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Monster Massive by CytoSport Review – Gain Mass With This Quality Food Supplement

What Is Monster Massive?

This product is designed as a mass gainer. In other words, this powdered protein blend is marketed at dedicated workout enthusiasts who wish to gain muscle mass, weight, and overall body mass. By giving the body a boost of protein along with essential amino acids, this product works at a cellular level to assist with the task of muscle growth. Monster Massive comes in various flavors as well. However, none of the flavors are packed with sugar, making this product a quality choice for health and workout enthusiasts.



Monster Massive is manufactured by CytoSport. CytoSport manufactures a number of other products aimed at assisting the workout community with workout goals. One great thing about this particular manufacturer is that they believe in being clear about what is in their products. Each product is broken down by ingredient. The manufacturer then takes the time to explain each ingredient and the health benefits of said ingredient. CytoSport claims that this helps individuals to educate themselves and make a decision that is right for them. This clarity has gone a long way in assisting consumers.

Since the company was founded, it has gained an excellent reputation with the workout community. CytoSport has won awards for innovation and quality, and has continually been one of the biggest and more trusted sources for workout supplements. Having partnered with professional sports teams as well a number of celebrities, it is not hard to see why the company has become one of the largest and fastest growing on the market.


How Monster Massive Works?

The product uses a variety of different amino acids along with protein to assist the growth of muscle mass on a cellular level. By adding 4 scoops of any flavor of the dry protein mix to 16 ounces of water, the user has a quick way to add essential building blocks to the body for gaining mass. One convenient asset is that the product does not have to be consumed at a certain time of day. It can be consumed before workout, after workout, or even before bedtime.

Monster Massive is not intended to work by itself. The product is intended to supplement a healthy workout and diet as well as a quality hydration regimen. The supplement contains 810 calories of protein and amino acids that have all been shown to either assist in the creation of new muscle or to help prevent the breakdown of existing muscle. The user can hope to gain weight and body mass as well as muscle mass by using this product.


Ingredients of Monster Massive

Monster Massive’s first and most abundant ingredient is protein. The product contains a total of 50 grams of protein in every 4 scoops. This is the key ingredient to any mass gaining formula. Since there are various types of protein, it is important to mention that some of the protein is in the form of Casein. This protein is generally digested slowly, giving the body a number of benefits over hours. There is also an ample amount of Whey protein. This protein is digested more quickly, but it still offers a variety of benefits in terms of building muscle mass, weight, and body mass.

The second vital ingredient of this product is L-Leucine. This is an amino acid which has shown to assist in muscle protein synthesis, or the making of muscle protein, at a cellular level. A small amount of this amino acid goes a long way. Each serving of the product contains 1 gram of L-Leucine. This single gram is enough to assist muscle protein synthesis for hours.

Another amino acid present in the protein supplement is L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine is the most abundant in muscle tissue. When the human body is working hard to physically push itself, muscle can often break down. This drink makes sure that L-Glutamine is replenished within the muscles to prevent further breakdown caused by intense exercising.

In addition to these key ingredients, the product also offers a supply of vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin A and Vitamin C help the immune system stay strong after pushing the body hard. Vitamin D helps to protect long term bone health needed to remain physically active throughout life. Vitamins B6 and B12 boost energy levels to ward off fatigue. Calcium also helps to keep the bones strong and able to support more muscle mass. Iron and Magnesium help to keep digestive and cardiovascular systems in good working order. These added vitamins and minerals are crucial to the healthy growth of muscle.

In addition to the beneficial ingredients above, the product also offers a boost of carbohydrates. It is well known that carbohydrates are needed along with protein and necessary nutrients to gain muscle mass. One thing that sets this particular protein supplement apart, however, is that this product does not have a bunch of carbohydrates in the form of sugar. With only 5 grams of sugar per serving, this supplement is a far better source of carbohydrates than some similar products on the market.

Because products high in protein also tend to be hard on kidney function, Monster Massive also contains specially formulated enzymes that help the body to digest the massive amount of protein contained in the product. The enzymes literally break down the protein to help the body use the protein without damage to the kidneys or digestive tract. This is a unique feature for a protein powder.



The clear advantage of Monster Massive is that it helps to build body mass. Bodybuilders and other weight enthusiasts will find the product to be a bit of a twist on the common protein powder. The added amino acids are designed to help build mass on a cellular level while also keeping current muscle from deteriorating. This can help the weightlifter to push past that fitness goal and gain weight where necessary.

One huge advantage to the product is that it has been tested for over 200 substances that are commonly banned in sports. This means that all muscle mass is build naturally by the body, and the consumer has nothing to worry about when being tested for banned substances. Simply put, the product will help with the creation of muscle mass with virtually no chance of dangerous side effects.

Because the formula is made of naturally occurring substances, it is safe to use at a variety of levels of weight training. The nutrients within the mix make it an excellent option for keeping the immune system strong in beginning and intermediate weight training. More advanced weightlifters will find that the product stands up nicely against similar (and often more expensive) products of the same nature.

Taste is an obvious concern with protein supplements. Consumers have reported that Monster Massive is quality in terms of taste. The product is available in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, and cookies and cream. This variety is great for people who tend to get bored drinking the sane flavor over and over.



The NSF has certified this product has been officially tested for over 200 banned substances. NSF, a government organization dedicated to maintaining quality food standards, assures that there is nothing in the product that is likely to cause harmful side effects to a normally healthy human. This also assures that there are no substances normally banned by sports organizations. This aspect is especially important to professional athletes who need to pass certain health physicals and qualifications to participate in their chosen sport.

