to both athletic performance and overall health.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is a well-researched and established compound for muscle gain that is found in a wide variety of proven and effective workout supplements. Creatine is a completely natural substance that is already found in the body. It helps by promoting the production of ATP. ATP is responsible for providing all cells, including muscles, with energy. By supplementing ATP production in the body, more energy is available to muscle cells. This allows them to work harder and for a longer period of time.

Creatine is a very well-studied substance and its benefits to muscle gain are well and clearly researched. This ingredient forms the foundation for the DSN Pre Workout supplement and also provides its greatest athletic benefit.

The benefits and dosages of Creatine are well-established after more than 80 years of study. The star ingredient in this supplement may also be what makes it fall short. Many studies show that a dosage of 20-30 grams per day is optimal for the first 5-7 days of an intense workout program. This is much higher than the grams provided by a full dose of this supplement. This means that DSN Pre Workout may be effective in the long-term, but serious athletes may wish to supplement with an additional source of Creatine such as a less expensive powder, especially during the first week, if they have not supplemented previously.

While Creatine is found in food and produced naturally in the body, supplementing with additional Creatine is considered vital to many sports professionals. The body cannot usually produce enough Creatine to satisfy the demands of bodybuilding. Most Creatine in food is destroyed by cooking, so supplementation remains the best way to get optimal levels.


L-Arginine is another completely natural and clearly understood substance. It is an amino acid, the building blocks of proteins. When the body consumes “protein” in the diet, what it actually needs are the various amino acids that those proteins are broken down into. While all amino acids can be obtained in needed quantities from a balanced diet, supplementing certain amino acids can lead to greater muscle growth than can be achieved with regular diet alone. L-Argenine in particular is found in red meat, poultry, fish and dairy. It is one of the primary building blocks of muscle formation. No matter how much you work out, your body cannot build more muscle than it has materials to build it with. Thus, increasing the amount of L-Arginine in the body allows for increased muscle growth and faster muscle recovery to compliment a rigorous workout routine.

L-Arginine has another very important added benefit. The body can convert excess L-Argenine into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide production plays a very strong role in muscle growth and recovery because it increases blood flow and circulation to muscles. Many supplements try to increase nitric oxide production via a list of exotic herbs and ingredients, but simple L-Arginine supplementation is usually the best way.

B Vitamins

Simple vitamins are a healthy and easy to understand ingredient in any supplement. B Vitamins in this case are a well-chosen addition. As a whole, B Vitamins are responsible for energy production in the body. Without enough B Vitamins, your cells and muscles would not be able to produce energy. An ample supply of B Vitamins is thus very important for athletes who need even more energy than the average person. B Vitamin supplementation compliments well with Creatine, so this is a very suitable pairing of ingredients in the DSN Pre Workout supplement.

B Vitamins work best when taken together, otherwise known as the B Complex. While this supplement does not provide a total B Complex, with Biotin noticeably absent, is does contain the B Vitamins most essential for energy production and metabolism.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for health. It is especially important for proper calcium absorption that is responsible for maintaining healthy teeth and bones. More recent research suggests that Vitamin D may also play other roles in health. Many people are also deficient in Vitamin D, especially if they do not get enough sunlight.

While the role of Vitamin D in this supplement is not as clear as that of the other ingredients, it is certainly a benefit and not a wasted ingredient since Vitamin D supplementation is recommended anyway.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays many roles in the body. It is especially important as an antioxidant and plays a role in protein and fat metabolism. Since most athletes may be consuming more than an average amount of protein, the presence of this vitamin in the supplement makes good sense. Since it also plays a role in wound healing, it may have an indirect effect on workout recovery as well since workout recovery essentially involves the repair of muscle and connective tissue.

Cayenne Pepper

This natural spice is found in many foods and spicy dishes. It has a variety of well-known health benefits. The most important in this case is its ability to increase circulation. Getting proper blood flow to muscles, especially during a workout and during the recovery phase, is vital. For those who may not want to start adding this very hot spice to all of their foods, a supplement form does the job without burning off any taste buds.



The DSN Pre Workout is a no-frills supplement. This is beneficial in a variety of ways. First, it presents an supplement that is easy to understand and has only ingredients that have well proven and scientifically-backed effects. The ingredients are also completely natural and normal for the body. In fact, most of them are already found in the body. In this way, users can be certain that the supplement is simply supplying higher dosages of all the basic building blocks needed for natural muscle growth and increased athletic performance.

By relying only on these basic and proven ingredients, this supplement is also focusing on what matters most. Rather than charging outrageous amounts for exotic herbs and extracts that have dubious benefits, the DSN Pre Workout gives only the ingredients that really matter. As a whole, these ingredients target the key areas of muscle growth and workout enhancement: blood circulation, energy, protein supply and decreased recovery time.

Many Creatine supplements and pre workout supplements in general are delivered in powder form. This presents the challenge of mixing the powder and spending time to drink it. By delivering all of the necessary ingredients in capsule form, DSN Pre Workout is much more convenient for the busy athlete. That convenience is often the difference between taking the supplement consistently and skipping it.



DSN Pre Workout has a few basic certificates, including a GMP quality stamp and a made in the USA stamp. These are nothing special, but they do give customers the assurance that the product is of high quality and consistency.



This supplement has become a staple of my workout routine. It is easy and convenient to take, and I am confident in the benefits it gives me. I’ve been taking it for several weeks, and I’ve noticed a great increase in my endurance. I’m able to work out a lot harder than before and also recover faster. I know I wouldn’t have this level of performance without DSN Pre Workout.

