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What Is Ultimate Stack?

Ultimate Stack is a collection of bulking agents offered by Crazy Bulk to those who want to bulk up quickly and with no side effects. It is an unusually large stack and is comprised of:

  1. Legal Dianabol (a legal alternative for steroids sold as Dianabol, Alphabol, Anabol, Anabolin, Averbol, Bionabol, D-Bol, Danabol, Danabol DS, DBol, Metan, Metanabol, Metandienone, Methanabol, Methandienone, and Naposim);
  2. Legal Testosterone (a testosterone blend), Legal Deca Durabolin (a legal steroid alternative to formulations sold as Deca, Deca 300, Decabol, Nandrolone, and Retabolil), Legal Trenbolone ( a legal steroid alternatives to steroids sold as Trenbolone, Parabol, Parabolan, Parabolin, Tren, and Trenbolon);
  3. Legal Clenbuterol (a legal steroid alternative to Clenbuterol, Astralean, Clen, Clenbuteral, Clenbuterol hcl, Clenbuterol hydrochloride, Dilaterol, Oxyflux, Spiropent, Var, and Ventipulmin);
  4. Legal Anadrol ( a legal steroid alternative for Anadrol, A-bombs, A50, Anadrol 50, Anadroll, Anapolon, Anapolon 50, Androl, Hemogenin, Oximetolona, OxyDex, Oxydrol, Oxydrolone, and Super Anadrol).

This supplement collection is extremely effective for those who want to bulk up fast. Some ingredients support natural androgens, others support enormous raw gains, some support bulking and simultaneously cutting (while reducing the risk of muscle catabolism), and most support increased energy and vitality, thus making it much easier to bulk up and do it fast.

In order to really examine the effectiveness of this stack, it’s important to look at how each individual ingredient functions on its own and as a part of the whole. Below is a more detailed discussion of the ingredients and how they work as part of this product collection from Crazy Bulk.


How Ultimate Stack Works?

This stack works in a number of ways to boost strength, increase agility and athleticism, and lead to major muscle gains. When we break it down by ingredient, we find why this is one of the most effective bulking stacks on the legal steroid market. Here are the ingredients and their strengths:

Legal Dianabol: This legal steroid is a godsend for those who want to bulk up quickly. Like many of the high-power bulking agents available, it is good for fast, raw muscle gains. Sometimes, you need some help bulking up quickly. This is a legal steroid that enhances blood flow to muscles, thus allowing for more nourishment and oxygenation. It is also an androgen agonist (meaning it promotes the action of male hormones in the body), which further increases your ability to build muscle and build it fast.

Legal Testosterone: As virtually any bodybuilder knows, it’s important to keep levels of testosterone high. Sometimes, the androgen-promoting actions of anabolic agents can actually drive your body’s natural testosterone levels down. This seems counterintuitive, but it’s one of the major difficulties of supplementing. Even if your testosterone is not depleted, it’s helpful to use a supplement. Higher androgen activities (especially those of testosterone) can help you to bulk up faster. This is because testosterone promotes muscle growth, but it also is useful for promoting energy and general vitality. This is important when you’re working out even harder than before at the gym. When you work out harder, you build more, and you build it even faster because you have the energy and the strength for those mind-blowing heavy lifts.

Legal Deca Durabolin: This legal version of Deca is a kind of in-between legal anabolic. It provides mass that is significantly leaner than the mass promoted by Dianabol, but it is also more raw than the very lean mass you can get from Anavar. This is important – if all mass were just raw, you would lose definition and vascularity. In fact, many muscle-building agents that promote leaner gains can help balance out the water weight gain that you often see (albeit temporarily) with some of the extremely potent gainers. These major gainers actually rely on temporary water weight gain to support better muscle contractions and allow for maximum growth.

While this water weight gain also can reduce injury risk because it lubricates the muscles, too much of it can be a bad thing, especially if you need to stay fast and agile for your athletic pursuits. Essentially, adding this supplement in with your bulking stack can help you to balance out the water-heavy initial gains of the big guns without sacrificing the ultimate results. It includes Legal Clenbuterol, which is a powerful fat burner, and this can help to offset potential fat gains that plague some people who are bulking.

Legal Trenbolone: This supplement, which is a legal alternative to Trenbolone, is a useful addition to a bulking stack for a number of reasons. Trenbolone is regarded by many as one of the most potent anabolics available, and Legal Trenbolone is helpful largely because it is so versatile. While it promotes muscle gains, it also keeps these gains hard, dense, and dry. Dry muscle mass means that it is generally free from the water weight seen often with some major bulking agents. Because this supplement also promotes vascularity and definition, it’s a great choice for those who want to start seeing their results and seeing them fast.

