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What Is Muscle Milk Gainer?

Muscle Milk Gainer, formulated and manufactured by CytoSport, is a specially designed supplement for bodybuilders and regular exercisers who have difficulty building muscle mass and power. This lack of results when attempting to increase muscularity is often due to negative calorie balance (the catabolic gap) that occurs in the body when a greater number of calories are burned than consumed during workouts. The all-natural, scientifically tested formula of this modern fitness supplement aids users in closing up the catabolic gap, enabling them to both gain lean muscle mass and maintain it as they continue improving and empowering their physiques for that streamlined, Atlas Man, ripped appearance that bodybuilders work toward. This healthy supplement is formulated to increase muscle size and strength evenly and gradually as you continue your normal training sessions and workouts at the gym.

This advanced exercise aid provides the ideal balance of proteins and carbohydrates to continuously replace depleted glycogen levels as you engage in strenuous athletic activity like bodybuilding. At the same time, it enhances synthesis of muscle protein and shortens your recovery time following exercise. By supplying the body with 32 grams of protein along with 110 grams of carbohydrates, this supplement ensures positive protein levels that are well-balanced by increased insulin counts. Maintaining these important ratios of natural components throughout each daily cycle of exercise, recovery and all the other demanding work, school or home-based activities of your busy days, this unique fitness aid works steadily and dependably to enhance your muscularity, physical strength and endurance, as well as your mental focus, alertness and moods.

Muscle Milk Gainer is available in convenient powdered form, making it easy to store, carry with you each day or pack when you are traveling. You can easily mix this product with filtered water, with juice or in a smoothie for ultimate bodybuilding results and increased stamina. When using this powdered formula, you can also easily alter your dosage whenever necessary, as long as you do not ingest more than the recommended dose per day. This healthy supplement is also sold in liquid, ready to drink form and as a light muscle and oats mix (oatmeal), and there is also a handy high-protein Muscle Milk ‘n Oats power bar on the health foods market for your added convenience whenever you are on the go.



CytoSport, Inc.®, with main offices located in Benicia, CA, in the U.S., is the parent company of Muscle Milk Gainer®. This innovative company is a leading force in the organic bodybuilding and exercise supplement industry today, and company executives and staff members are constantly striving to create and market new and completely pure fitness aids. All products produced by this savvy modern enterprise are scientifically formulated and tested under the careful supervision of research scientists, nutritionists, natural health practitioners and fitness experts. This company focuses of products that can benefit serious bodybuilders of all levels of experience as well as professional and amateur athletes and general exercise enthusiasts who want to strengthen their bodies and build lean muscle mass.

Company experts formulated Muscle Milk Gainer specifically to appeal to exercise enthusiasts of all adult ages from all walks of life. This healthy supplement is very helpful to athletes and fitness advocates as a pre-exercise energy and power booster, an energizing protein enhancing snack and as a very effective workout recovery aid. This organic supplement has low cholesterol and saturated fat content, and it works similar to the way in which the body’s natural rejuvenating capacities operate to boost recovery following workouts. Because this product is sweetened with organic stevia and organic cane sugar, users need have no guilt or doubts about fueling their bodies with this quality source of protein whenever they may need it, and CytoSport is dedicated to creating exercise and bodybuilding aids that can only supply health-promoting properties and benefits to users.


How Muscle Milk Gainer Works?

This unique exercise enhancing formula is similar the the natural components of breast milk and contains high percentages of nitrate, which is first transformed into nitrite in your body and then into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is an extremely helpful and versatile substance, promoting and sustaining healthy functions of the nervous and immune systems, the digestive tract and the circulatory system, all of which are essential for anyone who is pursuing top level performance as a bodybuilder, athlete or serious exercise and fitness enthusiast. The nitric oxide content also enhances metabolic rates of the body, helping you cut any excess fat and eliminate the accumulation of new fat deposits, aiding you in attaining that sleek, streamlined muscularity you desire and work toward in your fitness routines. Nitrates in this powerful supplement also support good cellular growth, making it easier for you to develop strong muscle mass more quickly, and the antioxidant ingredients greatly reduce stress and aging of muscle and cellular tissue, keeping your muscles and tissues supple and flexible for better and longer workouts.

