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What Is NOW ZMA?

NOW ZMA® is produced by NOW Foods and is composed primarily of zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6, offering athletes quality sports recovery support. Following high intensity workouts and other vigorous exercise, you will feel rejuvenated much faster than before, without muscle or joint pain, when taking this nutritional sports supplement as your primary fitness enhancer. With high absorption rates in the body, this fast-acting exercise aid offers multiple benefits, and it is proven safe for daily use by both clinical testing and monitored practical use by athletes. Zinc promotes the growth of new muscle and organ tissue while magnesium is vital for good electrolyte balance and for generating higher body energy, and magnesium also helps your body maintain healthy neuromuscular activity for good physical coordination and muscle reflexes and contractions. This mineral is also essential for quick physical reactions and responses during fast-paced sports action of all types.

The natural ingredients of this energizing formula work together to promote anabolic, or building-up, activity in bodily tissues and to develop lean muscle with density. Because strenuous and regular bodybuilding workouts and athletic performance can deplete your supplies of both zinc and magnesium, it is very important to take a quality sports supplement that replenishes these supplies on a daily basis. Vitamin B6 enhances the generation of chemical neurotransmitters for healthy transmission of signals in the brain and among nerve cells in the body. This major nutrient also promotes hormonal production in the body for increased energy and strength while increasing your levels of melatonin for better, deeper and more restful sleep. When your sleep patterns improve, providing you with better REM cycles for deeper, more revitalizing rest, you will awaken each morning well-prepared for your daily workout or sports event, regardless of its levels of difficulty or how strenuous it may be.



With modern corporate headquarters in a four-story building with 116,000 square feet of interior space in Bloomingdale, Illinois, in the U.S., NOW Foods also has operational facilities in Sparks, Nevada. As well as spacious, attractive corporate office space, the company also included a suite of advanced, analytical testing equipment and new encapsulation and production packing machinery to meet the needs of its continuously growing customer base. New production equipment also included updated gas-liquid chromatography equipment for separating and analyzing chemical compounds, which increased production activity and volumes of new product output. NOW Foods has always been a family-owned and operated business, and all family members have given their dedicated time and efforts to making this company very successful as an important contributor to the nutritional sports supplements industry.

Company leaders have stood by their original objective when this enterprise was founded in 1968, of creating safe, effective supplement formulas that athletes and natural health advocates from all walks of life can easily afford. Today, this well-known and respected manufacturer of pure, nutrient-rich fitness aids produces one of the best-selling supplement brands on the consumer market. Company officials and staff members are committed to providing bodybuilders and other athletes with effective, empowering sports enhancement aids that help them achieve higher levels of skills and performance.


How NOW ZMA Works?

NOW ZMA is a synergistic mix of zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6 designed specifically for optimal absorption rates in the body to ensure fast-acting energizing effects as well as increases in stamina, body strength and mental focus. The zinc content of this sports enhancing agent promotes cell tissue growth and repair and empowers the immune system for stronger activity of your heart and circulatory system for enduring longer, more challenging workouts. With improved electrolyte balance from the magnesium content along with better operation of your central nervous system and muscles, you will prevent dehydration from heavy-duty exercise and perform better, with greater coordination and ability.

Your rapid response when participating in fast-action sports activity will be reliable and improve the quality of your playing. The melatonin content in this unique athletic formula will provide you with enhanced REM cycles during sleep, for more restful, deep sleep, and both your body and mind will be revitalized while any worn or injured tissues are being repaired. At the same time, new lean muscle growth will be in progress with the support of Vitamin B6 while the NOW ZMA mix of nutritional ingredients boosts testosterone growth for additional energy and endurance during sports performance.


Ingredients of NOW ZMA

This advanced fitness formula that forms NOW ZMA includes pure, nutritious and fast-acting ingredients that empower your body for longer, more difficult and challenging bodybuilding workouts, sports training and athletic events, and these supplement components are the following substances:

Vitamin B6 from Pyridoxine HCl

Vitamin B6 is a vitalizing nutritional aid that facilitates the generation of natural chemicals by the body that serve as neurotransmitters to enable the transmission of signals between brain and nerve cells. These signals are essential to good brain functionality and for effective control of muscular reactions and responses, providing fast and accurate coordination of movements during rapid-action sports activities. B6 also helps your body manufacture important hormones like serotonin and norepinephrine (for improved moods) as well as melatonin (a major sleep enhancing agent).

Magnesium from Magnesium Aspartate

Magnesium Aspartate is a high grade form of Magnesium that is very bioavailable (easily absorbed) for use by the body. This mineral ingredient is important for good nerve functionality and for fortifying proteins and bones. It also helps boost energy and stamina for exercise.

