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Testo Peak ElementX Review – Should Use an Auto-Ship Post-Workout Testosterone Booster Like This One?

What Is Testo Peak ElementX?

Testo Peak ElementX Natural Testosterone Booster is an innovative dietary supplement that is literally packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other valuable nutrients that increase the metabolism of the body’s muscles and help to minimize the soreness that is often experienced after strenuous workout routines. Testo Peak ElementX Natural Testosterone Booster relies on its special blend of all-natural herbs and ingredients for increasing energy and muscle mass while decreasing fatigue and body fat, enabling customers to sculpt the toned bodies they’ve always fantasized about.



Testo Peak ElementX natural testosterone booster is manufactured by RevLabs in Solana Beach, California. RevLabs was launched in 2012 by three passionate athletes who dreamed of revolutionizing the health and fitness business with natural and scientifically proven supplements for peak performance. All RevLabs products are made with high quality ingredients and are exclusively developed to boost the body’s metabolic processes.


How Testo Peak ElementX Works?

The time period right after a heavy workout is just as important as the time spent during it. To properly replace depleted nutrients and avoid an energy crash, it’s crucial to have a high-quality body fuel on hand after workouts, and Testo Peak ElementX’s combination of natural ingredients may be the key to faster workout recovery and increased muscle mass. Taking two capsules one half-hour following workouts is all that is needed to rev up the body’s metabolic processes. The powerhouse of natural ingredients in this product helps the body to develop more muscle mass while raising energy levels to new heights. Working synergistically, these ingredients have been found to provide a healthy boost in testosterone and motivational levels, while balancing the mind and central nervous system.

Like most natural supplements, the benefits of Testo Peak ElementX are maximized by eating a healthy, balanced diet and maintaining a regular exercise regimen. For best results, it should be used daily and after working out, but not in amounts that exceed the recommended daily dosage, which could potentially lead to health complications like high blood pressure, hair loss and other issues related to neurochemical imbalances.


Ingredients of Testo Peak ElementX

Testo Peak ElementX’s innovative formula provides the nourishment that the body needs most for recuperation after strenuous workout routines. This exclusive blend of natural ingredients relaxes, strengthens, and heals muscles of the body for a quicker recovery period.

Ingredients include:

  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract is a botanical herb known to boost testosterone levels which, in turn, help to boost muscle development and overall mood.
  • Di-Indolylmethane is a natural ingredient believed to offer a number of health benefits, which includes preventing certain hormone-related illnesses.
  • Fenugreek Extract is an herb recognized as providing a variety of general health benefits, which includes boosting muscle growth and sense of confidence.
  • L-Arginine and Beta Alanine helps to replenish the nitrous oxide expended by the body after strenuous exercise, which increases the speed of muscle recovery.
  • Caffeine, Taurine, Green Tea and additional vitamins aid in improving energy and strength in general, as well as supplying crucial antioxidants to the muscles.
  • Premium Antioxidant Matrix A is a special blend of additional antioxidants that lessen recovery time while increasing wellness in general.
  • Ultimate Recovery Matrix is an exclusive mixture of amino acids, glutamine peptides, and digestive enzymes that provide the muscles with the tools they need for rapid workout recovery and increased mass.



Testo Peak ElementX’s advantages have been revealed by the progress of its regular users. These customers have become more motivated to work out, and they demonstrated increased confidence and lessened performance anxiety at the gym and in general. The adaptogenic herbs have been theorized to serve as neuroprotective guards against self-defeating thoughts that cause people to compare themselves negatively to others and sabotage their own results.

Testo Peak ElementX advantages include:

  1. Increased muscle ,ass;
  2. Increased energy and motivation;
  3. Safe in recommended doses;
  4. Improved focus for longer workouts.



Testo Peak ElementX is a dietary supplement, and as such requires no safety certifications. Nutritional supplements comprised of natural or organic ingredients are deemed legal by default. Since they are not considered to be drugs or medications used to treat an illness or disease, they do not need to acquire FDA approval.



I’d been seeing advertisements for the Testo Peak trial on a couple different bodybuilding sites on the web, and finally gathered the courage to try it. As a 41-year-old male, my body was not where I wanted it to be, and I wanted to change that. Now that I’ve been taking Testo Peak for the past couple of weeks, I really feel like there is hope for me to get the body I want, which I’d almost given up on. What I like best about it is that my stamina and motivation to exercise are out the roof. I can see my muscles becoming toned, especially the abs, which I thought would never happen after all the years I’ve forced myself to exercise and eat halfway decently.

I’ve also shed about six pounds, which is pretty amazing considering I haven’t changed anything about my diet or exercise routines. On another note, it’s done great things to balance my circadian rhythm, which has always been pretty erratic. I’ve slept better than I have in years, and can see myself slowly shifting from a night owl to a day person. I definitely recommend this to anyone who feels like no matter how much exercise and dieting they do, they can’t get the toning effect they want.

– James Verunac, Los Angeles, USA

At 49, I’ve hated exercising most of my life. I was among the very first to participate in the Testo Peak trial after I saw an ad for it online, and after using it a couple months, I can’t believe that working out is so much fun! I’ve lost 27 pounds since I’ve been using it, and I’m actually starting to see the physical version of myself I’ve always dreamed of materializing day by day. My mind doesn’t dwell on food like it did before – especially at night – and I’ve resolved the problem I had of pigging out and going right to sleep – terrible for the metabolism! This product has helped me turn all that around, and I feel like a huge fog has been lifted. My stress levels are down, I’m more confident in my decisions – it’s like I went from being a beta male to an alpha male almost overnight, and I’m excited just to wake up in the morning and see what else has changed!