This organic fitness product is actually high in good, productive fat content. Its primary healthy fat components, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), supply the body with optimum energy levels and absorb into your system quickly for use. Containing less caloric counts than long chain fatty acids, these MCTs can increase the speed with which your body burns bad, unproductive fat cells, helping keep you sleek and slimmer with good lean muscle for improved athletic performance. Since MCTs are converted rapidly into energy when ingested, they offer a convenient fast-fueling method during strenuous exercise and bodybuilding workouts while alleviating fatigue and sore muscles following your training sessions at the gym, and your energy levels throughout the remainder of the day or evening will be enhanced and last longer than before.


Ingredients of Muscle Milk Gainer

This contemporary bodybuilding supplement contains 32 grams of protein in just four scoops of its convenient powdered formula along with a mere 650 calories, all from pure, organic and health-enhancing substances. This product is completely free of gluten and lactose and supplies your body with 20 important vitamins and minerals. The empowering organic ingredients that compose the unique Muscle Milk Gainer formula include the following healthy, energizing components:

1) Milk Protein Isolate – This substance is made by removing the lactose and dairy sugar from milk with a filtering process, resulting in milk with two varieties of protein—casein and whey. The percentages present are approximately 80 to 90 percent of casein content along with 10 to 20 percent of whey, to equal a total protein composition of 90 percent or greater. These types are the healthy proteins that fresh milk offers, and they provide high grade amino acids for increasing strong, lean muscles.

2) Calcium Sodium Caseinate – This substance is a form of protein that is contained in all milk from mammals. As a major protein source, casein is the Latin word for “cheese,” and this protein type is rich in healthy carbohydrates, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus and calcium, strengthening bones, muscles and tissues as it fuels the body, supporting good organ and muscle action.

3) Whey Protein Isolate – This health-promoting dietary aid is made by separating the contents of milk, and the whey is familiar as a byproduct of cheese production. When processed, whey can form whey isolate, whey concentrate and whey hydrolysate. The greatest amounts of pure protein are found in whey isolates, which can actually be free of carbohydrates, fat, cholesterol and lactose. Also bioavailable, these whey proteins are absorbed rapidly by the body, providing powerful branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) that supply fuel for smooth, continuous muscle action while they promote protein synthesis for energy and stamina.

4) Whey Protein Concentrate – Whey protein concentrates, or WPCs, contain as much as 70 to 80 percent protein with low fat and lactose content. Top quality WPCs have other powerful, health and exercise-enhancing ingredients like natural growth hormones and bioactive lipids for fighting muscular and tissue inflammations. They also contain a glycoprotein, lactoferrin, an iron-binding agent that transports iron to the blood and cellular tissues, supporting growth and enhanced physical activity.

5) Micellar Casein – This type of protein, when ingested, is transformed by digestive enzymes into bioactive peptides which both aid digestion and help eliminate harmful or irritating bacteria from the body. This ingredient also aids in prevention of muscle tissue damage from oxidation following strenuous exercise. As it works to raise levels of amino acids in the blood, this component helps rebuild muscle tissue, sustaining this new tissue growth for improved workouts.

6) Whey Protein Hydrolysate – This supplement component is a protein that has been partially decomposed by heat, acids or enzymes, enabling faster absorption by the body than either isolate or concentrate forms of protein for quick energy bursts during exercise.

7) L-glutamine – This ingredient is the most frequently identified amino acid found in blood, composing as much as 35 percent of the amino acid nitrogen levels. Also, approximately 60 percent of healthy skeletal muscle content is composed of glutamine. When this amino acid is supplemented, healthy protein synthesis is supported and encouraged for greater energy output by the body while pH levels are aided in maintaining healthy levels to guard against inflammation of muscles and tissues during strenuous activity.

