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What Is TestoBoost ZMA?

TestoBoost ZMA is a supplement designed to boost testosterone naturally while promoting regular sleep. The “ZMA” part of the name refers to zinc and magnesium aspartate, but ZMA also contains vitamin B6. ZMA is not a traditional testosterone booster, but it is important to maintain testosterone levels even while training rigorously. Zinc is one of the most talked-about minerals in the fitness world, as it is vital for muscle growth and testosterone production. Studies suggest that about 70 percent of Americans don’t get enough dietary zinc. This mineral is depleted in sweat, so without proper supplementation, chances are that you won’t get enough zinc to support muscle growth. In fact, studies have shown that, in men who are zinc-deficient, testosterone levels are raised. This indicates that, if you want to be as ripped as possible, it’s important to keep zinc levels optimal. Zinc is also instrumental in many biochemical reactions, and studies show that it’s helpful for both protein synthesis and fat loss.

But zinc is only part of the story when it comes to TestoBoost ZMA. Magnesium is vital for bone health and, like zinc, it’s an important catalyst for many biochemical processes. But there is a lot to be said about the synergy of these minerals. Studies have found that supplementing with ZMA during periods of heavy training can result in increases in insulin-like growth factor as well as testosterone increases. Part of the anabolic advantage comes from the fact that studies have also shown this supplement has the ability to help improve sleep. We all know the importance of sleep to muscle recovery, a this is when much of muscle growth occurs. ZMA is a safe way to encourage sleep because, unlike melatonin, it doesn’t carry the risk of eventual dependency, and it also won’t generally make you groggy.

The other element of this supplement, B6, is also very important. Vitamin B is important for supporting energy, and when you’re exhausted from training hard, having this sort of support is vital. When you combine the effects of zinc and magnesium on metabolism and muscle growth with the energizing effects of B6, you get a combined supplement that can help you build muscle, get stronger, and feel better overall.

In addition to ZMA, though, this supplement adds in herbal testosterone booster tribulus terrestrial. While this herb has been used for centuries to support male virility, there actually is no evidence that it supports testosterone production. However, it may support general energy, which is helpful for those who train hard and need an extra push for those workouts. Additionally, this supplement includes D-aspartic acid, which influences the synthesis of testosterone in the body. However, taking this supplement has been shown to cause only temporary increases in testosterone.



This supplement is manufactured by a company that only makes this product, and not many details are available on the company website. This may seem odd, particularly if you’re used to supplements made by major manufacturers. However, there are some unexpected benefits that come with buying a supplement like this one. For starters, a company that only makes one product knows that its success depends on people’s opinions of that product, so chances are good that TestoBoost ZMA has been backed by research and is made of quality ingredients. Another bonus is that the representatives for this company only have to know about one supplement as opposed to many. The result is that you talk to someone who has a very deep knowledge of the actual supplement and is better equipped to answer your questions. Larger supplement manufacturers often need employees to retain more information than is humanly possible.


How TestoBoost ZMA Works?

This supplement works on a number of levels to support muscle growth, fat loss, testosterone levels, and general health. One of the most vital ways in which ZMA works is its support of testosterone, and recent research suggests that the specific combination of ingredients in ZMA, as well as their relationships to one another, is responsible for increasing levels of testosterone in training athletes. One relatively recent study came out with shocking results – in a group of athletes who were training rigorously, this study gave half the athletes a ZMA supplement, while the other half got a placebo. The ZMA group saw testosterone increases averaging 47.3 percent. They also saw strength increases 2.5 times those of the placebo athletes. Lastly, the ZMA athletes also had levels of insulin-like growth factor, or IGF-1, 25 percent greater than the placebo group. Thus, while zinc, magnesium, and B6 all have their own beneficial effects, ZMA provides them in the right form and the right ratio to give you what you need for success.

Zinc – specific testosterone boosting has also been studied, and multiple studies have found that men who were deficient in zinc almost always had suboptimal testosterone. Supplementing with zinc reversed this deficiency fairly easily. But zinc especially has some great benefits beyond testosterone production. It also is especially important for thyroid hormone, and it’s instrumental in the production of this very important hormone. Thyroid hormone helps to regulate your metabolism and help keep your resting metabolic rate up, which is important if you want to avoid gaining fat. Zinc deficiencies have been shown to cause drops in resting metabolic rate, which can lower your energy levels and generally make you feel sluggish, too.

