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What Is 100% Shredded?

100% Shredded is a natural pre-workout supplement and energy booster that is specially designed to help men build bigger, badder muscles faster. In addition to harder muscles, its advanced formula promises to increase strength, raise energy levels and send endurance levels through the roof. Since it is an organic supplement, the ingredients are 100% natural, which allows bodybuilders, athletes and men in general to get ripped safely. What helps set this particular product apart is sheer speed of results: This booster promises to build muscle not only safely but quickly. Whether it comes to winning fitness competitions, games or just looking and feeling better in general, there is little doubt muscle strength plays a key role.

Getting harder, tougher and more built is especially advantageous to bodybuilders who are looking to lift longer and harder and to become as stacked as possible. However, it isn’t just fitness professionals who can also potentially benefit from this supplement – it may also be an effective option for average men in general who need more energy in their daily routines and who want to look and feel their best. Last but not least, athletes potentially have much to gain from this supplement for its strength-building and performance-enhancing benefits. For fit-minded men, athletes and pro bodybuilders aged eighteen and up, this supplement could provide the muscles, energy, endurance and focus they are looking for.



The manufacturer of 100% Shredded is a United States-based health and fitness company called Derma Brand LLC. Its headquarters are located in Woodmere, New York. Specifically, Derma Brand LLC specializes in the distribution and sale of a range of health and fitness products. More impressive is the fact that these products are marketed and sold all over the world. With this well-rounded knowledge base regarding health and wellness products, the company has been very successful developing a number of well-known products in the health/fitness industry.

Each tier of Derma Brands LLC is easily accessible to both current and potential customers. Direct from the manufacturer, customers can find all-inclusive contact information for every branch of 100% Shredded’s 24-hour customer service department. This includes a physical mailing address, an email address and a direct phone number. Policy, of course, is also an important element of any company, and Derma Brand’s is exceptional. The manufacturer adopts a philosophy of trust-inspiring transparency via its terms and conditions, disclaimer, privacy policy and recurring transaction agreement, all easily accessible and stated in plain terms.


How 100% Shredded Works?

This pre-workout booster touts an enhanced new formula designed to dramatically and quickly improve performance level, energy, workout power and muscle mass. By taking a single pill daily by mouth, the company claims this pre-workout energy supplement will accelerate the rate of digestion, thereby spurring the process of helping the body to produce muscle-building protein. Once it hits the bloodstream, the manufacturer also claims it is able to suppress nitric oxide, which in turn helps to boost energy levels. The results, according to company claims? Muscles, muscles and more cut muscles.

Fitness experts and bodybuilders alike know that a healthy supply of oxygen to the blood and musculature is a key component to developing a lean, ripped physique. By increasing the supply of oxygen, this supplement is able to use this molecule to break down glucose and promote fuel for muscle-building. In effect, both aerobic and anaerobic endurance are improved. This leads to the ability to work out more effectively for longer, higher-intensity training and better athletic performance. As oxygen also plays such a key role in the post-workout recovery process, this product would also seem to be very effective in promoting quicker recovery (with the help of improved oxygen flow).


Ingredients of 100% Shredded

Unfortunately, there is one notable stumbling block buyers may encounter when researching the ingredient list. As of now, the ingredients appear to be unavailable online. The list accessed directly through the manufacturer’s channel appears to somehow correspond to another of the company’s products, a topical anti-aging facial cream. The manufacturer would thusly be strongly advised to correct this minor hiccup, and post the intended ingredient list instead. Otherwise, the product’s formula components can be accessed directly on the label via purchase (which, as with any product, should be read carefully before use).

Although the actual ingredient list appears to be currently unavailable via online channels, it can safely be assumed that all of its ingredients are 100% natural (in accordance with current FDA standards). This is a major plus. All of the additives in modern mass-market fitness supplements have a very long history of being very safe for human use. Still, there is a small chance some people may experience an allergic reaction to the plants, herbs and/or weeds typically used in these formulas. The manufacturer of this particular product is very clear (about this) by advising customers not to exceed the maximum daily dose, and to read the ingredient label clearly.



There are numerous advantages to 100% Shredded, as espoused by the manufacturer and ecstatic reviewers alike. The biggest advantage is obviously going to be muscles, muscles and more muscles. Regular use of the product promises ripped, cut pipes and a more toned overall appearance. Not only does it promise to work well, it promises to work fast. This is a supplement that guarantees a guy cut muscles, quick. By contributing a greater energy flow, this natural pre-workout supplement contributes better workouts (and hence bigger muscles).

