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Legal Anadrol Tablets Review – Are They for You?

What Is Legal Anadrol?

Legal Anadrol is the legal steroid alternative to Anadrol (which is also sold as A-bombs, A50, Anadrol 50, Anadroll, Anapolon, Anapolon 50, Androl, Hemogenin, Oximetolona, OxyDex, Oxydrol, Oxydrolone, Super Anadrol). It is one of the most potent legal anabolics on the market. It accomplishes this by rapidly accelerating protein synthesis, which expedites the packing on of lean muscle. It also helps you to bulk up through working out – Legal Anadrol helps muscle to retain nitrogen and also increases production of red blood cells to speed oxygen delivery to the muscles. This makes it easier to lift harder and longer because your working muscles will get more fuel and oxygen to get you through. Fatigue is also delayed, giving you time to get through even the most challenging of workouts with less difficulty.

Legal Anadrol is designed for bulking cycles, but its potency makes it a candidate for stand-alone use as well. The premium formula is designed to show results in under two weeks, and the fact that it comes in caplets means that it’s supremely easy to take as compared to traditional injectable steroids. It’s also fully legal, making it easier to obtain and cheaper than acquiring illegal steroids. Essentially, Legal Anadrol is the answer for those who want to pack on lean muscle quickly and with none of the side effects suffered by users of traditional anabolics.


How Legal Anadrol Works?

This legal anabolic can be used to promote incredible muscle growth in a very short amount of time. The original steroid was designed to help treat diseases that cause muscle wasting, so it very simply causes massive gains in short periods of time. With Legal Anadrol, users will often report muscle gains of 20-30 pounds in a cycle (cycles are usually about eight weeks). However, while this anabolic supports muscle growth, enough calories must be consumed to provide the building blocks for muscle tissue. If you’re taking it and not eating enough or burning off more than you eat, then it should come as no surprise that muscle growth cannot happen.

In addition to being used to treat muscle wasting, the original true anabolic steroid that Legal Anadrol is based on is also used to treat anemia. This means it will spur the production of red blood cells. Legal Anadrol does this using an interesting mechanism of action: it enters kidney cells and causes them to create erythropoietin, which is a chemical that is a precursor to the making of red blood cells. This chemical then will travel throughout the body and act on cells in the bone marrow, stimulating the production of more red blood cells. This has a powerful effect on the physique, as more blood cells means there’s a greater amount of nutrients and oxygen being delivered to muscles as they work. This increased fueling means you’ll be able to lift with greater strength than before.

Part of Legal Anadrol’s ability to power huge muscle gains is the fact that it’s an extremely potent androgen. It works like testosterone, but it is much, much more potent. Testosterone supports lean tissue gain, strength, and vitality, and Legal Anadrol does this on a much larger and much more efficient scale.

But perhaps one of the most interesting mechanisms this supplement uses to help users bulk up quickly is the retention of water. In most cases, a good bit of that initial 20-30 pound gain is water weight, which will drop off once the cycle is discontinued. The retention of water for the duration of the cycle, while it may be unattractive and make the user look bloated, actually serves a very important purpose when it comes to bulking up fast. A lot of the water retained is held in muscle tissue, and this retention means that the muscle is fuller. This, in turn, means it will contract more easily, making it easier to lift more heavily than before.

The retention of water in Legal Anadrol also provides an anti-injury effect. Because you’ll probably be lifting heavier while on a bulking cycle, there is generally a greater injury risk, especially in the biceps and pecs. And of course, lifting more – especially when muscles are growing as quickly as they generally are when taking Legal Anadrol – makes you more injury prone. But the retentive effect of the supplement actually can make muscles seem more lubricated. This increases elasticity and will substantially reduce the risk of tearing.

Essentially, Legal Anadrol causes a short surge in androgens, in red blood cell production, and in water retention. All of these things are different mechanisms to increase lean mass rapidly and safely, as Legal Anadrol does not have the harmful side effects of the genuine anabolic steroid Anadrol.


When to Use It?