– Peter E. Rosas, New Jersey, USA

I have been using Testo Peak ElementX for a couple months now after workouts. Before Testo Peak, I would literally devote hours to working out at the gym every single day, determined to see results that for some reason just wouldn’t happen. After a few months of this torture, I felt my morale and dedication to working out starting to slip, and started to feel like I would never, ever see any significant results. I was still the same beanpole I had always been. At the same time, I was trying several different exercise and testosterone supplements, with practically no payoff.

Finally I started ransacking the internet for any possible explanation as to why I couldn’t develop muscle, and that’s how I found Testo Peak. I saw the trial and ordered it, feeling like I really had nothing to lose – and I’m eternally grateful to myself for making that choice.

During the two months I’ve been using this stuff, I’ve seen results that I never imagined could be had by the likes of a naturally skinny guy like me. I can lift weights like there’s no tomorrow, including working my way up to 250-lb. bench presses, and my body is in the best shape it’s ever been, not to mention the surge in confidence I get whenever I pass a mirror. I not only look great, but feel great because of it.

Now I can do things I never thought I’d be able to do like walking shirtless on the beach in the summer, going to the gym and working out without being ashamed of my lack of strength, you name it. This supplement has really changed my life, and I can’t recommend it enough to anybody wanting to build up muscle or just needing a self-esteem boost.

– James Hales, Los Angeles, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Testo Peak ElementX’s manufacturing company, RevLabs, has been a pioneer in the nutritional supplement market for some time now. Its muscle-building products have received extensive media coverage, having been advertised in major fitness magazines. Its supplements have also been promoted on high-profile television news networks, at least that is what some advertorial pages are reporting about their products.

Because Testo Peak is a new product and still in its trial phase, word is still spreading about its benefits, but based on the observed results and testimonials from its users it will no doubt soon gain the popularity of RevLabs’ other nutritional supplements and muscle enhancers.

The company’s fast-rising popularity among professional athletes, bodybuilders, models, celebrities, fitness aficionados, and everyday individuals serves as a strong statement that its customers truly trust and believe in both the performance of its dietary supplements and the quality of customer support provided by genuine human beings who fully understand the needs of their customers.


Money-Back Guarantee

Testo Peak comes with a full 30-day guarantee. If customer expectations are not met, they can return it for a full refund (minus the shipping and handling and 20% restocking charge), with no questions asked, within 30 days of the date the order was placed. This does not apply to risk-free trial offers. For standard orders where the item price is paid in full, customers can contact a customer support representative to obtain return information and prepaid postage. All returned items are suggested to be shipped with delivery confirmation to properly guarantee delivery. If the item is damaged upon arrival, customers can call a customer support representative to obtain an RMA (Return Authorization Number), and a replacement will be shipped immediately at no extra expense.

Customers enrolled in the free trial may request extensions of their trial periods. If they want to keep the 30-Day supply they are shipped, they can opt to pay for just that month and cancel their enrollment in the Auto-Ship program if they are unsatisfied. If they don’t wish to continue using the product for the remaining 30 days, they will also need to obtain an RMA number from a customer support representative and to return the product (either opened or unopened) within 30 days of the original trial date to avoid the charges for the complete 30-Day supply they were sent to try. All purchases after the original 30-day period has ended are final.

Customers who want to return their product for an exchange or merchandise credit and receive an RMA Number automatically cancel and void their rebate. Shipping and handling fees cannot be refunded.



Product shipments will take 3 to 5 days to arrive. Testo Peak ElementX Testosterone Expander has a 10-day trial period, with 4 extra days for shipping, for a total of 14 days. Customers are charged a shipping and handling fee of $4.94 per shipment, minus any applied discounts, on the date the order is placed. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable.

Purchasing customers are automatically registered for free for Auto-Ship, which allows them to receive recurring monthly deliveries until the plan is canceled by calling a customer support representative at 855-789-5214. Customers don’t need to do anything if they are satisfied with the product. They are billed at the agreed-upon promotional rate and will automatically get a new supply each month to prevent interruption of their plans. They will also lock in the reduced monthly promotional rate and shipping and handling fees that come with the original order.

The cancellation of Auto-Ship enrollment can be done at any time. Customers wishing to cancel Auto-Ship must call a customer support representative to verify their identities as account holders. Requests to cancel Auto-Ship go into effect immediately, and any upcoming shipments will be discontinued. Customers who wish to enroll again at a later time are required to re-order.


Customer Support

Customer support for this nutritional supplement is of the highest quality. For support issues including questions about billing, fulfillment or any other concerns with the product, customers may contact the Testo Peak ElementX support team by phone at 855-789-5214. The support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle all support requests, refunds, and other inquiries.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout page has been officially certified as a secure 265-bit encrypted connection. This is also known as an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TSL (Transport Layer Security), which is a cryptographic protocol created to guarantee private, tamper-proof communication of sensitive information like credit card numbers and personal information over the Internet. This ensures that all credit card transactions on the checkout page are secure and impenetrable to hacking or theft. Customer cards are thereby billed safely and with no leakage of information, and transactions will appear discreetly as “441890540012DramaBeaut” on credit card statements.


Testo Peak ElementX Pricing & Free Trial

By ordering today, customers will receive a 30-day supply of Testo Peak ElementX Testosterone Expander to try, paying only for the $4.94 shipping and handling charge. If Testo Peak ElementX Testosterone Expander fails to satisfy customer demands, it may be canceled within 14 days of the order date to avoid paying the purchase cost of up to $88.97 and registration in the recurring auto-shipment plan.

After an initial period of 45 days and every 30 days afterwards, customers are shipped a new 30-day supply of Testo Peak ElementX Testosterone Expander for the price of $88.97. Program membership can be canceled at any time by contacting customer support. The fulfillment facility ships all trial products and purchases within 24 hours once the order has been processed. The risk-free trial is an internet exclusive offer and only available to US residents.






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