It may not seem like it is overly important that the product has been NSF certified. However, it should be pointed out that vitamin and workout supplements are not required to be approved by the FDA. This is not dangerous in itself, but it can mean that some supplements may contain ingredients not normally allowed in food. Screening by the NSF just certifies that all ingredients in Monster Massive are fit for human consumption in quality and other standards.



I love the taste of this product. I like to use two scoops of banana and two scoops of strawberry to make strawberry banana!

– Ann, personal trainer

I never used any protein supplement when I first started weightlifting. Progress was slow until I started using this product. The supplement has given my body the extra boost it needed to gain muscle mass!

– Jonathan, model

A lot of similar products are loaded with sugar. This is the first flavored protein powder that I have tried that doesn’t pack in carbohydrates in the form of sugar. It is great for people with sugar restrictions.

– Jim, teacher and heavyweight enthusiast

This product is very good for the price range. Comparable products have been known to cost double. I was very impressed with both the effectiveness and the taste for the price.

– Timothy, active duty United States Marine

My muscles used to get severely broken down after hard workouts. This left me with a high risk for sprains and muscle pulls. Since I started using Monster Massive, I have noticed a huge improvement in my ability to conquer strenuous workouts without feeling like my muscles are weak!

– Josh, Army Captain and marathon runner

I would never presume to say that supplements make a huge difference in performance. Nothing replaces hard work. This, however, is a quality protein supplement that will help the body to keep muscles strong. Though it is no magic formula, it is a wonderful addition to any weightlifting routine.

– Jenn, processional rower

Monster Massive has opened many doors for me to be able to push myself during workouts. Not only that, but the ability of the product to assist in recover helps me to make sure that I rarely ever miss a day at the gym!

– Landon, runner and lifter


Awards & Media Coverage

Monster Massive has been seemingly well revered by the weightlifting community. Since the release of the product, enthusiasts have taken to social media to review and rate the product. Many real professionals in the health field have been said to use the product, and most online reviews of the product are positive.

A variety of different types of people have spoken positively of the product on social media. This is a great indication of the versatility of the product. The protein supplement seems to be enjoyed by both genders with different levels of weightlifting experience and a number of different fitness goals. Amateur and professional enthusiasts alike have given the product the five star or equivalent ratings.

The manufacturer of the product, CytoSport, has also garnered some recognition. Since the founding in 1999, the company has gained recognition for being a Beverage Company Top 100 company. This is quite prestigious in the world of beverage manufacturing. CytoSport also hit the media recently in a partnership with the Chicago Cubs to promote natural health products to compliment healthy workout habits. Additionally, CytoSport founder Greg Pickett has been named a Top 100 Entrepreneur by Goldman Sachs.


Money-back Guarantee

There is no obvious formal guarantee available online. However, contact with the company is easily established through email available on the company’s website. Most companies want to know if there is a potential problem with their product. Therefore, it is important to communicate effectively any complaints. Online forums state that email to the company is addressed quickly and efficiently. It also states that the company finds a way to remedy the situation.

Lack of a formal guarantee concerns many people with good reason. However, it is important to realize that this is an esteemed company with an excellent reputation in the workout world. They want to keep it that way. Therefore, it is unlikely that any genuine concern would go unnoticed by the company. Not only that, but there is individual contact information for many different companies. This shows organization and the company has a system in place for addressing concerns.



Shipping depends on the retailer and the location being shipped. It has generally been regarded as quick and efficient, however. Most will ship in the matter of a couple of business days and generally arrive in under 14 days. There are some exceptions with international shipping, and the wait may be a bit longer depending on the distance the product is being shipped.

As far as the cost of shipping goes, consumers have reported that the shipping cost is competitive with similar products that are available online. This cost assures that the product is sent in a safe way that eliminates risk of loss or damage to the product. Additionally, it also assures that all necessary safety scans are done when being sent from country to country.


Customer Support

Customer support seems to be one area in which this product excels. Contact information is given for support via email or phone in over 15 countries. The team at Monster Massive genuinely do want to hear the concerns of customers. Teams of customer support from all around the work are there to address concerns, answer questions, and share tips about proper and appropriate use of the product. Most report that responses are received to emails in less than 24 hours. Additionally, since the product has a large global presence, there is often a customer support professional in nearly all native languages.


Safe & Secure Checkout

With all of the identity fraud happening around the world, it is no surprised that consumers are wary of using credit card information online. It is always important to make sure that any website is secure before putting in any sort of personal information. The website for Monster Massive has a high end security certification from McAfee as well as a valid SSL certificate.

McAfee checks various aspects of the website. First, they check to be absolutely sure there is no malware. Malware is potentially harmful, as it can cause problems and viruses on computers as well as security breaches. Next McAfee scans the site for any sign of phishing. Phishing is the attempt to acquire personal information that is not public, like passwords or account numbers. Once McAfee is sure that none of this is present, it constantly scans the perimeter of the website to be sure that no one is trying to hack in. In other words, this is one of the most secure websites on the internet by far!



The price point for Monster Massive is competitive for the quality level of the product. Around $40 buys a 10 serving tub of the product. At $4 per serving, it is a good deal for the quality level of the product. In fact, many actual bodybuilders have stated that it is probably the best product available in the price range. There are many similar products that are of equally high quality. However, many of these are double or triple the price. This protein supplement seems to be a standout in the health community for exactly this reason.

It is not a bad idea to do some research regarding similar products before committing to one particular one. However, the advanced technology combined with the flavor assures that this product is probably the best product for the money that is available. Most reviews have actually stated that clients tend to be surprised at the quality considering the given price.






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