Jack P., Denver, CO

I’ve been looking for a straightforward pre-workout supplement that was easy to take. This supplement fit the bill perfectly for me. I don’t have to deal with any shakes or chalky powders. Just pop a few pills in the morning, and I’m good to go. I also like that it has an ingredient list I actually understand.

Ryan D., Detroit, MI

DSN Pre Workout has proven to be the perfect supplement for my workout routine. I wasn’t into anything too exotic or controversial. This product has just some basic ingredients that I can get behind. I also can’t argue with the results. I felt a positive effect after a just a few days of taking the supplement, and after several weeks I’ve noticed that I am putting on muscle like never before. I’d say this is something that can work for just about anybody.

Zack T., Jacksonville, FL

I love using this product, and I don’t mind paying for the subscription service. I take this supplement regularly because it is so easy to use and convenient. My biggest struggle with other pre-workout formulas was that they were annoying to take and I often skipped them. Not the case with this product!

Martyn R., St. Louis, MI


Awards & Media Coverage

The DSN Pre Workout supplement has been reviewed and mentioned in a variety of media. It has been a featured product on prominent bodybuilding and athletic publications, including Inside Fitness and Muscle Insider. The effects of Creatine supplementation for bodybuilding, covering all such products that use it as a staple ingredient, are widely mentioned in well-known publications and news sources, including The New York Times, Time Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Fox News Channel and Muscle and Performance.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer does offer an explicit 30 day money-back guarantee on their product. This gives customers the confidence that they will not face a huge difficulty when trying to return the product or get a proper refund. The great advantage of such a guarantee is that it covers product that has been opened or partially used, so customers can actually try the product and then return it if not satisfied without risk or hassle.

It is important to note that in the Terms of Use, the manufacturer dictates that they will not accept returns on products ordered more than 30 days prior. Returning the product follows the standard practice of contacting customer service to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number.



The manufacturer states shipping to all locations in the US, Canada and New Zealand. It does not state a shipping policy to other locations or military. Customers outside of the stated countries are wise to contact customer support and verify shipping details before purchasing.

The company charges standard shipping and handling fees, and it does not refund these fees for a return, including returns through their money back guarantee.


Customer Support

DSN appears to have a very competent customer service department. They are among the few companies that encourage concerned customers to contact support and they make the support number easy to find on their website and product pages. They have both phone and email support available all day every day. This is indicative of a manufacturer that clearly stands behind its product and is a good sign all around.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The website and order pages for DSN products display all of the proper security labels for a safe and secure online purchasing experience. A security logo appears in the address bar to indicate that information being entered on the webpage is properly encrypted and secure. The product page also displays security logos attesting to the security and encryption software used to protect customer information. Customers can be assured that their shopping experience online with DSN is safe and secure.


Pricing & Free Trial

The DSN Pre Workout supplement is currently offered as a free trial product from the manufacturer. This is a typical 14 day free trial offer. The catch, as usual, is that it includes automatic enrollment in an expensive subscription-like recurring shipping program that automatically charges the supplied payment source each month for more product. Consumers need to be exceedingly careful with these trial offers because while they seem like a very good deal at first, the end cost is often quite high. In the case of this supplement, the monthly charge according to the Terms of Use is $87.47.

Nearly $87.47 for a month supply of this product is extremely high. While it is a dependable and decent product in terms of its ingredients, those very ingredients do not demand such an inflated price point. By comparison, a month supply of Creatine powder could be bought for less than $20. The various vitamins could be obtained from a cheap multi, and the other ingredients are also not very expensive if purchased as individual supplements. The very no-frills nature of the product leaves customers expecting a lower than average price-point when in fact they will be paying a price on par with many of the most elite and exotic products available.

In this case, customers are essentially paying for convenience. They get the convenience of a pill form and the convenience of having many staple ingredients combined into one tablet as opposed to five or six. Only the individual consumer can determine if this convenience is worth the inflated price for the ingredients they are getting.

One slight advantage to this free trial offer that is commonly not included in others is the various free products included in the offer. The Terms of Use also indicate that additional free products may occasionally be included as part of the subscription service, but no other details are given. While these bonuses do not make up for the inflated price, they do soften the blow.


  • It has well-understood and proven ingredients with nothing artificial or questionable.
  • It is a convenient pre-workout supplement with all of its ingredients combined in a simple capsule.
  • Its ingredients compliment each other nicely to deliver what matters most to athletes.
  • It supports the body’s natural function and may even benefit overall health.


  • It does not attempt to do anything particularly special or interesting.
  • A three capsule serving size makes the number of capsules included somewhat deceptive.
  • It is offered only as part of a monthly subscription service with no obvious way to buy product individually or as needed.
  • May not provide enough Creatine for maximum effectiveness.

DSN Pre Workout

Summary: The DSN Pre Workout supplement is a no-frills addition to any athlete’s regimen. It dispenses with exotic ingredients and extracts and delivers only a collection of proven and well-supported ingredients that give exactly what an athlete expects out of their pre workout formula and nothing else. The supplement’s foundation is Creatine to help build muscle and give energy. It supports this with a variety of vitamins, L-Arginine and Ginseng that compliment each other nicely to deliver enhanced performance, endurance and muscle-building potential.

FREE TRIAL to $114.32
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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