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What Is Alpha Jacked?

Alpha Jacked is a pre-workout supplement designed for those who want to get the most out of their workouts. By increasing the blood flow to working muscles and clearing muscle waste products, the ingredients of this supplement combine to make a powerful supplement capable of taking your workout to the next level. This supplement functions primarily as a nitric oxide booster, or a supplement that helps the body to create more nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, abbreviated NO, is a compound that increases blood flow to muscle tissue. It does this by vasodilation, or a widening of the blood vessels, which means that blood pressure does not increase along with blood flow. This is important, as weightlifting will cause temporary spikes in blood pressure, and overly elevated blood pressure may cause vessel rupture and other complications.

But why is increasing blood flow so important? To start, we all know that blood carries oxygen and vital nutrients into the muscle. Oxygen, and having enough of it, is extremely important for optimal performance. If you’ve ever felt the burn of nearing muscle failure, then you’re familiar with lactic acid buildup, which happens as the muscle runs out of oxygen. Having NO in the bloodstream can delay that buildup, so you get more reps in and can reach your physique goals faster. Nutrient delivery is also vital. If you’re like most athletes, you probably drink an electrolyte drink or an intra-workout branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) mix. When blood flow is increased, these compounds are delivered more reliably to your muscle tissue. The same applies to post-workout supplements like protein and glutamine. A faster delivery means more muscle growth and less soreness, both of which are very important.

This supplement also woks to clear out ammonia buildup in muscle tissue. Ammonia is a waste product of physical activity, and as it build sup, fatigue grows. By clearing out this waste product, Alpha Jacked works to delay the onset of serious fatigue and let you work out harder. Additionally, it has the great benefit of giving you a powerful muscle pump. This occurs when the muscle fills with blood during and after your workout. It can make you look and feel more ripped. Combined with the vascularity you also get from this supplement, this feature can help you feel more powerful and confident. In short, this is a pre-workout that has been backed by great research, so it’s sure to give you the results you want.



This supplement is made by a manufacturer that only makes Alpha Jacked. For many people, especially those used to buying supplements from large companies, getting a supplement from a single-supplement company may seem like something to be concerned about. However, there are some surprising benefits to purchasing your supplement from a company like this one. One benefit is the fact that the representatives for this company only have to remember details about one product as opposed to many. Because of this feature, when you make a call to the customer service line, the employee you talk to will have a deep knowledge of the product and its ingredients. When you talk to an employee of a larger company, he or she likely has to look up ingredients and other information, a sit’s impossible for a person to memorize everything about hundreds of supplements. Another benefit of this manufacturer is that, because the manufacturer only makes one supplement, the company can dedicate maximal time and resources to this product, resulting in a supplement that is high quality.


How Alpha Jacked Works?

This supplement works in a few different ways: it increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles, it supports recovery, it delays fatigue, and it gives you a great muscle pump complete with vascularity. The first point is likely the most important detail on how this supplement functions. The three ingredients of Alpha Jacked all work as nitric oxide supporters. As noted above, nitric oxide is a compound made in the body that increases blood flow to muscle tissue. It does this by vasodilation, or a widening of the blood vessels. The delivery of oxygen means that your muscles build up lactic acid more slowly. This delays the burning sensation you get as you experience fatigue toward the end of a cardio session or the end of a set. With more oxygen, you can perform longer and at higher levels, making this function ideal whether you’re doing cardio, strength, or both. The increased delivery of blood doesn’t just mean you get more oxygen delivered, though – more nutrient material is delivered to muscles as they work and as they recover. This has important implications for your workout and recovery alike.

While you exercise, you can benefit from the delivery of pre-workout and intra-workout supplements to your muscles. This helps keep you energized, and it also ensures that muscle-building compounds like BCAAs are continuously delivered, making it more likely that muscle breakdown will ultimately result in hypertrophy. Additionally, important metabolic molecules are delivered via the blood. For instance, adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is made in the mitochondria and powers the body on a cellular level. As ATP is used for energy, it loses a phosphorous ion and is turned to adenosine diphosphate, or ADP. With increased blood flow, phosphorous is delivered more expediently to the working muscle, thus re-energizing your body faster so you can exercise harder. The delivery of nutrients and important molecules helps with recovery as well, since recovery depends on having enough amino acids to build up muscle tissue.

Alpha Jacked, as the name suggests, also can give you a great muscle pump that lasts long after you leave the gym. While this may not necessarily have functional benefits, it’s a huge confidence booster. having people notice your muscle tissue, and having a feeling of full, hard muscles, can help you feel better. And with these sorts of results, you’ll be more inclined to keep coming back to the gym for more workouts.


