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What Is Iron Dream?

Iron Dream is a sports supplement produced by Muscle Pharm and formulated for use as an effective post-workout aid. When taken before sleeping, it helps you get deep, restful sleep, and by improving the REM sleep cycle, it enables your body and mind to reach optimum states of rest for mental revitalization and bodily muscle and tissue repair and new growth. As part of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series, this product is beneficial to bodybuilders and active sports players of all types for better sleep and fast, thorough recovery following workouts and athletic competitions. Regular users experience lasting energy boosts plus reserve supplies of stamina and muscular power for exercise due to the combination of this proprietary blend and enhanced sleep. This unique recipe of pure, nutritional ingredients can work to significantly repair strained or worn muscle tissue, preparing you for your next strenuous workout while the sleep improving components promote this rejuvenating, building-up activity in your body.

All serious muscle-builders, powerlifters, sports players and other avid exercisers soon realize in the early stages of training the great importance of working out and training in gyms and sports clubs that offer updated, quality exercise equipment and expert trainers. They also learn quickly that it is essential to take a top-tier sports enhancement supplement on a regular schedule for best athletic and bodybuilding results. This particular product in the “Arnold Series” from Muscle Pharm offers users the valuable benefit of boosting bodily hormone levels, especially testosterone, for increased energy, endurance and overall strength for performing at more advanced skill levels in athletics. It also enables you to cut body fat more rapidly and promotes deeper, more restful sleep without the need to take a separate sleep enhancing supplement.

Iron Dream is formulated according to the Muscle Pharm commitment to its six-stage professional research protocol entitled, “Real Athletes. Real Science.” Company supplements formulators follow the six stages carefully for every sports enhancing formula created. These specialized stages of supplement creation are:

Stage 1 – Vision.

Muscle Pharm leaders and employees believe in “walking the walk and talking the talk.” Everyone working for the company, including executives, scientists, marketers and other personnel who played important roles in creating Iron Dream are all sports enthusiasts and participants who are constantly exploring new methods and products to enhance the bodies, minds and performance levels of serious athletes. They use their own bodybuilding and exercise experiences to identify and build on aspects of sports activity that need support and improvement to best benefit the overall performance results and lives of sports advocates and muscle-builders. By understanding the needs and empowering the efforts of athletes, they build bodily power, mental focus and feelings of self-confidence that fuel the “Athlete Inside” for heights of success. This product is an ideal example of a versatile, empowering supplement that accomplishes this major objective for its users.

Stage 2 – Formulation Process.

By focusing on elevating the quality bar of the sports supplements production industry, Muscle Pharm and its top-tier scientists, nutritionists, medical doctors and natural health experts have used optimum levels of collaboration to formulate unique sports aids of excellent quality like Iron Dream. This company’s formulators include scientists and researchers from such leading agencies and corporations as The National Institute of Health (NIH), GlaxoSmithKline® and The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This unusual group of experts has combined different areas of expertise to create breakthrough formulas for safe, effective enhancement of all types of athletic training and performance. By creating this effective post-workout formula and other products of the “Arnold Series” of top-quality supplements, this team has also reinforced the results of their astute studies and formulations by incorporating the obvious success and famous name of the award-winning pro bodybuilder and athlete, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Stage 3 – Research & Clinical Studies Protocol

This innovative athletic supplements formulating enterprise partners with scientists at the University of North Carolina to test all products for complete efficacy and safety before placing them on the worldwide sports supplements market. Other collaborators that Muscle Pharm (MP) works with include the International Society of Sports Nutrition, and popular products like Iron Dream were created and fully tested at MP’s own advanced Sports Science Center located in Denver, CO, in the U.S.

Stage 4 – Athlete Protocol Testing

This unique Arnold Series post-workout supplement is an ideal example of how MP combines science and sports performance equally in its creation of new athletic aids. Each product is tested both clinically and practically by scientists and medical professionals, nutritionists, coaches, trainers and athletes before finalization of its formula for general production and sale.

Stage 5 – Quality Assurance

Each batch of Iron Dream and all other MP exercise enhancers are placed on hold for final production until they pass strict quality assurance testing, during which they are required to meet high standards of ingredient purity, safety and effectiveness. These products are also checked thoroughly for fulfillment of all labeling claims before marketing and sale. After supplements are placed on the consumer market for sale to the public, all feedback from customers is carefully monitored as another aspect of the company’s quality assurance procedures.