More energy and improved endurance are also major advantages to this product. This means users can work out longer, lift more weights, get more out of their workouts and see better results faster. For the average fit guy, this means the difference between energy and exhaustion at the beginning and at the end of each day, and looking better both in and out of one’s clothes. For athletes, this means better stats, more power in the game and more game-changing strength.

The manufacturer also states that 100% Shredded is a diet-friendly formula that does not include calories or sugar. On the fitness side of the matter, the enhanced formula also promises improved aerobic and anaerobic endurance, increased strength, delayed muscular fatigue and muscle recovery support; not only can a guy work out harder, he can recover quicker as well. On the mental side of the fence, it touts sharper focus and alertness, which of course helps in sports, during workouts and in life. This seems to be a multi-faceted performance enhancer with many advantages and uses.



100% Shredded comes with the logo assurance that the product was made in the United States of America. For those who support US businesses, purchasing the supplement also helps the user do their part to contribute to the United States economy. Via certificate, the manufacturer also promises a safe product that has been tested, inspected and guaranteed. Upon checkout, buyers will see an entire line of verification certificates guaranteeing purchase security, customer privacy and the legitimacy of the business itself.

Upon researching the manufacturer site, the disclaimer reveals the transparency of company policy. This is a major factor for the discerning customer in establishing trust with the company. The disclaimer reveals that the company is not in the industry of disclosing medical advice. Therefore, all results and reactions to the product are in accordance with the individual. It advises the buyer to conduct an allergy patch test first in the interest of detecting any possible allergic reaction to its ingredients before use.



This stuff jacks me up like you would not believe. I’ve been trying to out-lift my best buddy for six years, and have only recently been able to do it. My advice to other guys is to get out there and try this. You’ll be able to do more sets and lift longer than you thought you’d be able to. Two thumbs up.

– Jesse, account executive in Indianapolis, IN, US

I’ve been using 100% Shredded for awhile now, and I will not go back. I didn’t start out with much faith, but I figured, Hey, since they do the whole money-back trial thing, why the heck not? Two months later, I’ve gained ten pounds of pure muscle. I also have a lot more energy than I did before. This stuff is gold.

– Elliott, shop manager in Fort Worth, TX, US

Of course there’s the obvious muscle-building element that comes along with taking this supplement, but what I didn’t expect was the increased focus. I feel like I can think with more clarity now than I did before. It seems to have helped not only my workouts but my job and my life in general. Thank you, Pure Muscle Gains!

– Huang, Chief of Operations in San Francisco, CA, US

Before I started taking 100% Shredded, I sincerely believed I had plateaued in my workouts and strength training. However, it didn’t take long at all before I started benching more than I’d even aimed for. I started seeing all kinds of insane definition in my abs and legs. Even better, I had so much more energy at the end of the day than I did before. I’ve taken on five new clients in the past couple of weeks, and I believe it’s in large part because of this supplement.

– Richie, personal trainer in Santa Fe, NM, US


Awards & Media Coverage

100% Shredded has made an impressive number of appearances in a number of different types of popular media. Most notably, it has been featured in such national news outlets as CNN and US News. It has also been showcased in Men’s Health magazine. Fitness fanatics may also recognize its logo from advertisements in major health/fitness media outlets across the world. This is clearly a product that gets around.

The supplement also maintains quite a presence online on various review sites, blogs, and physical fitness forums. Reviews from men originating from all sorts of different backgrounds — weightlifters, bodybuilders, personal trainers, athletes, and regular men across the nation — have largely reported successful results. With an intriguing list of testimonials provided by the company itself in combination with the product’s online presence, it creates an interesting case for its efficacy.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee if 100% Shredded doesn’t meet or exceed expectations. According to the trial period stipulations, a customer can request a refund anytime within the 14-day window. In the event the customer wants to proceed with a refund request, there is a customer service number clearly provided to assist with the process. Once all steps of the refund process have been completed, remittance will be issued back to the customer.

The company also offers the added assurance that orders can be cancelled at any time during the transaction. In this case, the requester can either the call the service number provided or email the support department. Returned items must also include an RMA number. These can be received by calling the same customer service number provided. In the case of a return, the steps are easy to follow, customer service is easily accessible via all channels and it appears the company offers a no-lose opportunity to try out the product.



The manufacturer wins points for an easy, efficient shipping process. All products are shipped via United States Postal Service within 24 hours of the date of purchase. For added peace of mind, USPS also offers tracking numbers for packages. The company asks that the customer allow a reasonable 3-5 business days for delivery. Once the order has been confirmed, a confirmation number will be emailed to the customer.

