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What Is Anoradrol?

Anoradrol is a pre-workout dietary supplement designed to improve performance factors like strength, stamina, energy and vitality in order to burn fat and pack on lean muscle mass more quickly. It was developed and manufactured by a company based in the United States but is sold all over the world. Its formula includes only natural ingredients like plant and flower extracts, roots, herbs and minerals. It is designed for a range of demographics, all of which includes fitness enthusiasts who would like to optimize workout potential for the ability build and sculpt lean muscle safely and naturally. It is also marketed to fitness professionals such as bodybuilders and weightlifters who are looking to gain an edge over the competition.

This product may also help athletes who would like to improve their sports performance. It also promises to elevate performance not only on the playing field and in the gym but in daily life as well, touting increased vitality, sustained energy and sharper mental focus as potential benefits. Its proprietary formula blend is designed to work synergistically with the body’s natural processes to help each user achieve their own individual fitness goals. Furthermore, it is designed as a daily pre-workout supplement rather than a meal replacer and should be utilized alongside a healthy diet and an excellent strength-training program.



The manufacturer of this pre-workout supplement is incorporated in the state of Arizona within the United States. Specifically, the company lists its headquarters as being located in Gilbert, Arizona and is believed to share the same name as its star product, Anoradrol. Its return facilities are located in Lutz, Florida. This manufacturer has developed a line of successful health and wellness products as well as skin care solutions. It does not, however, link current and potential customers to its other merchandise through the official product website.

This manufacturer does not appear to have an official website of its own. If it does, it doesn’t provide links of the Anoradrol site. It asserts its belief in excellent customer service but does not provide a company history. It also does not provide a definitive mission statement. Customers who would like further information regarding this product developer are encouraged to contact the company’s customer support center for inquiries.


How Anoradrol Works?

This product’s patented blend of natural ingredients are formulated to work in synergy with the body’s natural processes to boost strength, energy and endurance, allowing users to work out more often and more intensely. It purports to accomplish this by increasing the body’s stores of circulating testosterone, which fitness enthusiasts may recognize as the testosterone the body is free to use for muscle-building processes. More testosterone in turn amps up strength and energy and supports the ability to torch calories and build lean muscle mass at the same time. The capsules dissolve in the bloodstream, which then dissolves the amino acids in the formula and dissipates them throughout the body to instigate chemical changes that purportedly support sustained energy and power. The amino acids in the formula also play a key role in protein synthesis, which is the process whereby individual cells regenerate and build new proteins.

This supplement may also increase workout performance by stimulating the body’s production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is known to be an effective vasodilator, which means it widens arterial walls to allow protein-rich blood and nutrients to more quickly and efficiently reach working muscle tissue. It is also thought to increase post-workout recovery rates by pumping more restorative blood volume to muscles for tissue repair. In this way, it may reduce muscle fatigue to allow users to work out more often and with less time in between. Nitric oxide is thought to also be a powerful endurance enhancer by way of its efficient oxygen delivery to working muscles.


Ingredients of Anoradrol

This supplement’s formula blend comes in convenient capsule form and contains no sugar, calories or carbs, making it especially diet-friendly. Although the manufacturer does not list specific ingredients on the product website – which many seasoned supplement users may potentially regard as a red flag – an ingredient list is accessible elsewhere on the web. According to these ingredient label sources, its active ingredient is L-Arginine, an amino acid believed to be significantly effective in increasing testosterone levels and in supporting speedy strength gains. As bodybuilders and weightlifters are well aware, testosterone is key to myogenesis. This supplement’s primary function is to therefore increase this natural steroid hormone for increased strength and muscle-building power.

L-Citrulline is another key ingredient listed as central to the product formula. This extract was originally derived from watermelons and is a known precursor to nitric oxide, a natural molecule believed to widen blood vessel walls to support improved blood flow. Maximized blood flow efficiency translates to a more powerful pump, which may allow users to see muscle definition and size improvements more quickly. It also promotes improved delivery of oxygen, blood and proteins to working muscle tissue for a faster recovery time in between workouts. This may allow users to add more strength-training sessions to their routine while experiencing less muscle fatigue and cramping.



Perhaps the most appealing advantage to consistent use of Anoradrol is the touted ability to get ripped faster. It also promises to reduce body fat by way of improved thermogenesis, perhaps ramping up the body’s ability to burn more calories both at rest and in motion. Thus, it may help to increase the body’s metabolic rate. It also promises significant strength gains as well as a natural supply of energy (as opposed to dangerous, illegal synthetic hormones).

