Alphatren Review – Can This Product Increase Muscle Growth & Strength Gains?

What Is Alphatren?

Formulated for maximum strength, Alphatren is a fast-growing new muscle-building dietary supplement that is arguably the strongest testosterone booster on the market. It is specially designed for dedicated bodybuilders, weightlifters, and serious athletes. This testosterone booster is an anabolic matrix designed to massively increase muscle growth as well as strength gains. Alphatren can help bodybuilders get ripped in a matter of weeks. It is easily absorbed into the body and starts working in the natural form



Alphatren is an American-made supplement. It is not clear exactly where in the USA this supplement is manufactured.

The manufacturer of this supplement takes pride in the quality of all of their products. They utilize only Good Manufacturing Practice Certified Facilities rated at the Sports Facility level. This helps the manufacturer ensure the quality and purity of their products.


How Alphatren Works?

The idea behind this particular supplement is to max out ratios and testosterone hormone levels as well as the blood cells. It works to expand depleted hormone levels. The fierce combination of all-natural components is the real force in Alphatren. This powerful, all-natural supplement helps sculpt the body in a few different ways.

This testosterone booster is the total package because it helps boost a bodybuilder’s workout performance level in addition to an increase in testosterone. It allows serious bodybuilders, weightlifters, and athletes the ability to train harder, better, and faster than ever. It helps bodybuilders and weightlifters overcome their fitness obstacles quickly and it allows them the ability to recover from workouts quicker than ever before.

As men age, testosterone levels diminish. This supplement enhances the body’s ability to manufacture testosterone. Low testosterone can make a person feel tired and sluggish and it can cause issues with fat gain and muscle loss. It helps significantly boost testosterone levels in order to help bodybuilders build strength, power, muscle, and endurance.

The Nitric Oxide (NO) in Alphatren is a natural muscle builder. It dilate blood vessels in order to enhance blood flow, boost power, improve strength, and to increase performance. Blood cells are rich in oxygen while a bodybuilder is performing. Blood cells are also rich in oxygen when a bodybuilder is in recovery from a hardcore workout.

This testosterone booster kick starts the metabolism so that the body begins to melt off stubborn fat fast. An increased metabolism also helps boost energy significantly. Boosted energy means extra reps and the ability to work out harder for a longer period of time. Boosted metabolism helps bodybuilders max out the benefits of their routine workouts.

In order to get the best results from this supplement, go for intense workout sessions. It is also important to stay well hydrated every day and to get plenty of sleep at night. While using Alphatren, it is important to avoid smoking, drinking, drug use, and any other activity that may interfere with the achievement of optimal results.


Ingredients of Alphatren

This testosterone booster features all-natural, clinically tested ingredients that are free of fillers, chemicals, and binders. All herbs and plant extracts in this supplement are completely safe for human consumption and the ingredients do not have any side effects. The manufacturer does not disclose a full list of proprietary ingredients and it does not disclose the exact formula.

Tribulus Terrestris is also called “Punctured Vine” or “Devil’s Weed”. It is a spiny Mediterranean plant and it is native to temperate and tropical regions of Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe. It is a flowering plant that produces fruit.

People often use the root, fruit and leaves of Tribulus Terrestris plants for many different medicinal reasons including heart, circulatory, and other issues. Most often, Tribulus Terrestris is used to enhance athletic performance. It must be taken in supplement form because it is not safe to consume the plant or the fruit of the plant.

Tribulus Terrestris contains a variety of active ingredients. In particular, the steroid saponin protodioscin is the primary active ingredient in Tribulus Terrestris



This supplement has a number of positive effects on bodybuilding and weightlifting. It helps bodybuilders with overall performance, training, and workouts. The hormones in this supplement work to build bigger, harder, leaner muscles. It also helps bodybuilders work out longer, harder, and more effectively. It also helps speed up recovery times significantly. The combined effort creates a more effective bodybuilder in the gym and during performances.