Shipping charges are as reasonable as the company’s corresponding policies. The shipping total is $5.94, which includes $4.95 for the shipping and a $0.99 handling fee. The shipping and handling prices listed are per single bottle. Overall, nominal shipping prices and processes make it easy for customers to get their product quickly and efficiently. The sole caveat is that customers are responsible for return shipping fees should they desire to return their bottle.


Customer Support

Customer support is an important consideration anytime a consumer is weighing whether or not to move ahead with a purchase. In this case, 100% Shredded offers multiple avenues of customer support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Whether a current or potential customer has questions about the product, company policy, procedure or questions regarding the supplement’s use, customer service is on constant standby regardless of country or time zone.

This company offers the gold star of customer support with three points of access – direct by phone, by email, or by good old-fashioned postal mail. All customer service contact information is clearly detailed and easy to find online. This will undoubtedly come as a tremendous reassurance to men who are considering whether or not to try before they buy. With the peace of mind of knowing customer questions can be easily answered at any time, the manufacturer makes not only the transaction process but the entire customer service experience easy as well.


Safe & Secure Checkout

100% Shredded’s checkout system is the gold standard in online safety and security. There are a number of trust seal logos assuring the security of all customer information — both personal data and all banking and credit card info — during every phase of the transaction. These logos include Certified by Trust Guard, Security Verified by Trust Guard, Privacy Verified by Trust Guard and Business Verified by Trust Guard.

These safety seals promise customers that their personal information cannot be breached internally or externally. The implication of such security measures is that, presumably, no information will be given nor sold to third parties, nor can it be accessed by those within the company. The privacy seal guarantees that the company is compliant with current online privacy laws. The Business Verified seal guarantees that the business is legitimate (i.e., it is who and what it says it is). For savvy customers, these security certificates represent a company who is looking out for their customers.


Pricing & Free Trial

As stated previously, the manufacturer offers the first bottle of 100% Shredded completely free of charge for the 14-day trial period. Following a successful trial, buyers are automatically enrolled in an auto-ship program. This procedure ensures the buyer’s ability to receive a fresh bottle every thirty days at the regular purchase price of $79.73. This auto-ship program continues for as long as the customer chooses (their original method of payment will be billed for each cycle). However, the manufacturer is very clear to point out that the program can be cancelled at any time.

There are multiple pricing packages should a man decide that one bottle is not enough. Customers can also opt for several discounted rate packages. The first offers a buy two bottles and get the third free promotion for a total of $178. The third package deal offers five bottles for the price of three at the discounted total price of $267.00. Also worth noting is the fact that the checkout system offers the option to enter a coupon code (if such a code is available at the time of purchase). Fit men will undoubtedly enjoy the multiple opportunities to save cash.


  • 100% Shredded has an intriguing testimonial list, with men of all ages and backgrounds discussing how the product has changed their bodies and lives.
  • The manufacturer offers a 14-day 100% money-back trial offer, so there is literally nothing to lose by testing it out.
  • Both its physical and mental advantages are beneficial to a wide range of men, including bodybuilders, fit men — as well as men who desire to be — and athletes (essentially, any man over the age of eighteen who is looking to up his muscle and energy game).
  • The manufacturer makes all of its policies highly visible via its disclaimer, terms and conditions and privacy policy, thus establishing trust with consumers.


  • Although it is likely presumable that all of the product’s ingredients are 100% organic, the manufacturer appears to have mis-posted the ingredient list, thus making its contents currently unavailable.
  • 100% Shredded is not a substitute for an excellent diet and exercise regimen, nor does it claim to be; instead, it works in accordance with both of these factors to help sculpt a better body and to sharpen one’s mental focus.
  • There is a very slight risk of an allergic reaction to a small segment of the population, who may react adversely to its ingredients.
  • Some men may find the necessity of taking a daily pill to be too inconvenient to work well with their daily routines.

100% Shredded

Summary: 100% Shredded is reputed to be one of the more effective fitness and energy supplements on the market. Its presence in mainstream media, magazines, news outlets, blogs, journals and forums has been extensive. The manufacturer offers a 14-day trial period complete with a 100% money-back guarantee so buyers can try before they buy. The checkout system comes complete with a full roster of security certificates guaranteeing customer data privacy and security. With a list of compelling testimonials and a 14-day money-back guarantee, any guy (above the age of eighteen) who is looking to up his game would seem to be an excellent candidate to try the supplement for a leaner, meaner body and higher energy level.

FREE TRIAL to $79.73
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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