Zinc from Zinc Mono-L-Methionine and Zinc Aspartate

Zinc Monomethionine is very bioavailable, absorbing quickly and thoroughly in the body for optimum effectiveness, and Zinc Aspartate is a chelated combination of Zinc, L-Methionine and L-Aspartate, all of which have antioxidant properties. When ingested in this very easily absorbed complex, the active micro-mineral of Zinc serves as a protein synthesis promoter and encourages the production of cellular energy supplies. As an important trace mineral, Zinc can be found in all tissues and organs of the body, and yet another of its benefits is its capacity to support good maintenance of hormonal levels, such as testosterone counts for controlling both physical and mental stress.

ZMA – A complex of Zinc-L-Methionine, Magnesium/Zinc Aspartate and Pyridoxine HCl

ZMA has nutrient-rich ingredients as a proprietary blend that combine to enable and support the building-up and repairing of tissues in the body (anabolic activity) while increasing your lean muscle mass and density. Because Zinc and Magnesium raise and support the body’s energy and its ability to repair tissues, these vital trace minerals must be replenished regularly for fast muscular recovery following strenuous exercise with an effective formula like NOW ZMA. This blend’s Vitamin B6 content supports the production and functionality of essential neurotransmitters for sending signals throughout your nervous system and brain for fast and efficient physical and mental responses and activity during fast-moving sports training and performance. This B vitamin also supports good production of hormones like testosterone for higher energy while increasing melatonin counts for more restful, deep sleep and better exercise the next day. This unique nutritional blend is a trademark registered product from SNAC Systems, Inc.



You will gain valuable advantages from taking NOW ZMA as your daily post-workout supplement, such as the following:

  1. Your sleep patterns and REM cycles of deep, restful sleep at night will be improved by the Vitamin B6 and melatonin contents of this supplement, preparing you for your next daily workout.
  2. Your body will gain the nutritional support for repairing any damaged or weakened muscle tissues and revitalizing your entire body for your next sports activity or bodybuilding training session.
  3. Your testosterone counts will be increased, providing you with greater levels of sustained energy, agility and stamina for succeeding during the most challenging, difficult athletic events.
  4. With improved levels of neurotransmitter chemicals, your system will quickly and easily coordinate signals throughout your brain and nervous system for excelling at fast-action, rugged and difficult sports activity.
  5. Your muscle mass and density will increase, giving you a powerful, but sleek body for a totally ripped physique.



The NOW Foods manufacturing facilities where NOW ZMA is produced are GMP-certified with FDA quality approval with a grade A for production of this sports supplement. This effective, unique post-workout formula is also government-certified as a pure, organic product. NOW Foods company leaders also issue certificates periodically to members of the athletic community such as bodybuilding trainers, sports game coaches and exercise instructors who encourage their trainees to choose this effective, safe, post-workout formula as their primary exercise and body enhancement supplement. These sports training professionals are often accomplished athletes and bodybuilders who truly understand the importance of fueling and rejuvenating your body with a top quality fitness aid for optimal achievements in sports.



This supplement is great for better deep sleep, revitalizing your entire system while you get a good night’s rest without interruptions. You will awaken the next morning full of energy and feeling confident to face the challenges of your strenuous gym workout followed by a busy day at work or in classes. You will be mentally alert with enhanced moods, and your entire day will be much less stressful due to the empowering aspects of NOW ZMA! – Andy Brantley, Kansas City, MO, USA

With daily use of this outstanding sports supplement, your workouts will be greatly improved, and your bodybuilding progress will be impressive. Surprise everyone, including you and your trainer as you quickly graduate to more advanced athletic skill levels and triumphs. Get NOW ZMA today! – Charles Vance, Ventura, CA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

NOW Foods won the 2015 Best of Supplements Award from Better Nutrition Magazine and the National 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For award in 2014. In 2008, this innovative brand was declared the number one selling brand in the natural supplements category, as reported by the reliable source, SPINScan Natural. In addition, this unique fitness enhancer brand has received favorable news coverage by WholeFoods Magazine, Prevention Magazine and Taste for Life Magazine. It has also been given a high recommendation by Better Nutrition Magazine.


Money-back Guarantee

The NOW Foods company policy is to offer each and every customer a money-back guarantee for any supplement the buyer is not completely satisfied with. Whether your disappointment or problem is related to the purchase, shipment or use of your new post-workout aid, the company staff members want to hear from you. If you contact them with your specific product issue or complaint, a staff member will work patiently with you to resolve your problem. If, however, no solution is found, this employee with arrange a prompt, complete refund of your purchase price for this item, or, if you prefer, a replacement order can be sent to you.