Alphatren has several key advantages for bodybuilders:

  • Scientifically tested ingredients with no dangerous chemicals, fillers
  • Boosts Nitric Oxide and utilizes an Enzyme Catalysis Complex
  • Extra performance and endurance power to maintain peak performance
  • Additional stamina and elevated strength for workouts
  • Dissolves away additional fat in order to increase body size
  • Faster muscle recovery after intense work outs
  • Creatine-Free, Caffeine-Free, Stimulant-Free, and Sodium-Free
  • Reduced fatigue and immediate boost in energy
  • Improved vitality, confidence, and elevated self-esteem
  • Fast, clear, obvious results with no additional time in the gym
  • Convenient capsule form designed for busy bodybuilders



Alphatren is a new bodybuilding supplement but it is already certified as having met a variety of different compliance levels. Its compliance levels include NSF GMP Registration Policies, NSF Certification Guideline 306, NNfA GMP Certified, GMP requirements in NSF and ANSI Standards 173, Section 8.



I can honestly say that I was pretty skeptical about buying this particular testosterone booster. I have my basic supplemental needs covered already but I was looking for the perfect addition to my stack. I have tried so many different testosterone booster and did not get the results I was looking for so it felt like I was just throwing my money away on products that were not working for me. After the first couple of weeks, I knew Alphatren would work out well for me. I could already see the results. In a reasonable amount of time, proper nutrition and plenty of exercise, I lost 16 pounds of fat and gained seven pounds in muscle! Overall, I think this is a pretty decent product for the price.

For me, the changes I saw were real and like I said, I noticed these changes in my body not very long after I started using this supplement. I honestly expected it to take awhile before I noticed anything different about my body, but I could see a few changes after my first few hardcore workouts. After a couple of months, the changes were pretty drastic and people started to comment on the difference in my body. I feel like I look more toned and cut and it seems like I have a more extreme definition in my muscles.

– Rob D., Los Angeles, CA

I take my body, health, and fitness very seriously and I do not want to waste my time with supplements that are not doing me any favors. I am a regular gym user and I also have a very busy schedule so I don’t have a lot of extra time on my hands. I don’t have any gym time to waste. It is very important to me to get the most out of each of my workouts so I can achieve my ideal body goals in power and body development. With the addition of this supplement to my daily regimen, I feel like I am noticing more results once I finish a workout at the gym. Overall, I leave the locker room feeling especially confident and my muscles are firm, toned and well worked.

– Mark B., Dallas, TX

I noticed that this supplement gives me a pretty noticeable energy boost when I take it. I always feel more focused and decently more alert after I take it. I’ve also noticed that I am definitely able to last longer at the gym now that I’ve added this supplement to my daily workout regimen. I don’t feel nearly as worn out after the gym as I used to and I feel like I am able to bounce back from intense workouts with a bit more ease.

– Bruce P., London, UK

Jitters are something I really hate and I have a hard time finding testosterone boosters that don’t make me shaky and anxious. While this isn’t the number one selling point for me, it is still important to me to have a testosterone supplement that isn’t going to give me anxiety and the jitters. It is basically a deal-breaker if a supplement does that to me.

– Martin D., San Diego, CA

This supplement was really easy for me to add to my diet and workout regimen and so I think it would probably be pretty easy for anybody else to do the same if they wanted to add this into their routine. I simply take one pill in the morning and then I one pill right before I go workout. I don’t have to do anything different with my routine if I do not want to and Alphatren gives me additional power and my stamina goes up. I just makes sure I drink a lot of water when i take it.

– Ryan P., Houston, TX

I get decent results every time I work out because I last longer and I am able to workout a lot harder. As with any supplement, I think it is important to drink an adequate amount of water daily, especially when taking this particular one. One day, I definitely did not drink enough water prior to an intense workout and so my muscles was sore and I felt a bit sick to my stomach. I felt so dehydrated. So make sure to drink plenty of water when taking this supplement or you may be pretty sorry afterwards.

– Tom B., Chicago, IL

It didn’t really take much time for my body to fully adjust to a new supplement. It was a reasonably smooth transition and I still have not noticed any major negative side effects from using this supplement. I think that is because this is a holistic supplement that works with the body to enhance natural workouts. The additional testosterone gives me a big burst of energy without the jitters or crashing.