This workout supplement may also boost circulating testosterone levels. This would be a major advantage to training muscle-building professionals as well as older men who want to increase testosterone levels that may have declined over time. It may also generate sustained energy and alertness, most likely by way of the nitric oxide-stimulating compounds in its natural extracts. It also promises to delayed muscular fatigue and greater aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Another important advantage promised is muscle recovery support, which may cut post-training recovery time as well as reduce muscle cramping.



The Anoradrol website features a statistic stating that higher HGH levels in the body have been associated with lower body-fat-to-muscle ratios. For those newer to the bodybuilding supplement world, HGH is short for ‘Human Growth Hormone.’ This is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body and plays a key role in myogenesis and possibly weight loss as well. The cited statistic goes on to say that this results in improved muscle definition and separation with the decrease of body fat and increase in lean muscle. It may be a good idea for the manufacturer to provide links to studies that support these claims.

The product website also certifies that this pre-workout supplement was manufactured in the United States. This fact is stated to convey a level of product quality and safety in manufacturing in accordance with federal guidelines. It is also believed to have been manufactured in a sterile lab also in compliance with federal rules and regulations. The fact that it was researched, developed and manufactured in the United States is likely to appeal to customers who appreciate buying in their home economy while meeting their fitness goals.



I’ve been taking Anoradrol with my daily protein shake before workouts for a few months now, and my belly fat has been melting off. I hardly even have love handles anymore! I feel like it gives me a surge of energy before I hit the gym, and I can work out longer without being completely winded afterward. The regulars at the gym have been asking what my secret is, and I am happy to share. If you’re willing to work hard, I think you will very likely see good results. – Jim O., accountant in Birmingham, AL, USA

I was starting to dread going to the gym and knew I needed to step it up if I was going to get the six-pack I’ve been striving for for years now. My muscles would cramp up like crazy after heavy lifting, and it made me not want to work out at all. Since I started taking these tablets before I train, my muscles don’t get nearly as sore when I’m finished. I’ve started training harder than I have in years, and I’m glad I decided to pick up this supp. – Albert U., advertising agent in London, England

When my wife told me she missed the body I had in my thirties, I knew I had to do something about it. I enrolled in the 14-day trial program to see if this was something that would help me get back into shape. I started seeing improvements within a few weeks. This doesn’t make me agitated and jittery, the capsules are easy to take and I’ve already lost five pounds. My wife thinks I look great, and so do I. – Hirohito Z., software developer in Tokyo, Japan

This has been a part of my training routine for a couple of months now, and I am starting to see some great results. I can lift longer since I’ve been taking it, and the energy boost I get lasts throughout the day. I love the convenience of the auto-ship program since I get a new bottle every month without having to continually re-order. So far, this has been a big win. I would recommend others to at least look into giving it a shot. – Mark G., weightlifter in Knoxville, TN, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Like many fitness supplements on the market today, Anoradrol does not appear to have won any awards in the health and natural muscle-building supplement industry. There is some clinical research available that points to the efficacy of some of its ingredients regarding fitness purposes, however. For example, some studies suggest L-Arginine may be effective in raising testosterone levels while others do not. Consumers would be wise to conduct their own research to determine whether this product is right for them. It remains to be seen whether this product will receive any future awards in the organic supplement industry.

It does not appear to have been featured or advertised in any mass-media publications. It has received some support in the weightlifting and bodybuilding communities, where some users have vouched for its effectiveness on various fitness forums on the web. Others have stated it did not work as well for them. Overall, customers who are considering this product may certainly consider the 14-day trial program to determine whether it will be a good fit for their training regimens.


Money-back Guarantee

Fitness enthusiasts interested in trying out a bottle of Anoradrol may do so via a 14-day trial program. Each trial ends exactly 14 days after the original date of order. After the trial’s conclusion, customers will be enrolled in an auto-shipment program which requires automatic monthly billing at the full retail price for a one-month supply of capsules, which will be automatically delivered each month. Customers may avoid the subsequent auto-delivery program and its charges by calling the customer service department to cancel their account before the close of their trial period.

For non-trial customers, the merchant also offers a risk-free money-back guarantee valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. All bottles must be returned unused and unopened to be eligible for a refund and are also subject to a restocking fee. Return packages must include a clearly written and valid Return Authorization Number on each package, which may be obtained from a customer support representative. Per the company’s refund policy, all return packages must be received at its Florida return facilities within 45 days of purchase. Packages marked ‘return to sender’ will not be accepted under any circumstances.



