Medical Disclaimer

The Purpose of This Disclaimer

The products and materials featured on this website are presented for the sole purpose of reviewing and comparing a variety of legal steroid formulations, and as such, reviews posted on the site are intended to be used strictly for informational purposes. The Supplements Watch Ltd and all pages and links associated with the site are not maintained to advocate, recommend or encourage the use of pharmaceuticals classified as steroids, and website authors, site owners and brands featured on this website in no way advocate, encourage or recommend consumers buy or use these products.

While the administrators of the Supplements Watch Ltd Company and website recognize the complications that can arise as a result of side effects experienced by consumers ordering products from our website, we also recognize the realities of modern day drug abuse. While we know that health complications and dependence resulting from ingesting products reviewed on this site can lead to improper and unsupervised use, we have no control over purchases that are misused by shoppers who use proper identification to buy merchandise displayed and reviewed on this site.


Steroid Use Restrictions

Personnel associated with Supplements Watch Ltd and the Supplements Watch Ltd do not approve of steroid use in minors and those intent upon using such formulations improperly or unsupervised. Consumers who are not authorized to use steroid products reviewed on our site are prohibited from ordering them and we encourage users who are both authorized to buy these drugs and who intend to use them, to do so understanding and acknowledging that, if consumed in improper ways and quantities-or while unsupervised-steroid products reviewed on our site are not risk-free. We do not recommend that products featured within our reviews be used outside the purview of authorized medical practitioners following standard legal, medical and pharmaceutical guidelines and practices.

Because this website contains information not suitable for children, you must be 18-years-old to peruse and order products from the Supplements Watch Ltd. Further, parties contributing to site content-publishers, owners, distributors, website staff and related third-parties are firmly committed to informing readers living in territories or nations outside the U.S. that the product reviews we publish are crafted to suit stringent steroid-use laws, policies and regulations. Therefore, unauthorized shoppers are prohibited from placing orders for our products online outside these boundaries to meet geographic policies covering the purchase, sale, resale and distribution of said pharmaceuticals.

Supplements Watch Ltd and our subsidiaries remain neutral on the subject of steroids, therefore, this website has not and will not promote, support or seek the legalization of anabolic or androgenic steroids, nor do we promote, support or seek to legalize formulations not featured on our website pages if they are not produced in accordance with pharmaceutical industry and legal standards.

Steroid Use Restrictions

Endorsement Disclaimer

The Supplements Watch Ltd website was founded as a public service. Our mission is to inform consumers interested in knowing more about steroid-based products that are already on the market-as well as newly introduced formulations-about the benefits, side effects and contents of all products featured on the site. Because we represent so many brands and types of steroids, this website does not advocate on behalf of one manufacturer over others in the interest of full disclosure.

Therefore, the companies, manufacturers, services, products and trademarks appearing on the website do not constitute recommendations or endorsements of one brand over another; rather they represent a selection of products submitted by manufacturers for evaluation and review purposes.



In keeping with our liability statutes and policies, site visitors and those reviewing this medical disclaimer are hereby notified that by visiting the Supplements Watch Ltd-or attempting to visit the site by logging on-you formally release and discharge all site, company and associated personnel from liabilities that may arise from ordering, ingesting, selling and distributing the products profiled on the site.

Specifically, you acknowledge by logging on and visiting the Supplements Watch Ltd that you have reviewed our site and service parameters and agree to abide by them during your site visit.

In keeping with legal guidelines established and maintained by Supplements Watch Ltd, we assume no liability for physical, emotional and psychological symptoms, syndromes and illnesses originating with the ingestion of products reviewed and sold on our website. Because it is stated in this medical disclaimer that we strongly recommend that our reviewed products are consumed after consulting with licensed medical practitioners, liability therefore remains with the consumer purchasing the products rather than site reviewers and steroid manufacturers featured herein.

Just as we take no responsibility for third parties (manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers), neither do we assume responsibility for transportation companies that fail to deliver products ordered via the Supplements Watch Ltd. Additionally, we are not responsible for wrong deliveries when correct customer addresses are provided, nor are we responsible for product damage, as bottling and labeling are under the control and supervision of manufacturers. While we apply due diligent to selecting shipping companies, their responsibility starts once product leaves our warehouse.

Further, by visiting the Supplements Watch Ltd, you agree to the site’s policy that requires the use of all reviewed products to be undertaken within the geographic boundaries of the legal destination to which it is shipped and intended. You acknowledge your understanding of local medical laws and abide by your commitment not to violate local, state or national laws related to steroid use as a direct result of ordering product from our website.

Accordingly, you accept full responsibility for understanding your local, state and national laws and assume all liability associated with purchasing and consuming reviewed products, thus you officially release and absolve Supplements Watch Ltd, principles and website personnel from violations resulting from your decision not to read and/or understand the language associated with violating such laws.


Reviews Disclaimer

As a website dedicated to evaluating and exploring steroid formulations manufactured by a wide range of companies and under the auspices of a large number of individual brands, our opinions and descriptions related to steroid products displayed on our website are not intended to be substitutes for medical advice and are based on subjective and speculative information gathered from resources invested in the sale and promotion of steroid products.

As such, the Supplements Watch Ltd site and all parties related to it do not offer advice to consumers on product selection, use and dosage frequency. We don’t provide medical counseling and urge consumers to consult physicians if they have questions related to the products profiled on the website.

Because we counsel against the sale, distribution and possession of controlled substances, visitors to the hereby release this review service from liability associated with the information offered to site visitors seeking data on featured products. Your visit to this medical disclaimer page constitutes your release from liability to anyone associated with the research, writing and editing of these reviews and you hold harmless from civil or criminal liability all personnel associated with said reviews, including publishers, advertisers, reviewers, administrators and sponsors.


Permission to Reproduce Content

As a website created to inform and sell steroid products, our reviews are proprietary and subject to standard trademark, copyright and registration laws. Reproducing, downloading, copying and/or disseminating proprietary review and product information appearing on the Supplements Watch Ltd violates both domestic and foreign laws, therefore you must contact Supplements Watch Ltd for permission to use any of the data appearing within our product reviews. Violations will be prosecuted.

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Be advised that the content of this Supplements Watch Global Ltd medical disclaimer is subject to revision(s) and alteration(s) at any time-without previous notice of said revision(s)-and at our discretion.