Stage 6 – Banned Substance Certifications

MP is the only nutritional sports supplements manufacturer today that has all its products certified for purity and absence of all banned substances by the worldwide authority, Informed-Choice through the globally respected lab, HFL Sport Science. This is one more example of the level of supplement quality that this company consistently produces. You can make Iron Dream you primary post-workout aid without any concerns about its efficacy and safety for regular use.



Muscle Pharm has a strong company goal and commitment to help serious bodybuilders and other athletes around the world to build stronger, more agile bodies with increased energy, stamina and willpower to excel at all their sports pursuits. This sports supplements manufacturer specializes in the production of safe, empowering athletic aids that are nutrient-rich with pure, natural ingredients. Whether you are just beginning your training as a bodybuilder, weightlifter or team sports player, by using supplements from this innovative company, you will experience positive, encouraging results within just a few short weeks after taking your first dosages. Your energy supplies will be improved and your physical and mental stamina will be enhanced, sustaining you through more difficult, demanding workouts and athletic competitions.

The continuous growth and popularity of Muscle Pharm is due to the dedicated leaders and staff members of the company, all of whom are strongly focused on creating the most healthy, safe and effective supplements for today’s exercise enthusiasts and bodybuilders. They know that serious athletes of all kinds need the support of expert coaches and trainers, and everyone employed at this unique company also understands the necessity of each athlete having the nutritional support of a top-quality sports enhancing supplement to use on a daily basis. Although this sports aid manufacturer creates and markets many athletic supplements that assist sports advocates with one specific aspect of their development and training, it also formulates and offers to the sports supplements market advanced formulas that enhance multiple areas of training, muscle growth and sports success for modern athletes.


How Iron Dream Works?

This special sports formula has a specific combination of natural ingredients including nutrient-enriching herbs as well as empowering vitamins and minerals in a carefully designed proprietary blend. Percentages of all ingredients are scientifically calculated to contribute just the right amount power and support to the formula to achieve the best possible effectiveness for the overall supplement recipe. Because each ingredient is strong-acting and supportive of the natural effects of all other substances in the blend, each separate benefit of this bodybuilding and exercise enhancer is emphasized and sustained by the overall mixture of ingredients. When users realize the complicated and detailed scientific research, clinical trials and practical testing that led to the finalized form of this supplement, they understand how it provides so many helpful and effective benefits so quickly to athletes who take this formula each day.

While some of the mineral and vitamin contents of this sports aid raise and maintain levels of energy, stamina and mental drive to succeed at challenging, strenuous training workouts and sports performance events, other nutritional components and herbal ingredients boost testosterone levels for empowering energy surges and lean muscle development for body power and strength improvement. Some ingredients are especially helpful to athletes for shredding excess body fat and gaining more muscle definition and a sleeker, more streamlined physique. Others promote swifter, more thorough and pain-free recovery after exercise with an abundance of energy to last throughout the rest of your day. Specific ingredients of this unique mix also enable users to benefit from deeper, more restful sleep that assists the body in rejuvenating worn or damaged body tissues and gaining lasting mental alertness and focus.


Ingredients of Iron Dream

The nutritional blend of natural ingredients that compose the Iron Dream formula include the following vitalizing substances:

1) Vitamin D as Cholecalciferol

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is necessary for calcium and phosphorus absorption and use in the body, helping to build, strengthen and repair bones, joints and tissues on a regular basis. These minerals also fortify skin tissues, making them more resilient and faster to heal from cuts, scrapes or abrasions incurred during strenuous sports activities.

2) Vitamin B as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

This important nutrient, Vitamin B6, promotes bodily production of chemical neurotransmitters that transport signals among nerve cells, enabling good brain functionality and physical coordination and response to stimuli and surrounding activity. This ingredient also assists your body in producing the hormonal substances, norepinephrine and serotonin, major mood controllers, and melatonin, an active sleep pattern regulator and enhancer.

3) Magnesium as Magnesium Aspartate

Magnesium Aspartate is a high grade form of Magnesium that is very bioavailable (easily absorbed) for use by the body. This mineral ingredient is important for good nerve functionality and for fortifying proteins and bones. It also helps boost energy and stamina for exercise.