– Mike C., Phoenix, AZ

Overall, I think I have smoother, stronger muscles than before. I don’t know about other people but this supplement worked decently for me. After using it for awhile with my other supplements, I feel stronger, sculpted, more powerful. It seems to me that my muscles are firmer but I can’t be too sure yet. For me, sometimes it feels like I am on a never-ending quest to sculpt my body. At a certain point, It gets hard to get bigger, faster, and stronger. This supplement really helps me with this process and I feel mostly confident I can achieve my body development goals if I stick with this supplement for extra power.

– James J., Charlotte, NC

With time and consistent use of Alphatren, I feel and look good. It has quickly become one of my favorite formulas because of its effectiveness and price point. I would probably recommend Alphatren for any bodybuilder who wants to get strong and fit with an incredible body. This is my current go-to supplement for large muscle gains and lean fat. For me, it gets the job done right each and every time. I am now able to train better, stronger, harder, and more frequently.

– Robert Z., Miami, FL


Awards & Media Coverage

Alphatren is the making some conversational rounds in of many bodybuilding forums across the internet and the company that created this supplement has won many awards for the products it has in its stable of supplements. At this time, Alphatren testosterone booster is still too new to have won any awards.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufactures seem confident that consumers will enjoy their product because its effectiveness. But, if consumers aren’t happy with this supplement, then it is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If dissatisfied with this booster for any reason, then the product can be returned for a refund. In order to obtain a refund of the purchase price, the customer must call the Customer Service line by telephone in order to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). This number should then be placed on the outside of the return shipping package.

In order to make a successful return, the customer must meet two conditions. First, any unused portion of the testosterone booster must be sent back to the fulfillment center within thirty (30) days of the original purchase date. The fulfillment center is located at 1185 B Beaver Ridge Circle, Norcross GA 30071. Next, the customer must also not have been billed for the fourteen (14) day trial offer. Returns cannot be processed unless both conditions are met.

The customer is responsible for any return shipping costs. In addition, the customer must also pay a $9.95 restocking fee for each unit the customer returns to the fulfillment center. The restocking fee is deducted from the refund issued to the customer. After the fulfillment center receives the returned product and has all of the information required for processing, then the customer will be issued a refund.

A refund is credited back to the bank account that made the original purchase. Depending on the processing bank’s speed, refunds can take 3 – 5 business days before it is reflected on a customer’s statement. If a customer does not receive credit for a refund after the fifth business day, the customer should contact customer service via telephone or email in order to request an update on the status of the refund.

It is important to note that only products purchased directly from the official manufacturer are eligible for this money back guarantee. Products purchased from outside vendors, resellers, or any other website besides the manufacturers are not eligible for a refund through this guarantee.



There are not any sort of free shipping offers for this product, but the company does offer a reasonable deal that includes flat rate domestic shipping. It can also be shipped outside of the United States where permitted by law. Different shipping rates apply for all international orders.

This testosterone booster can be shipped to a customer’s home or any other desired location via UPS, USPS, or FedEx postal services. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs associated with their purchase. If a customer is dissatisfied, they can return the product to the fulfillment center. The customer is also responsible for the return shipping cost.


Customer Support

Customers that contact customer service via e-mail seem to get the quickest reponse to any issue they have but there are several ways to reach customer support services from Alphatren. There is a toll-free customer support phone line, a customer support email address and the offices located at the company’s headquarters.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The manufacturers seem genuinely concerned about the overall safety and cyber security of their customers. 100% secure ordering is a top priority of the company. Customers are able to check out on the website and it is completely safe and secure.

The website features 128-Bit Secure SSL Connection to ensure every communication between customers and the website is encrypted and completely secure. The website is also protected by McAffee Secure, Hacker Secure, and VeriSign Secure as an additional layer of protection to their customer’s sensitive information and credit card data. This practice is a long time industry standard and these software protectors are the best way to to secure important and sensitive commerce data and transactions.


Pricing & Free Trial

Alphatren costs around $75.00 plus all shipping and handling costs as well as applicable sales taxes. Customers can pay for the supplement online with their Visa or Mastercard account. In general, this testosterone booster costs less than the price of a gym membership.

A customer can sign up on the website with their name, address, and shipping information in order to claim a free sample bottle of this supplement. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs of the free sample bottle. The customer is responsible for cancelling their product prior to the end of the free trial program. Alphatren is an auto-shipping supplement. If the customer does not cancel within their free trial period, then they will be billed the full price of it each month until the customer cancels the product.






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