Shipping of NOW Foods products is handled by professional, experienced domestic shippers for U.S. customers and international transport companies for global buyers. All sports supplements are carefully packaged and labeled for prompt, efficient delivery to the correct address, and you can depend on receiving your order within the time period agreed on at the time you made your product purchase. Due to the excellent record of this athletic supplements manufacturer for safe, accurate and timely shipment deliveries, it is rare for a product to be delayed or to be lost or damaged during shipment. However, if you do receive a damaged product or if your supplement does not arrive at your address, just contact the customer support division of NOW Foods to request a replacement order of your fitness aid or a refund of your purchasing price.


Customer Support

The courteous, helpful customer support team is always available to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise concerning your bodybuilding and exercise enhancement supplement. You can contact a member of the team 24/7 to help you resolve all concerns or problems with the receipt or use of your NOW Foods post-workout aid. You questions will be answered completely by this knowledgeable and caring team of employees, and most problems can be solved to each customer’s satisfaction. However, if a resolution to your particular issue or concern cannot be found, a member of the support team will arrange a replacement product order or a total refund of your supplement purchase price for you, without asking extra questions and without delay.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout process on the company website is always safe and secure for customers, both new and ongoing. Company officials and staff members fully understand the necessity of safeguarding your personal data entries on the site during your product purchases. All your personal identity data including your name, address, email address, telephone number and credit card numbers will be well-protected by the advanced encryption techniques used in the construction of the site’s ordering, payment and checkout pages. Potential online hackers and identity thieves will not be able to access this sensitive and valuable information. As a result, you will be able to relax and enjoy your sports supplement shopping and buying experience without worrying about your personal data being misused or compromised in any way.


NOW ZMA Pricing

Since this major athletic supplements production company is committed to creating and selling fitness aids that are affordable to athletes of varying ages and circumstances in life, NOW Foods leaders consistently price all products fairly and very reasonably. You can actually purchase 90 capsules of this post-workout aid for just $9.99 or 180 capsules for the low cost of $19.99. By visiting the company’s website to browse and shop frequently, you will never miss valuable sales or discounted product prices. By keeping informed about bargain buying opportunities, you can often save money by purchasing a larger quantity of your post-workout aid at once.


You will enjoy important benefits when you make NOW ZMA your primary post-workout supplement, including the following:

  • You will gain enhanced, deep and rejuvenating REM sleep and awaken refreshed and ready for your next workout or bodybuilding training session.
  • Your hormone counts will increase, and the higher testosterone levels will improve your energy, stamina, mental focus and willpower to attain higher levels of advanced athletic skills and accomplishments.
  • Your physical responses to stimuli during fast sports activity will be quicker, due to improved action of neurotransmitting chemicals in your brain and nerve cells.
  • The high mineral and Vitamin B content of this fitness aid will strengthen your skeletal-muscular system, enabling you to endure and succeed at strenuous, demanding sports workouts and competitions while you develop lean, dense muscles and a powerful, streamlined body.


There may also be a few disappointments or drawbacks to some potential users of NOW ZMA making this fitness aid their primary post-workout supplement, such as:

  • This sports enhancer is specifically formulated for use by adults and by young people who are 18 years old or above, and it can be dangerous if taken by children or young teenagers.
  • This product is pure, safe and effective, but it may not be appropriate for stacking with some other sports supplements, so seek the advice of fitness supplements professionals or the NOW Foods company experts before using this product in combination with others.
  • Any athletes who want to use NOW ZMA on a daily schedule as a post-workout aid and are currently taking prescription drugs should seek the advice of sports medicine experts or qualified holistic practitioners before starting doses of this supplement.


Summary: NOW ZMA, manufactured by NOW Foods, is a safe, effective post-workout supplement for bodybuilders and other sports enthusiasts. With pure, nutritional ingredients of zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6, this product supports you during strenuous exercise or sports competitions with higher energy levels, stamina and a positive mental attitude, enabling you to build lean, dense muscles, become fit and achieve at higher levels of excellence in all your sports pursuits. You will also have higher testosterone levels to sustain your energy boosts and fast supplement absorption rates with rapid bodily empowerment for better participation and results in athletics. Your improved neurotransmission of signals among brain cells and your nervous system will hasten and enhance your speed of accurate motor reactions and responses during fast-paced sports activities. With the ongoing anabolic, or building-up, process occurring in your body due to the unique capabilities of this sports formula, your internal system will constantly repair and rejuvenate your bodily tissues during enhanced recovery after exercise, and your melatonin levels will be increased for better restful, deep REM sleep cycles.

$9.99 to $19.99
RatingRated 3 stars

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