Also, this legal anabolic is helpful if you want to preserve athletic ability and agility. It supports better stamina and athleticism, and the muscle gains it promotes are generally free form temporary water bulk. This makes it an ideal choice for those who train in both strength and endurance avenues. In terms of the stack, it’s valuable because it balances out some of the water-heavy gains you often see with some of the ingredients. Because bulking usually prioritizes gains over preserving athletic ability and stamina, it is important to have at least one stack ingredient that can help to preserve those abilities.

Legal Clenbuterol: This legal version of Clenbuterol is the best fat loss agent that you can buy. While the original product, Clenbuterol, proved to be deadly in some cases, Legal Clenbuterol is side-effect-free and can help to boost metabolism to burn fat. It also will work to gently curb appetite, thus making it even more effective as a fat burner.

Pairing this supplement with bulking agents makes a lot of sense. After all, many users worry about losing muscle mass while cutting. If you can safeguard against that by using bulking agents while also employing cutting agents, you can get the best of both worlds. When you add Legal Clenbuterol, you eliminate the worries about adding fat mass as you bulk. You also can eliminate some of the excess water weight that all too often causes a smooth, bloaty physique.

Legal Anadrol: Legal Clenbuterol may be the most potent legal cutting agent, but Legal Anadrol is the most potent bulking agent. It gives you the fastest, most extreme gains possible. Because it operates by temporarily retaining water, it can lead to a slightly bloated appearance and feeling. Adding in Legal Clenbuterol balances this effect out without actually negating the effects of Legal Anadrol. Essentially, combining bulking and cutting agents can get you the best of both worlds when it comes to cutting and bulking.


When to Use It?

While this stack is largely marketed as a bulking pack, it can be used cyclically to support both muscle growth and fat loss. For those who don’t want to invest in multiple stacks, this is a good compromise. You get the benefits of both cutting and bulking stacks, but it’s all rolled into one stack. The manufacturer of the stack recommends using it for a cycle and then giving your body some off time – usually anywhere between 1.5 and two weeks.



This stack has a plethora of benefits that are perfect for those who are ready to commit to bulking up quickly. Of course the main benefit is that there are no side effects. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts can benefit from the use of anabolic steroids, but the side effects of these true anabolics are often dangerous and deadly. For most, if not all people, the dangers of true anabolics outweigh any potential benefits. Ultimate Stack gives you all the results of a traditional anabolic with none of dangerous side effects.

In addition, this stack is perhaps the most comprehensive one available. Combined with its versatility, this fact makes it a good choice for a wide range of athletes. You benefit because you get an entire stack – one that supports both raw and dense muscle gain as well as cutting and dropping subcutaneous fat – delivered right to your door. There’s no need to go supplement shopping or to continually need to go buy more supplement bottles as they run out.

Another benefit is that this cycle can serve as a sort of all-in-one. If you would rather not alternate bulking and cutting cycles (for instance, if you dislike water bloat cauised by some bulking agents or don’t have the cash to shell out on alternating cycles), you can use Ultimate Stack as a means to accomplish both goals at once.It’s both time and money efficient.

Also, this stack can be taken orally, thus eliminating the need for injection. For many, needles are an inconvenience, and they can cause itching and other disturbances at the injection site. Taking your supplement orally means you can eliminate the pain, expense, and inconvenience of needle use while still getting all the benefits of true anabolic steroids. You also don’t need to mix it with water, as you do with many kinds of supplements.

This stack has innumerable benefits for the casual and dedicated fitness enthusiast alike. When you want all the benefits of an anabolic steroid with none of the dangers or inconveniences, Ultimate Stack is the best choice.


Ultimate Stack Side Effects

As mentioned before, because Ultimate Stack is made of legal anabolics, it does not have side effects. Its true anabolic analogues, on the other hand, are a completely different story. Below are some of the many side effects of each true anabolic. They are divided up by steroid type.


This anabolic steroid comes with a host of negative and potentially dangerous side effects. It has been known to cause balding and gynecomastia, when men begin to develop breat tissue. This is because it will aromatize to estrogen, and this makes it harder to lose fat. In addition, Dianabol causes water retention, making some users look bloated. Lastly, this true anabolic steroid can cause dangerous toxicity ro the liver and kidneys, as it is not easy for the body to break down.

