Supreme Antler Review – Have You Considered the Benefits of HGH Boosting Supplements?

What Is Supreme Antler?

Supreme Antler is a natural HGH boosting supplement used to increase the payoff of a person’s workout routine. HGH (Human Growth Hormone) boosters are popular among bodybuilders and athletes because the effects of such products have proven to become visibly recognizable quicker than working out without any supplement. Natural HGH boosters allow fitness enthusiasts to receive the benefits of synthetic HGH boosters without the risk of complication or negative health side effects.

The product is available in liquid form which is beneficial to individuals who are unable to swallow capsules. Unfortunately, the liquid supplement isn’t flavored, so it simply tastes like the ingredients of the formula. This could be an issue for individuals who don’t find the taste satisfying because they are required to spray it into their mouth, so it is impossible to avoid tasting the product.

Supreme Antler has the perk of using a main ingredient that has been clinically tested. The original testing took place in New Zealand at the University, and the participants were college athletes. Since the testing was only done on one ingredient and not on the formula as a whole, there is no patent for the product. To be taken seriously in the HGH boosting market, the supplement needs to undergo a clinical test for its formulation as well as third party clinical trial.



The manufacturer and the product are one in the same as both the product and the company operate under the name Supreme Antler. The company doesn’t offer an “about” section. In fact, there is absolutely no information regarding the company’s location or history. The only information given is for customer support of the product in the form of a hotline and an email address, neither of which give clues as to the location of the business.

The company is not registered with the Better Business Bureau. Typically, the BBB will offer a ranking for a business regardless if they are accredited or not. The BBB offers accreditation to any company that would like to apply, but it is not a requirement to operate within the U.S. Supreme Antler isn’t even listed as a business in the BBB’s records. This is concerning especially since many of its competitors are listed on the site and hold A or B level accreditations.

Not providing any company information on its website makes it appear as if the company doesn’t actually exist. This raises a red flag for customers because there is no guarantee that the company will take responsibility for any issues that may arise with the product. When information is withheld, it creates a sense of distrust between the customer and the business which often results in the customer choosing to do business with a competitor.


How Supreme Antler Works?

The product works by using a natural element to increase a person’s natural hormone levels. It able to cause such an increase by using a component that has been proven to be effective. The main ingredient has been studied in New Zealand and tested on athletes to monitor their muscle gain. The study showed that this component releases IGF-1, which is the same element that results in deer antlers to grow at a rapid rate. It makes sense that the same ingredient would show increased growth in humans as well.

When the product is ingested, it releases IGF-1 into the system. The brain views this increased level of IGF-1 as an instruction to produce an increased amount of HGH. Once the HGH is released into the system, the body starts to regenerate quicker. This results in sore muscles being healed quicker, so a person can workout longer, harder and more often which provides muscle growth. It also allows fat to be burned quicker.

Many of the other HGH boosting products follow similar paths in their HGH production in that they directly influence the production. There are are some products that raise the HGH level by causing a chain reaction, but such a process may limit the amount of hormone that is produced. Not many of the other products reach the increased hormone levels by using IGF-1. Most of its competitors choose to increase HGH using amino acids, but there haven’t been any studies comparing the two methods.


Ingredients of Supreme Antler

The product doesn’t provide customers with the full list of ingredients. This is odd considering HGH boosters typically use their ingredients as part of their marketing campaigns. Supreme Antler’s marketing content is the only way that customers know about the main ingredient of the product: Deer Antler Velvet. The rest of the ingredients, as well as the amount of each ingredient, is not provided by the manufacturer.

Deer Antler Velvet has become a common ingredient among natural HGH boosting supplements. The ingredient is used because it increases the natural level of HGH within a person’s body. It derived from actual Red Deer in New Zealand where it has been studied on athletes. The active element of the ingredient is IGF-1, which results in increased muscle and energy.

It’s challenging to compare the ingredients of Supreme Antler with its competitors because the company doesn’t provide a complete list. The majority of the other products offer full disclosure when it comes to their ingredient list including non-active ingredients like Magnesium Stearate and Gelatin, which are often used in the formation of capsules or to preserve the shelf-life of the product. Not providing the complete list of ingredients increases the risk of a customer having a medication interaction.