8) Taurine – This ingredient of Muscle Milk Gainer is another amino acid that helps control both mineral content and water levels in the bloodstream. Offering some antioxidant protection to the body, this natural substance can enhance exercise performance and boost workout success for good bodybuilding results.



There are definite advantages to choosing Muscle Milk Gainer as your regular bodybuilding aid and energizer, including the following:

  1. This empowering fitness supplement contains 20 different essential vitamins and minerals to support strenuous workouts.
  2. This product is composed of pure, organic substances, and it is free of gluten and lactose, so is easy for most athletes to digest.
  3. This versatile formula is equally effective as a pre-workout energy and stamina booster, a post-workout agent for rapid recovery time, a fast-action lean muscle builder and a powerful protein snack to boost your calorie count when needed.
  4. This sports supplement helps users cut excess body fat and eliminate the development of new fat deposits by speeding up the metabolic rate with its nitric oxide content.
  5. The unique combination of ingredients in this formula includes a blend of casein protein and whey protein, which is known to promote development of lean, but massive and strong muscularity, which is every serious bodybuilder’s dream.



Many professional bodybuilding trainers, sports coaches, exercise instructors and pro bodybuilders or athletes have been awarded certificates from CytoSport for their loyal use and support of this popular fitness aid. These enthusiastic advocates of Muscle Milk Gainer encourage their students and fellow bodybuilders to become regular users of this safe, convenient and effective muscle enhancer, and they often display their certificates of recognition from CytoSport in their gyms, offices and classrooms.



Muscle Milk is truly amazing. After trying several other bodybuilding aids, I was still struggling to gain lean muscularity and enough strength and endurance to see me through more difficult workouts at the gym. After using this great product for a few weeks, my muscles are beginning to show real development and my energy levels are increasing by the day! Thanks, CytoSport, for this terrific fitness aid! – George T., New Jersey, USA

This fantastic exercise supplement is the best! I never felt so energetic and focused throughout each daily bodybuilding workout until I became a regular user of this outstanding power booster. Now I can begin to enjoy having strong, impressive muscularity and an awesome, totally ripped physique! – John W., New York, USA

You won’t believe the great lean, muscular body you can build when you continue your regular bodybuilding workouts with Muscle Milk as your fitness supplement. You won’t believe it, that is, until you try it. Order your first bottle today and start turning heads with your new Atlas Man look after just a couple of months! What an awesome surprise! – Lee M., Kentucky, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Muscle Milk Gainer from CytoSport has won approval from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for continuously providing high standards in its formula ingredients and production methodology, and the official CytoSport webpage marketing this product proudly displays the NSF emblem. Once a national organization in the U.S., this product standard assessment group is now an international organization, and the NSF promotes and evaluates products for possessing uniformly superior standards, according to the assessment of industry experts, product regulators, experienced consumers and respected public health officials. NSF evaluations involve over 90 public health and safety standards plus more than 30 strict protocols for determining product excellence. In addition, this innovative exercise supplement is predicted to be a future winner of the annual Bodybuilding Supplement Award from


Money-back Guarantee

CytoSport offers a money-back guarantee for each buyer of the Muscle Milk Gainer product. If you are not completely satisfied with your ordering process, shipment and delivery or your use of this empowering exercise supplement, simply return the unused portion, and customer support representatives will send you a prompt refund. This company is always concerned with customer satisfaction, and if you have any difficulties with obtaining or using this product as your primary organic bodybuilding aid, CytoSport executives and staff members want to hear from you. They will not question your dissatisfaction; however, your concerns or complaints will never go unnoticed, but Instead, your experience with this supplement will be noted for use in improving any area of its production, marketing and sales that can be helpful to users.