4) Zinc as Zinc Aspartate

This supplement component contains Zinc, an important micromineral, in an easily absorbed form when ingested. This chelated substance combines Zinc and L-Aspartate, which is a naturally occurring protein amino acid that acts as a precursor for protein synthesis and cellular energy production. The element Zinc is an essential trace mineral that exists in every tissue and organ of the body, and along with supporting energy generation and protein synthesis, it helps maintain good hormone levels for increased energy supplies and for regulating bodily stress.

5) Copper as Copper Glycinate

This substance contains the trace mineral Copper in rapidly absorbed chelated form for thorough and fast energy metabolism in your body. Copper also enables good levels of energizing iron to be carried in your bloodstream to empower your body’s network of muscles, joints and vital organs, all of which contribute to promoting quality muscular development and physical activity.

6) Boron as Boron Citrate

This is a chelated form of the trace mineral Boron, which promotes increased bone density, muscle mass growth and improvement of overall body strength for strenuous workouts. This important ingredient also boosts your body’s natural capacity for producing and using testosterone for greater energy levels and eliminates muscular and joint pains during recovery. This mineral also enhances mental clarity and concentration for quick decision-making during fast-action sports.

7) Arnold’s Dream Proprietary Blend

Night Growth Matrix – L-Glycine, Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), 5-HTP 5-Hydroxytryptophan, Mucuna Pruriens 20% L-Dopa, Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium Sagittatum) Stem and Leaf Extract, N-Acetyl-5-Methoxytryptamine (Melatonin). All ingredients of this Muscle Pharm proprietary blend are included in carefully calculated percentages as specified by the Iron Dream formulators to provide bodybuilders and sports players with ultimate results. This unique combination of components helps prevent fragmented sleep patterns while promoting deep, restful hours of sleep and relaxation and enhanced, stabilized moods and both mental and physical calmness for peace of mind.

Muscle Recovery Matrix – (L-Glutamine, BCAA Nitrate 3:1:2 Blend (L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine), Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum Greacum) Proprietary Seed Extract Standardized to 50% Saponins). The unique mix of ingredients in the MP Muscle Recovery Matrix of this effective athletic supplement boosts testosterone counts in the body for higher energy levels and supports fast, thorough and comfortable recovery following long and strenuous workouts. These ingredients are also combined in the exact proportions necessary for supplying athletes and muscle-builders with the best available advantages for excelling at sports performance while developing lean muscularity and a strong, sleek and powerful body without bodily stress or strain.



There are definite benefits and advantages to making this sports aid from Muscle Pharm your main sports supplement to support post-workout recovery, such as the following:

  1. This innovative sports aid promotes better, longer and uninterrupted sleep cycles with deep, restful and revitalizing sleep.
  2. When taken each night before sleeping, this supplement relaxes both your body and mind as it enhances moods and helps you relax and sleep peacefully so your body can work to rejuvenate muscles in preparation for your strenuous workout the next day.
  3. This versatile fitness enhancer boosts bodily testosterone production for better and prolonged energy and stamina to improve exercise.
  4. This specialized sports formula promotes rapid and pain-free recovery periods following difficult workouts and rugged sports performance.



Iron Dream and all MP supplements are produced in state-of-the-art Muscle Pharm laboratories, which are certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as FDA-registered factory facilities. This post-workout aid is also certified for safety, effectiveness, purity and complete absence of all banned substances by the respected global authority, Informed-Choice via testing at the fine quality lab, HFL Sport Science. This formula is an excellent example of this supplement production company’s high standards for all its unique sports formulas.



This outstanding sports supplement from Muscle Pharm is truly innovative, versatile and effective. Not only will you start building strong, lean muscles within a few short weeks—you will also get a powerful testosterone boost for impressive energy levels and better workouts. Your sleep will be much more restful and revitalizing, and you will recover quickly after even the most challenging training sessions. This fitness aid really does it all! Get Iron Dream today! – Rick Charlton, St. Louis, MO, USA

Want a great new body with awesome muscle definition and strength with powerful boosts of energy and stamina and smooth, painless recovery? Want to know what it’s like to enjoy a full night of relaxing hours of deep, REM sleep? For all this and much more, try Iron Dream from the Muscle Pharm Arnold Series now! – Leon Worth, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

The celebrated Muscle Pharm brand of sports enhancing supplements has won numerous awards for the purity, efficacy and safety of all products produced for the sports-minded consumer market. The company’s frequent press releases via MarketWired and PRWire from Denver, CO, keep customers and the sports community updated on all currently available products and on MP’s continuously successful sales rates on all its popular fitness aids. In February, 2014, Reuters published the announcement of the introduction of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series of supplements from MP to the worldwide sports supplements marketplace. This innovative and advanced company and brand have also won major awards for production of fine quality supplements, such as Best Packaging of the Year in 2014, Men’s Support Supplement of the Year in 2013 and Brand of the Year in 2012, as awarded by leaders of the global sports supplements industry.