Supreme Antler has the benefit of coming in liquid form. This is an advantage to individuals that have trouble swallowing supplements in pill form, which is a fairly common problem. Many other HGH boosters are only available in capsule form while a few products will offer soft gels or powder mixes as an alternative.

The supplement also has the advantage of being a natural product. It used to be popular for bodybuilders and professional athletes to try to obtain HGH synthetically through injections. The injections were expensive as well as dangerous, and tests have shown that synthetic HGH doesn’t provide the desired outcomes. By raising the body’s own HGH levels naturally, customers avoid negative side effects and raise the probability of achieving positive effects.

Another advantage of the product is the fact that the main ingredient has been scientifically proven to be effective. Not many products have a formulation with an element that provides any proof of the product’s claims. This product’s powerful ingredient gives it a boost over the competition. The ingredient is also not the most common method of increasing HGH levels, so that allows the product to stand out in its category.



Although the main ingredient of the product has successfully completed clinical trials, Supreme Antler does not hold a patent. Patents are not required in order for a supplement to be sold within the U.S., but there are a few HGH boosters on the market that have patents and are also price comparable. However, there are no other HGH boosters with the same main ingredient that are patented. This allows the product to still be competitive within its category. Companies that complete the process of obtaining a patent offer a sense of security to the customer.

Patents are so rare in the supplement community because of the cost necessary to obtain one. First, a supplement needs to go through laboratory testing followed by a clinical trial. The results of the clinical trial should then be published to obtain peer reviews. These results are also used to apply for a patent to prevent any other companies from producing the same product. Trials and testing costs a lot of money and requires money to be spent months before any profit can be received, which is why it is so uncommon.

The company also lacks any information regarding their production facilities. Not only is withholding the information concerning on an ethical front, but it also means that the facility is not FDA certified. The FDA does not regulate the production of supplements, but the organization does offer certifications for the facility in which the products are made. To meet certification standards, the facility must comply with health and safety standards set by the entity. There are other HGH boosters whose facilities are certified.



This has become my go-to supplement. I’m a competitive bodybuilder, and I noticed a decline in my muscle mass within the last year. Another competitor let it slip that Deer Antler Velvet was his secret, so I decided to give Supreme Antler a try. Three months later, I’m more ripped than I’ve ever been before, and I keep winning every competition I enter.

– John S., New York, NY

Getting back in shape once you’re older seems to be impossible without some kind of help. My son-in-law suggested I use this product to get that extra dose of energy to stay consistent with my workouts. Not only did it give me extra energy, I experienced results three times as fast as I had before it. I will be a lifelong supporter of this supplement.

– Donald R., Los Angeles, CA

I’m not a professional bodybuilder or athlete, but I still wanted to get in shape. I had hit a plateau in my workout results, so I decided to try this product because it has scientific backing and it came in liquid form. Within two months, I was unrecognizable. I finally hit that level of fitness that I’ve worked toward my whole life. I also have energy left over after my workouts are finished, so my social life doesn’t suffer.

– Dermot H., Atlanta, GA


Awards & Media Coverage

The company boasts coverage from Yahoo! Sports, CNBC and Sports Illustrated, but these claims are slightly misleading. The coverage actually took place regarding the main ingredient and its effects. Although the product didn’t receive the coverage directly, it is still noteworthy because it speaks to the effectiveness of the product’s main ingredient.

Yahoo! Sports noted the fitness benefits associated with Deer Antler Velvet, claiming that the positive effects “are clear”. Both CNBC and Sports Illustrated took notice of the ingredients ability to control HGH. All three publications made a point of pointing to the dosage of IGF-1 as an important factor in fitness results because it is not typically the main ingredient in HGH boosters.