Because Legal Anadrol is a potent bulking agent, it is designed to be used by those who want to accrue substantial muscle gains in not very much time. It can be used to help support faster and more massive gains in a bulking cycle, or it can be used by itself. Because water weight gain is part of how this supplement works, it is generally a good idea to follow use with a cutting cycle or single cutting agent of some sort.

Unlike some legal anabolics, this one supports fast and substantial mass gaining, so it’s a good choice for bodybuilders, those who want to increase strength, and those who want a bigger physique. It is less ideal for those who prioritize athletic ability and efficiency over muscle gains. This means that it is likely not a top choice for endurance athletes or those who want to be able to play sports like soccer and basketball with better energy and increased athletic ability.



This legal anabolic offers a slew of benefits for its users. One of these is that it is probably the most effective addition to your bulking and strength cycles, and that it works incredibly quickly. Another is that it is much easier to take than traditional anabolics. Usually, true anabolic steroids need to be injected. This can be problematic on a number of levels. First of all, many people have an understandable dislike of needles, especially when a supplement must be injected by the person him or herself. Having to inject is generally more inconvenient, as it can cause pain and irritation at he injection site. And while needles and syringes may not necessarily be all that expensive, the cost can add up over time. Because Legal Anadrol is taken orally, it only requires a glass of water or some other liquid.

Another benefit is that this legal steroid does not require a prescription and can be shipped anywhere in the world. This means that it’s incredibly easy to get – there’s no need to pay to see a doctor, and no need to drive to a supplement shop. You can simply order online and wait for your bottle or bottles to be shipped to your door. It is also 100 percent legal, so you don’t have to worry about excessive cost or the dangers of criminal prosecution. Shipping is discreet, however, so the only people who will know you’re taking a legal steroid will be the ones you choose to tell.

Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits is the fact that this legal steroid is formulated to start showing results in less than two weeks. This can be a great motivator to work out more, work out harder, and continue the cycle.


Legal Anadrol Side Effects

Because Legal Anadrol is a legal version of a true anabolic steroid, it does not have side effects, so you can rest assured you won’t suffer adverse effects. Anadrol, on the other hand, has some incredibly dangerous and sometimes deadly side effects. One of them is extreme liver toxicity.

Most true anabolic steroids have at least some degree of liver toxicity, but Anadrol’s levels of toxicity are the highest, and most steroid-induced liver cancers are due to Anadrol to use. To understand why, it’s a good idea to look into how steroids work. Most of them bind to androgen receptors in the body, but they have varying levels of affinity, or ability to bind, to these receptors. When a substance has a greater affinity for the receptor, you need to take less of that substance to achieve desired results. Winstrol and Dianabol are two steroids with a high affinity for androgen receptors, so they can be taken in much smaller amounts and thus cause less damage to the kidneys and liver.

Anadrol, on the other hand, actually has a very low affinity for androgen receptors. It is still very effective as an androgen agonist (something that promotes the effects of androgens), but only when taken in comparatively high doses. Because the toxicity of a steroid on the kidneys and liver is not directly related to how effective it is in terms of muscle gains, Anadrol is remarkably more toxic, especially to the liver. It is important to note that the product from Crazy Bulk is not toxic, however.

Another side effect of Anadrol is the suppression of natural testosterone production. This may sound counterintuitive at first, but think of it this way: on a cycle of Anadrol use, the Anadrol itself boosts androgen effects so much that the body slows its own production of testosterone so levels don’t get too high. When you suddenly stop taking Anadrol (even after a short period – many Anadrol cycles are as short as four weeks), your body’s natural testosterone production is remarkably low. This is why many users opt to take a testosterone booster, though even this does not reverse the testosterone-suppressing actions of Anadrol. One of the benefits of Crazy Bulk’s Legal Anadrol is that it allows testosterone production to remain at a normal level, thus reducing endocrine disturbances.