Ingredients of Alpha Jacked

Alpha Jacked is a pre-workout supplement that uses three key ingredients, all of which have been researched extensively and proven to be effective for gaining muscle and stimulating gym performance. These three amino acids are listed below, along with some information on each one:

L-arginine – It was mentioned above that all ingredients of this supplement are nitric oxide boosters, but L-arginine is the original nitric oxide booster. It was used in the fitness community for decades before it was known exactly how it worked. However, a team of researchers came together to investigate how it supported fitness levels and athletic performance. Those researchers were ultimately awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering what we now know about L-arginine: that it works by stimulating nitric oxide production in the body. Since then, this ingredient’s popularity has grown further, as it’s now known how it supports performance.

L-citrulline – In more recent years, L-citrulline has replaced L-arginine in some circles as top nitric oxide booster. This is due in part to more recent research, much of which suggests that L-citrulline may actually be the superior nitric oxide booster. This is because, compared to L-arginine, L-citrulline degrades more slowly in the body, so more of it is around to enhance nitric oxide production. This compound is also responsible for clearing ammonia buildup from muscle tissue, thus delaying fatigue and making it so you can work out longer with less fatigue.

L-norvaline – This amino acid, like the above ingredients, is also a nitric oxide booster. However, it is unique in that it has been shown to be a strong inhibitor of arginase, or the compound in the body that’d destroys L-arginine. Arginase is produced when the body senses it has enough L-arginine already. The inclusion of L-norvaline means that, even if your body signals that it has enough, you can keep producing nitric oxide. This leads to better muscle pumps and more vascularity.



There are many advantages to choosing Alpha Jacked as your nitric oxide supplement. Unlike many pre-workouts sold at drugstores, this one has several ingredients that have been proven by real research. If you’ve spent any amount of time supplement shopping online, you know that many pre-workouts are supported by junk science or no science at all. Another advantage is the fact that this supplement comes in caplet form. While some may prefer a mixable pre-workout, a caplet is easier to take and easier to pack in your gym bag. You don’t need a blender bottle to mix, and you can carry along the whole bottle or just a dose easily. Lastly, the autoship program used to deliver this supplement is convenient and means that you don’t have to spend time driving to supplement stores or reordering every month.



This supplement has not been awarded any certificates, at least not as of yet. While some may view this as a strike against Alpha Jacked, the truth is that plenty of deserving supplements get overlooked on a regular basis due to the inflated nature of the supplement market. In recent years, the market for workout supplements has exploded in terms of size. This means that there simply are not enough media outlets to review supplements and award certificates in a timely manner. Given these considerations, it’s entirely possible that this supplement will earn some certificates in the near future, as it makes use of one fairly uncommon ingredient, and all of its ingredients have been extensively tested for efficacy.



When buying a supplement online, many people are understandably wary. It can be helpful to hear from those who have used a given supplement before. Below is some insight from people who have chosen Alpha Jacked as their pre-workout:


This is my first pre-workout ever. I didn’t used to take any, but I had major issues with getting tired midway through my workout, and I realized I needed some help. None of my friends had any advice, so I took to the internet. I started researching ingredients, and I chose this pre-workout. I’m very sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants, so that ruled out most pre-workouts for me. But this one was perfect. I love that it’s in pill form, too, since I go to the gym straight from work and didn’t feel like bringing a blender bottle. I’ve been using this stuff for a month now and I love it! I’ve made some gains, and I keep getting stronger. I know that more gains are on the way, and I’m so glad I found this supplement. I’ll definitely keep taking it.

– Josh, 22, Fayetteville, AR, USA

As an older dude, I definitely feel some pressure to show that geezers can excel in the gym, too. But once I hit 50, I considered giving up. Suddenly it was hard to keep muscle on, and I was tired all the time. I just felt old. So I decided to look into pre-workouts, and I actually started with just a stimulant. This worked for a good while, but then I noticed that even if the energy was there, the muscle strength wasn’t. I’d wear out midway through a set, and that alone was depressing. So I learned about nitric oxide, and then I researched more. I discovered that I wanted something with L-norvaline, to keep that nitric oxide floating around even longer. That’s how I ended up with Alpha Jacked. I’ve been a customer for a year and I’m so thankful.