The lack of direct media coverage is common among the supplement community. HGH boosters don’t struggle to receive attention as much as other categories of natural supplements, but the large quantity of products within the category results in a very competitive field. Coverage is primarily given to products whose formula has been patented, which is a disadvantage of Supreme Antler.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer promotes a 100% satisfaction guaranteed within 30 days of receiving the product, but in the fine print, they require that the product is unused and unopened to receive a refund. Instead of a money-back guarantee, the company is simply allowing the customer to cancel their subscription and return an unused product. Many of the HGH boosters on the market not only offer a full money-back guarantee but they also allow that offer for at least 90 days after purchase.

To receive a refund on an unopened bottle, customers must contact the customer service department within 30 days of receiving the item. This is a vital step in obtaining a refund because the item will not be accepted unless the team is contacted beforehand. The support staff will verify the return request and provide the customer with a Return Authorization Number. When the item is shipped back to the manufacturer, the RAN must be present on the outside of the shipment container in order for the product to be accepted.

There is very little information regarding how easy or challenging the return process is for customers. The company doesn’t provide any information regarding their location, so the customer service team will be relied on to provide a return shipment address. Once the item is returned, it is not known if they company processes it themselves or if they go through a third-party processing facility. This may make a difference in the amount of time it takes for the customer to receive their refund.



Shipping for monthly subscribers is free, but customers are required to pay for the shipping fees of the initial free trial. All customers are required to take part in the 14 day trial period, so they can expect a set fee of $4.95 for shipping on the initial order. If the customer is unsatisfied with their product trial, there is no option of receiving a refund on the shipping costs. The product is only available in the U.S., so there are no international shipping prices or options.

All products are shipped via the United States Postal Service. There aren’t any shipment options available to choose from, so every customer’s purchase is sent by standard mail. The product is guaranteed to arrive within two to six business days. However, shipping is not considered for a customer’s free trial, so even if it takes six days for the item to arrive, they are only offered the remaining eight days to decide if they would like to cancel their subscription. Customers are also responsible for shipping costs to return an item.


Customer Support

Customer support for Supreme Antler is provided over the phone as well as digitally. For phone support, the hotlines are available seven days a week. Hours through the week begin at 4 a.m. CST and end at 11 p.m. CST and weekend hours of operation begin at 6 a.m. CST and close at 6 p.m. CST. The lines are closed for major holidays like Thanksgiving and Independence Day. There isn’t an international means of communication as the product is only available within the U.S.

The customer support hotline should be used for important and timely issues. This includes questions and concerns regarding billing. Customers who wish to end their monthly subscription of the product or to request a refund for one of their received packages should use the phone option as their primary source of communication. General questions can be directed at the team’s email. Digital correspondence should receive a reply within 24 hours.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Supreme Antler can be purchased using a secure checkout. The site uses a service that encrypts the page to prevent any outside source from accessing the customer’s information. This is important because the customer must input their credit card information, which could be seen by a hacker monitoring the page if it wasn’t encrypted. The site also uses a McAfee antivirus to prevent any hackers from implementing a virus through the system. The antivirus prevents any outside body from accessing customer information stored on the company’s servers.

Although a customer’s information is protected from hackers through the encryption, the company does share certain information with third parties. Personal information is not sold to the third parties, but any of the companies that the manufacturer works with, such as web hosting, will have access to the customer’s information. Third party companies are not held to the same privacy policy as the manufacturer, so they legally have the right to use or sell a customer’s information. Such a situation does not provide a sense of security for potential customers.


Pricing & Free Trial

One bottle of Supreme Antler costs $89.95. This includes two fluid ounces of the product which provides 30 days worth of usage. Although the bottle is set at this price, there is no way to order a single bottle of the item because the product is only available through a monthly subscription. Compared to other HGH boosting products, this product is priced accordingly, but the requirement of a subscription in order to access the product is not considered part of the best practices of the supplement community.

There is a free trial offered with the product, but it comes with a catch. The customer is allowed to register for a 14 day trial of the product, but signing up for the trial automatically signs the customer up for a monthly subscription. For the trial period, a customer is sent a bottle of the product and only charge $4.95 for shipping and handling. Once the trial period ends, the customer is automatically sent a month supply of the product and charged $89.95. The trial period starts once the order is placed with the company and not after the item has been received.


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