Taking ZMA is also important for immune function. Zinc in particular is a potent antioxidant that also strengthens the immune system, so you can be assured that by taking TestoBoost ZMA, you’re helping yourself stay healthy and strong. It has also been shown to optimize muscle gain and fat loss, thus supporting you in your physique goals. It’s likely that this dual optimization stems from the fact that ZMA can support both testosterone levels and thyroid function, as well as the fact that it optimizes sleep. Sleep is often an underrated aspect of training, but optimal sleep is important for muscle recovery, energy, and general well-being. When you take this supplement right before bed on an empty stomach, you maximize your chances of getting the best sleep possible.

Some people may think that taking any combination of zinc, magnesium, and B6 is good enough, but a crucial part of why this supplement works is the form of the ingredients. The form of zinc in ZMA is zinc monomethionine/aspartate, and magnesium is magnesium aspartate. When you take these forms, you stand a better chance of having most of the minerals absorbed, and you therefore get more out of your supplement than you would otherwise. In short, the combination of ingredients in ZMA is important for those who want to reach their physique goals while feeling more energized and experiencing better quality of life.


Ingredients of TestoBoost ZMA

This supplement contains the standard ingredients of any ZMA supplement. It also adds in the testosterone booster tribulus terrestris and D-aspartic acid. below is a list of the ingredients, as well as some about each:

Zinc monomethionine/aspartate – This form of zinc, as mentioned earlier, is more easily absorbed than other forms and also can help you avoid troublesome interferences with other supplements. When you take zinc, in order to reap all the benefits, it’s vital to make sure you take a form that is easily absorbed, and this is one of the most absorbable forms there is. In the ZMA compound, it’s also included in the ideal ratios to magnesium and B6.

Magnesium aspartate – This form of magnesium is the most absorbable form, and the most suited for inclusion in ZMA. It works in concert with Vitamin B6 and zinc to help energize you and support bone health, metabolism, and muscle growth.

Vitamin B6 – This vitamin is important for a host of important functions, and it is also a great energy support. While ZMA as a whole supports good sleep, having the energy boost of B6 is important if you want to get the most out of your gym performance. It also can help you move through everyday life with more energy than before.

Tribulus terrestris – This plant has been used for centuries as part of ayurvedic, or traditional Indian medicine. It has long been hailed as a testosterone booster, even though research has indicated it does not actually boost testosterone. Rather, it serves to support general energy levels, which can help you to work out harder and reach your goals faster.

D-aspartic acid – This compound is known for increasing testosterone synthesis in the body. While multiple studies have proven that it does, indeed, do this, it only causes increases in testosterone for limited periods of time. While this isn’t ideal, it still does give you some benefit.



There are many advantages to choosing TestoBoost ZMA as your ZMA supplement. For one, this is a supplement that is backed by a good bit of research, including recent studies. many supplements that claim to boost testosterone have very little research behind them, or they’re based in pseudoscience or “junk science.” While tribulus terrestrial may not have much scientific backing, ZMA does, and many of the study results behind it show that it causes serious improvements in strength and size. Another advantage is that this supplement is shipped to you as part of an autoship program, so you don’t have to worry about the inconveniences of buying it each month or remembering to reorder once you run out. It also comes in a convenient, easy to take caplet form, so you can take it with you wherever you go. There’s no mixing or blender bottles to clean. Additionally, the company offers TestoBoost ZMA as a free trial, so you can test it out before you buy it. (This free trial program is discussed in more detail below.)



This supplement has yet to win any certificates. however, part of that is likely due to the fact that the supplement industry has exploded in the last few years. And while media outlets and companies that award certificates have grown as well, they simply can’t keep up with the number of supplements available. As a result, even very effective supplements often won’t catch the eye of these companies for quite some time. It is likely that with time and exposure, TestoBoost ZMA will receive certificates in some capacity. Until then, it relies on the words of customers who are satisfied with it. The manufacturer claims there is a great demand, so this supplement may well get a certificate sooner rather than later.



Sometimes, when buying online, it can be helpful to hear from those who have used a given product. Below are some words from those who have used TestoBoost ZMA:

Joey, 33, Memphis, TN, USA:

I’ve always loved to lift, but each time I really tried to get cut, I ended up losing a bunch of muscle mass, too. So I realized I needed to supplement somehow, but I had no idea where to start. I did my research and found this stuff. After two weeks, I feel great – more energized, happier, the works. Even in a cut, I still feel pretty good. I’ve even hit a PR despite trying to lean out, so I’m pretty proud of myself.

Steven, 40, Raleigh, NC, USA:

I’ve been reading about ZMA for ages and kept thinking it was something I needed to try. So I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. This is my first ZMA supplement ever, and I’m so happy with it. Mostly because I can tell my metabolism is up, and I’ve lost some fat already. I’ll give it a few more weeks before I expect to really look different, but I can tell that, given my faster metabolism now, I’m gonna drop a lot more fat in the near future.