– Gary, 55, Chicago, IL, USA


I’m a serial pre-workout switcher: I’ll get a free trial, use it for awhile, then get bored or feel like it’s ineffective and switch. That was until I found this stuff. From the start, I felt more energized, even after my workout, which was new to me. It used to be that I was so wiped out after a workout that I couldn’t lift in the morning before work. Now I can, and I can even do two a days when I go both before and after work. Plus I get that all day pump, which is amazing.

– Steven, 33, Pasadena, CA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

As noted earlier, the huge size of the supplement market, along with the fact that the supplement market grows more every day, means that it’s difficult for media outlets and agencies that give awards and certificates to get to every single supplement in a timely manner. As such, Alpha Jacked has not been awarded any awards, and it hasn’t gotten much media coverage. However, one of its key ingredients, L-arginine, was the subject of a research study that won a Nobel prize. While this award was obviously not given to this supplement directly, it does support claims that this is a supplement that works.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of this supplement, Fit Crew USA, stand behind their product. As such, they do offer a refund policy. If you are concerned you may not like the product, you may want to go with the company’s free trial program, which is outlined in detail below. If you have already gone through the trial and decide that Alpha Jacked isn’t for you, there are some steps you can take to ensure you get a refund. If you want to return your product, you must contact the company first to get a return merchant authorization, or RMA. If you are approved, you then need to send back your product. In order to get a refund, you must send back the product within 30 days of the purchase date. If your return is accepted, you will be billed for a $20 restocking fee. You must cover return shipping.



Shipping is fast, and the company that manufactures this supplements claims that they will ship out product within 24 hours of purchase. Shipping is $2.95 for the free trial, but after the free trial, it is rolled into the price of the product for your convenience. Depending on your location, you should get your bottle in three to five business days. Tracking is not offered, but if you do not receive your bottle in three to five business days, it would be a good idea to contact the company to see where it is or if it’s been lost.


Customer Support

The customer support team for Alpha Jacked is made of fitness professionals who are both dedicated and knowledgeable. If you have questions about the product itself, ingredients, order status, refunds, or something else, they are ready and willing to help you. The team also makes itself available through regular mail, e-mail, and phone, so you can more easily get answers. If you reach out to them when they aren’t in the office, you can leave a message, and they’ll get back to you promptly upon their return. Even if you aren’t yet a customer, you can still call with questions to make sure this is the right product for you.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying online can be daunting for anyone, and many people are especially wary of buying online supplements. And while it’s true that not all supplement manufacturers are secure in their checkout processes, Alpha Jacked utilizes state of the art encryption to ensure your information is kept safe from those who might want to use it for nefarious purposes. When you log on to make a purchase, you’ll see the the checkout process is independently verified by Norton, TrustE, and McAfee Secure. These are some of the biggest names in internet security. Additionally, the customer service team at Fit Crew USA will not use your information for anything other than shipping orders.


Pricing & Free Trial

Pricing for this supplement is on par with most online supplements. Because buying online can be a gamble, the manufacturer offers a free trial option when you can test out the supplement risk-free. In this program, you pay $2.95 for shipping, and you get a 30 day supply for free. You have 14 days from the purchase date to decide whether or not this is the right supplement for you. If you want to keep getting this supplement, do nothing, and you’ll be billed the price of the bottle, or $79.98. You’ll be billed this price each month after until you cancel. By streamlining the billing and shipping process, the manufacturer helps you keep your supplementation routine (and supplement purchases) simple.


There are many advantages to taking this as your pre-workout supplement. They include the following:

  • All three major ingredients are scientifically supported.
  • It contains the relatively uncommon norvaline, which allows L-arginine to exist longer in the body.
  • It comes in caplets, which are easy to take.


As with any supplement, there are some cons to this one. They include the following:

  • It contains no stimulants, which may be disappointing for those who prefer a pre-workout with a stimulant effect.
  • The auto-ship program may be an inconvenience to some users.

Alpha Jacked

Summary: Alpha Jacked is a nitric oxide boosting supplement that is designed to increase workout performance and help you get the most out of muscle recovery. Its ingredients are proven through peer-reviewed science, which sets this product apart from many nitric oxide supplements. This supplement increases performance by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to hit your muscles while they’re working and while they’re recovering as well. It does this by dilating the vessels to allow more blood to reach muscle tissue. Additionally, it works to delay fatigue and clear out muscle waste products, thus letting you work harder and achieve your goals faster. Plus, as the name suggests, Alpha Jacked gives you a great muscle pump, which helps you look and feel ripped. It comes in easy to take capsules, which you can seamlessly integrate into an existing supplementation routine, or use to build a supplement routine around.

FREE TRIAL to $79.98
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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