Shipping of your bodybuilding supplement will be prompt, reliable and efficient, and your order will arrive at your door or postal box in excellent condition. Because CytoSport uses only reputable and dependable shipping carriers and delivery experts, they have a good record of getting your product orders to you safely. All packages are carefully prepared and packed in sturdy materials to ensure that each bottle arrives in top quality condition and ready for your immediate use. This supplement company makes both international and domestic order shipments regularly, so their experienced logistics experts are prepared with solutions to all possible problems or issues that may arise in advance of processing each shipment.


Customer Support

The friendly customer support team at CytoSport is well-trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of the Muscle Milk Gainer product. They are ready to assist you with every step of your purchase and delivery of this valuable fitness aid, and the team is available to answer all your questions and find solutions to any problems or difficulties you experience concerning your order and use of this product. You can contact they by phone, email or via online chat services on the company website.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When making your online purchase of this powerful fitness supplement, the checkout process is always safe and secure. The encrypted website on which you enter your personal contact information and credit or debit card numbers assure you of safe use of your valuable data. Your entries will be well protected from hackers or online identity thieves, and you can relax knowing that each time you place an order for this muscle mass enhancer and bodily energizer, you are buying from a safe, respected site and business and that CytoSport staff members are constantly working to make your purchasing experience even better and safer.



Muscle Milk Gainer is generally priced at $49.99 for each five-pound container of powdered supplement. During many seasonal sales, this product can be purchased for as low a price as $20.99 to $24.99 for a one-pound bottle. These special discounts encourage buyers to order a larger shipment than just a single month’s supply.



There are many benefits and advantages to using Muscle Milk Gainer as your regular exercise and bodybuilding supplement, including the following:

  • This advanced bodybuilding aid offers multiple valuable benefits for exercisers as a fast and smooth acting lean muscle builder, an effective pre-workout energizer and a post-workout aid for rapid, thorough recovery.
  • This fitness enhancer contains only pure organic ingredients and contains no lactose or gluten to ensure easy digestion and absorption into your system.
  • As it increases your metabolism rates, this exercise booster helps cut body fat and eliminates the accumulation of new fat deposits, keeping your physique lean and strong as you develop increased muscularity.
  • Muscle Milk Gainer contains 20 essential vitamins and minerals to build your muscles and sustain your strength and endurance during even the most vigorous and lengthy exercise and bodybuilding sessions.


There are also a few minor disadvantages or inconveniences associated with using Muscle Milk Gainer as your regular bodybuilding supplement, such as:

  • Some health and exercise experts have concerns about the high levels of homocysteine that this supplement’s compound ingredient of glycocyamine can raise in the body since homocysteine may possibly cause or contribute to the development of some health problems like blood clots and inflammation, which can interfere with exercising.
  • Individuals with health problems or conditions should seek medical advice before starting a regular dosage schedule of this supplement.
  • The presence of glycocyamine in this effective modern fitness aid may interfere somewhat with enzyme activity necessary for sodium pump control in the body during and following exercise, which can result in some degrees of dehydration in athletes who lose body water content rapidly.

Muscle Milk Gainer

Summary: Muscle Milk Gainer, the powerful muscle builder and energy booster produced by CytoSport, is a specialized organic formula of pure ingredients designed especially to aid exercise advocates who have difficulty building lean, strong muscle mass and streamlined, ripped physiques. With regular use, this unique supplement will gradually and evenly increase muscularity while you engage in your daily workouts and bodybuilding training at the gym. This carefully structured fitness enhancer offers an excellent balance of proteins and carbohydrates, constantly replenishing your glycogen counts that can otherwise become seriously depleted from your strenuous athletic activity. This convenient powdered supplement is easy to mix in filtered water, juice or smoothies, and its active ingredients enrich your body with 32 grams of protein and 110 grams of carbs, which balance your levels of positive protein with increased insulin levels. With regular use of this modern fitness aid, you will be prepared to complete more demanding workouts, recover faster afterward and perform all the other important work, tasks and activities that await you during the remainder of the day and evening after each exercise session.

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