Tim, 44, Yuma, AZ, USA:

I’ve been using ZMA for years, but I never could settle on a brand that I really loved. That’s where TestoBoost ZMA comes in. I was online one day and started reading about it, and i realized this might be the thing for me. I did the free trial and loved it. Six months later, I look the best I ever have. Glad I found it.


Awards & Media Coverage

As noted above, due to the size of the supplement industry at present, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, for even a good supplement to get the media coverage that it deserves. As such, TestoBoost ZMA has not been given any awards or media coverage yet. However, ZMA continues to be researched by reputable scientists and institutions, and these studies, as they become more publicized, may well help this supplement get more publicity. In time, this supplement may well earn some major media coverage or an award. It is relatively new on the market, however, and these things do take time.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of this supplement stand by their product, and they therefore offer a refund policy in case you find yourself dissatisfied for any reason. If you have done the free trial, become a subscriber, and later decide that this isn’t the supplement for you, then you may return a bottle within 30 days of purchase. In order to receive a refund, you must send in a return merchant authorization, or RMA. This will allow the company to identify your return. After that, you can send back your bottle for a refund. please note that you must cover shipping, and your returned bottle may be subjected to a restocking fee.



Shipping is fast, and it is for a low flat rate of just under 10 euro. When you do the free trial option for TestoBoost ZMA, you only pay shipping at first. The company will generally ship bottles within 24 hours of purchase, and you should receive your bottle in a few business days. Tracking is unavailable, but if you don’t receive your bottle in a few business days, it would be wise to contact the company to see what has happened. The company claims they only ship 250 free trials out a day, so if you are concerned about availability, you may want to order earlier in the day.


Customer Support

The customer support team for TestoBoost ZMA is made up of dedicated fitness professionals who are ready to help you reach your fitness goals. They work to keep themselves available to your concerns. You can call them, send them e-mail, or write to them using traditional mail. They are willing to work with you whether or not you’re a regular customer. If you are considering using this as your main product, you are welcome to call or write with questions. Similarly, even if you’re already a customer, you can still talk to the customer service representatives about how to best integrate this supplement into a supplementation routine.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying online can be especially worrisome for many, especially those who remember when the internet did not have the safeguards it has today. However, this supplement is sold using the most up to date, advanced online security. When you buy online, you can be assured that the manufacturer has gone to great lengths to keep your information protected from hackers and others who would prefer to steal it from you. Additionally, while you may be concerned about the availability of your information to those who work with the company, the employees can only access your information to put orders through. Your information is safe with the manufacturers of TestoBoost ZMA.


Pricing & Free Trial

Pricing of this product is roughly on par with that of similar products, but if you are concerned or want to make sure this is a product you want, you can take advantage of the free trial program offered here. If you think that TestoBoost ZMA may be right for you, you can pay shipping of just under 10 euro and have a month’s supply shipped to you. You then have 14 days to decide whether this is something you want to keep taking. If yes, then you don’t have to do anything. You’ll be enrolled in the autoship program and billed monthly for each bottle. The monthly cost for this supplement is just under 100 euro ($110.95). Of course, even after you enroll, you may cancel at any time.


There are many advantages to choosing this supplement as your ZMA supplement. They include the following:

  • It supports healthy metabolism and fat loss.
  • It also supports muscular gain and strength gains.
  • It works to promote restful sleep and help you get the most out of your recovery.


As with any supplement, this one has its downsides. They include the following:

  • The inclusion of tribulus terrestris may cause some to doubt it, as this plant has not been proven to elevate testosterone levels.
  • The company does not list how much of each ingredient is included.

TestoBoost ZMA

Summary: TestoBoost ZMA is a ZMA supplement that includes zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6, along with tribulus terrestris and D-aspartic acid. The resulting combination is a supplement that supports better sleep, increased muscle growth, and increased fat loss. It’s also a potent antioxidant and general health supporter. Part of what makes this supplement an important addition to your supplement stack is the fact that it has been shown, in multiple peer-reviewed studies, to have substantial positive effects on testosterone levels, strength gains, and fat loss. Thus, taking TestoBoost ZMA can help you to achieve the physique goals you’ve been striving toward. Additionally, though, it promotes restful sleep, which helps you get the most out of muscle recovery. The inclusion of other ingredients make this a supplement that also supports healthy energy levels so you can work your hardest in the gym and get real results.

FREE TRIAL to $110.95
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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