The cost of shipping and handling for a one-month supply of Anoradrol is $4.95, which is a standard cost amount in the fitness supplement industry. Packages are shipped the day after the order is placed – with the exception of orders that are submitted on a Saturday or a Sunday. These orders are shipped the following business day. Each order is expected to take about 3-5 business days to arrive. Buyers may contact a customer service member for further inquiries regarding shipping and handling costs and policies.

Per the shipping and handling policy, the company is not liable for any lost or stolen packages. Additionally, the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs. All orders are shipped using the United States Postal Service. This merchant offers the benefit of delivery confirmation, which comes attached with each order in order to allow customers to track the progress of their shipment. All shipping and handling costs – which include costs associated with straight sales, trial program orders and returns – are non-refundable.


Customer Support

The company lists a corporate address in Gilbert, Arizona, which is also the site of its headquarters. The location of its return facilities and customer service base is Lutz, Florida. Its hours of operation are Monday through Friday MST, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A service member can be contacted at any point during, after or before a sale with any questions a current or potential buyer may have. Team members are also available to help with any questions regarding a customer’s account.

Anoradrol customers may contact a customer service team member via telephone at a toll-free 1-800 number. There is also a support email address for convenience and ease of use. The customer service hours of operation are listed as Monday through Friday MST from 8:00 to 5:00 on the ‘offer terms’ section of the website, while the ‘contact’ section of the site lists hours as 9:00 to 5:00 MST. While this is only an hour’s difference in time, it may still affect customer service availability and convenience for some. This error should thus be corrected on the product website so that all times listed are accurate.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The official Anoradrol website promises a safe and secure transaction, but since the order form on the site was not operational at the time of this review, the specific trust marks this company may use is not known. Customers should look for SSL security logos such as Verisign Secured, Norton Secured, Verified By Visa and Verisign HackerSafe. Other security seals such as those certifying that the website is protected by a secure 128- or 256-bit encrypted connection are also important safety seals to look for. These seals not only certify a website’s authenticity but also scramble data in the event a hacker attempts to intercept sensitive customer information. Many of these seals also scan the website daily for malware, viruses and phishing attempts.

The manufacturer’s privacy policy outlines in detail the way in which it collects, uses and protects customer data. It states that the company uses such information for the agreed-upon transactional purposes only and treats this info in accordance with laws, rules and federal regulations. The privacy policy also states that it employs a range of security technology to safeguard data both inside and outside the company. Customers are encouraged to contact customer service with any additional questions regarding the safety and security of the website.


Pricing & Free Trial

The website states that all payments of the product are to be made online, but its order form was not operational at the time of this review. Furthermore, the company’s terms and conditions state that all purchases will be listed on a buyer’s credit card statement along with a toll-free 1-800 number the buyer may call with any questions. Customers may call to inquire regarding returns, shipping and handling, other policy information, product information or for any reason at all. The regular retail price for a bottle of Anoradrol is $79.99, which is standard in the organic fitness supplement industry. Each bottle comes complete with 60 capsules for a 30-day supply.

The manufacturer also institutes a $15 restocking fee per unit returned. Since the Anoradrol order form (on its official website) was not functional at the time of this review, it is not known whether this company offers discounts for multi-bottle orders or whether it offers any other purchase incentives. All buyers are subject to all applicable sales tax from their region of order. This company accepts credit cards only as methods of payment.


  • Anoradrol comes in convenient, easy-to-use capsule form.
  • It may support accelerated muscle growth as well as elevated energy levels, increased stamina and greater strength.
  • This merchant offers delivery confirmation, which is attached to each order to allow customers to track the progress of their package.


  • The order form on the product website is currently non-functional.
  • The company charges a $15 restocking fee for return packages.
  • There are no ingredients listed on the Anoradrol website.


Summary: Anoradrol may accelerate muscle growth and thermogenesis, support greater calorie-burning capability and enhance workout performance to allow users to burn fat and gain more lean muscle. It is manufactured in the United States and comes in easy-to-use capsule form. Although its ingredients are purportedly all-natural, the official product website does not supply an ingredient list. Its manufacturer offers both a 14-day trial program as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. This supplement may be a safer, healthier option for fitness enthusiasts and competitive bodybuilders and athletes who would like to get fitter while avoiding dangerous, illegal anabolic steroids. It may also support improvements in metabolic rate as well as hormonal regulation.

FREE TRIAL to $79.99
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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