Anadrol also can cause sudden and extreme gynecomastia, which is a steroid-induced phenomenon when men begin to take on some of the characteristics of women. In many, breast tissue will begin to develop. The reason why is somewhat of a mystery to many, as it does not actually convert to estrogen. Some scientists believe Anadrol may cause an increase in progesterone or other hormones related to estrogen. For this reason, many male users end up taking an estrogen antagonist to help reduce some of the estrogen troubles caused by the steroid. One of the benefits of the legal steroid alternative is that there is no risk of gynecomastia.

Though female users of Anadrol are typically few and far between, women who do opt to use it tend to face an opposite problem, called virilization. This process is often irreversible – it involves the development of some typically masculine features, including clitoral enlargement, the deepening of the voice, and increased growth of body hair and sometimes the growth of facial hair. In users of both genders, Anadrol can also cause some of the unpleasant side effects of excessive androgens. These include very bad acne and extreme hair growth (which many men find unpleasant). In some cases, acne is so bad that users opt to also use Accutane, a potent acne drug that limits the production of skin oils. Accutane is a drug with its own slew of potentially dangerous side effects as well. When taking the product from Crazy Bulk, you can avoid these unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects.

One other noted side effect is an increase in blood pressure, which can be dangerous on a number of levels. Those who have pre-existing hypertension create a significant risk for themselves when supplementing with Anadrol, as the larger increase in blood pressure can be dangerous and potentially deadly. Lifting weights – especially the heavy lifting that supplementing will generally allow you to do – causes a temporary spike in blood pressure. This spike, combined with both existing hypertension and the heightened pressure due to Anadrol, can cause blood vessel bursting, possibly even if you don’t have a pre-existing aneurysm.

Although Anadrol’s battery of side effects would deter anyone but the most committed user, you can now reap all the benefits and none of the side effects when you use the legal alternative, Legal Anadrol, for your mass-gaining needs.


How to Use It?

Legal Anadrol is designed to be used either as a stand-alone bulking agent or as part of a bulking stack. The manufacturer advises tacking for maximum results.

When using this product either alone or as the component of a stack, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s directions for maximum efficacy. The manufacturer advises taking one tablet twice daily with meals (and even on rest days). On days when you do work out, be sure to take the tablet about 30-45 minutes before working out.

Because the body generally needs a rest period after supplementing, be sure to take for two months and then give your body a week and a half off before re-starting or before starting a cutting cycle.


Why Choose Legal Anadrol?

Legal Anadrol is a smart choice for those who want to add extra bulk for a number of reasons. It provides all the positive effects of Anadrol with none of the dangerous side effects. In addition, it is especially versatile – you can use as a stand-alone or as part of a bulking stack to get maximum results.

In addition, this supplement makes an excellent choice for those who also value convenience in their supplements – it’s totally legal, ships free and fast, and does not require a prescription. For those who want fast muscle gains, Legal Anadrol is the clear answer.



For maximum efficacy, the manufacturer recommends stacking with Legal Deca Durabolin, Legal Dianabol, and Legal Trenbolone. Legal Deca Durabolin improves the synthesis of collagen and thus improves strength and heals injuries. It can be used for strength, bulking, or cutting, which makes it one of the most versatile stack components available. It will increase mass and reduce body fat at once. ITs healing abilities make this a great addition to any bulking cycle, especially those using Legal Anadrol, as some users accidentally injure themselves due to a relatively sudden ability to lift more heavily.

Legal Dianabol is a bulking agent that promotes the gain of hard muscle while also increasing stamina and strength. It is a legal version of Dianabol, and it also will sharpen drive and focus. While it is primarily used in bulking cycles, it can also help to reduce body fat and increase the muscle to fat ratio. This supplement is a good all-around, as it can be used to support lean mass during cutting cycles and also to reduce fat gain during bulking cycles.

Legal Trenbolone is a supplement that works like a more potent version of testosterone. In fact, it is nearly five times as potent. This can help support healthy testosterone levels and support gains in lean mass and increased energy. It is known for having near-immediate results for users, and it is a common addition to many bulking cycles.



Pricing for Legal Anadrol is remarkably low – just $54.99. Shipping is free, and the bottle will usually arrive fairly quickly.






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