Deca Durabolin

Like many anabolic steroids, Deca will suppress the production of natural testosterone. However, because it is an androgen, it will often increase acne and hair growth. It also can cause erectile function, which can be distressing and can cause significant problems in relationships. It also poses a threat to the liver and kidneys, as many anabolic steroids do.


This anabolic steroid is known for its powerful effects as well as for its side effects. While it can cause the regular side effects suffered by many users of anabolic steroids (hair growth, ba;ldness, erectile dysfunction, etc.), Trenbolone also can cause terrifying panic attacks, as well as anxiety, insomnia, increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure. These things may sound mild, but those who react badly to the supplement often react very badly.


This steroid is illegal for human use, but it is sometimes used to make breathing easier for horses. In humans, it can cause elevated heart rate, tremors, and even sudden death. This is because it can elevate metabolism to unsafe levels. Some users have died due to overdose. While it is known for being one of the best fat burners in the world, using it comes with a heavy price. Elevated heart rate, dizziness, and shakes caused by Clenbuterol can make it dificult or impossible to work out.


This anabolic steroid is known for causing massive gains, but it also one of the most dangerous in terms of side effects. Because its structure allows it to survive going throuhg your liver, it causes extreme liver stress. Anadrol also does tend to have effects typical of estrogen and progesterone, including gynecomastia. In addition, the water weight typically gained by users can further elevate blood pressure, making lifting more dangerous. Side effects can intensify if you use it for long periods of time or at an extremely high dose.

As noted earlier, although the original anabolic compounds that inspired the Ultimate Stack do have dangerous side effects, Ultimate Stack itself has no side effects. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to avoid the dangers of using a true anabolic steroid.


How to Use It?

This stack is relatively easy to use. Each component of it has its own directions for best use – the majority of the legal steroid supplements are designed to be taken one pill at a time, with a pill taken once three times a day, and always with water. Some, like Clentrimix, should also be taken with food to avoid an upset stomach.

Actually taking the stack is easy, provided you can remember the directions for each component and remember to take each one three times a day (or two times, depending on the directions). The ease of use is enormous compared to traditional anabolics, as these drugs generally need to be injected.


Why Choose Ultimate Stack?

This product is a great choice, as it contains a collection of some of the most powerful anabolic agents on the planet. However, while it gives you all the results of true anabolic steroids, it comes with none of the side effects.

In addition, this stack contains Legal Clenbuterol as a cutting agent, which help to minimize water bulk and fat gain that can happen sometimes when bulking. However, enough water will be retained that you will see be able to see the results of some of the more potent bulking agents in the stack. The inclusion of cutting agents makes it so this is a good all-around stack for those who would rather just take one stack as opposed to alternating cutting and bulking.

Moreover, this product is shipped to your door in one box. That means you can eliminate the need to make sure all your stack components are available for purchase when you run out. When you take Ultimate Stack, you get all of them at once, and you also save time and a good deal of money.



Because Ultimate Stack is already a stack, you don’t need to stack it with anything. However, if you want to make it a more balanced stack in terms of all-around utility, you can add a cutting agent or two to the stack. Each component of Ultimate Stack is carefully selected to give you results, so buying additional items to add to the stack is generally not necessarily.



The stack’s pricing is reasonable for all that you get – it is only $274.99 for all the ingredients. Plus, shipping is completely free.


There are plenty of benefits to taking this stack. Here are some:

  • You can have all the benefits of true anabolic steroids with none of the side effects.
  • It’s easy and convenient, as it ships right to your door and requires no needles.
  • It is versatile and can be used as a bulking or all-around stack.


As with any stack, there are some drawbacks. These include:

  • Managing dosing can be hard, as some of the components have separate dosage instructions.
  • For those who tend to put on too much fat, only having one cutting agent – Legal Clenbuterol, can be ineffective at preventing fat gain.

Ultimate Stack

Summary: Ultimate Stack is a stack designed primarily for bulking – it contains six separate legal anabolic supplements: Legal Dianabol, Legal Testosterone, Legal Deca Durabolin, Legal Trenbolone, Legal Clenbuterol, and Legal Anadrol. While most of these are potent bulking agents, they work in different ways. Some promote raw gains, others promote lean, hard gains and vascularity, and others support fat loss and help prevent fat deposition during bulking. This stack gives you all the effects of true anabolic steroids, but it causes no side effects, making it a smart choice for the serious athlete or bodybuilder and the casual one alike.

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