Money-back Guarantee

Company leaders at MP have a long-standing policy of issuing money-back guarantees on all their supplements. Every fitness aid produced and sold under this popular and respected brand name comes with this guarantee, and if you as a customer are the least bit dissatisfied with your purchase, delivery or usage of Iron Dream, the MP customer support staff members want to hear from you. A friendly, knowledgeable and concerned staff member will work with you toward solving your problem. However, if no resolution can be found, this staff member will arrange a full refund of your product purchasing cost as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Shipping of this company’s supplement orders is handled by national shippers for U.S customers and global transport carrier companies for international clients. These reliable professionals will package and label your supplement order carefully to ensure safe, correct delivery to your address. MP has an excellent record of successful, timely product deliveries to customers. However, if your supplement arrives late or damaged, just contact the company’s customer support department so that a helpful, capable staff member can resolve your shipment problem with a refund, cost adjustment or replacement order.


Customer Support

The Muscle Pharm customer support team is ready to assist you 24/7 with any questions, issues or concerns you may have with your new post-workout supplement from the Arnold Series. This friendly team is well-informed and prepared to resolve any problems you may have with your MP product order. Most issues can be solved quickly and completely by one of these efficient and resourceful team members, but if it is not possible to resolve your specific problem, either a replacement product order or a refund for the total cost of your supplement order will be arranged. You can contact this expert team at any hour by phone, email, or on the company website support page.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout on the company website is always completely safe and secure due to advanced encryption technology included in the website design. You can shop with ease, knowing that all your personal data entries including your name, address, phone number, email address and charge card numbers will be well-protected and safe from potential online identity thieves or hackers. You can return to the site to place subsequent orders without worrying about your data being taken or misused. MP leaders and employees are committed to enhancing your supplement buying experience in all possible ways while making it a totally safe process.



Current retail pricing for a month’s supply of this effective post-workout supplement is $44.99. During independent product or supplement series promotions or seasonal sales, this unique post-workout aid can be bought at prices as low as $17.94. By visiting the company website often, you can stay informed on dates when these greatly reduced prices will be in effect. By taking advantage of these great bargain rates, you can also save money by purchasing larger quantities of your supplement at once.


There are advantages to choosing Iron Dream from Muscle Pharm as your regular post-workout supplement, including the following:

  • Your quality of REM cycle sleep will improve for deep, relaxing rest each night, preparing you for the next day’s rigorous workout.
  • This versatile fitness aid also raises bodily testosterone counts for greater energy, stamina and muscle power for exercise.
  • This major post-workout formula from the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series of the MP brand makes your recovery periods after strenuous workouts and sports activity fast, thorough and free of aches and pains.
  • This athletic supplement also gives users improved moods, mental clarity and sharp concentration for acquiring higher sports skills and achievements.


There may also be some obstacles or inconveniences to some potential users taking this post-workout supplement on a regular schedule, such as:

  • Anyone who is allergic to supplements containing high mineral or herbal content should consult a natural health practitioner or qualified herbalist before starting regular doses of this fitness aid.
  • This sports supplement is designed for use only by athletes who are 18 years of age or older.
  • Bodybuilders and sports players who are taking prescription medications should seek the advice of a medical doctor or holistic practitioner before taking this supplement.

Iron Dream

Summary: Iron Dream, manufactured by the respected Muscle Pharm sports supplements production company, is a safe, effective post-workout product with many different benefits for users. When taken in nightly doses, this unique formula improves your REM sleep cycle for deep, restful and uninterrupted hours of sleep to rejuvenate your body and mind, repairing worn or damaged body tissues while preparing you for the next day’s workout or sports game. This fitness aid is part of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series of the MP brand and provides bodybuilders and athletes of all types with fast, painless recovery after strenuous training sessions or competitions. This innovative, proprietary formula of nutritional ingredients also boosts testosterone for greater body energy, strength, endurance and agility for better athletic performance. This advanced formula also promotes rapid development of lean, dense muscle mass, helping you achieve the streamlined physique and totally ripped appearance of your dreams.

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