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What Is Clean Burn?

Professional, amateur, and recreational bodybuilders all share a common goal: to build muscle and burn fat. Sometimes, though, and particularly when body fat gets very low,it is necessary to get some help with fat burning. That’s where Clean Burn comes in. This product has only five ingredients, all of which are backed by scientific studies, a long history of being used in folk medicine, or more often, both.

Clean Burn is designed to help you burn fat without the jitters caused by many fat-burning supplements. And each ingredient supports fat lass in a different way. You can turn fat into energy, boost metabolism, inhibit fat storage, stabilize blood sugar, and suppress cravings to speed along success.

This product is backed by research and is certified free of banned substances. In addition, it is tested by a third party to ensure that the labeling information is accurate when it comes to the dosage of all ingredients. It is made ethically and comes in vegetable capsules. Whether you just want to pull off a few pounds or want to look seriously shredded, this is a product that’s designed for you.



This supplement is manufactured by Kaged Muscle, which is a company founded by Kris Gethin. This company is unique, as it relies not only on lab testing but by testing products and ingredients on its founder and other members. Gethin and a team of scientific experts research ingredients extensively and travel across the world to obtain them.

Perhaps most unusually, Gethin subjected himself to well over 100 medical and laboratory tests to ensure that all ingredients were effective and did not have any adverse effects. This company will not use artificial colors or dyes, and all ingredients are pure and have been extensively tested personally by the founder of the company, so you know when you buy from Kaged Muscle, you are getting the best.


How Clean Burn Works?

Clean burn’s five ingredients work on five different levels. You can read about the individual ingredients in detail below, but as far as how the supplement works, you need to know that it functions on five different levels: it (1) helps you turn stored fat into energy, (2) boosts metabolism, (3) helps to prevent fat storage, (4) stabilizes blood sugar (provided it is in the normal range), and (5) suppresses cravings, especially sugar cravings. Here’s some more detail on how exactly it works:

Turning fat into energy – we all know that fat is stored energy, but it can be really tough to get that fat out of storage. That’s why L-carnitine, one of the ingredients in this supplement, is so helpful. The mitochondrion is one of the cell’s most important organelles, as mitochondria are responsible for generating energy with the cell.

But in order to turn fat into energy, fatty acids must be transported across the mitochondrial membrane to be oxidized and used for energy. These fatty acids, through an intricate series of processes, are broken down into adenosine triphosphate (or ATP) – cellular energy that can power you through even the toughest of workouts.

Boosting metabolism – We all have had days when we feel like slugs, and a faster metabolism is good on a number of levels. It can help support energy for workouts and daily living, but it also means that you process nutrients faster, thereby reducing your risk of storing nutrients as fat. After all, if you want to lose fat, you want to expend as much of your food as possible in the form of energy, and to store very little as fat. Clean Burn helps with this.

Preventing fat storage – This benefit is similar to that of boosting metabolism. A faster metabolism helps reduce your risk of storing nutrients as fat, but sometimes you need a little help when it comes to stopping fat storage. because Clean Burn helps you to burn fat and to avoid storing nutrients as fat, you get a boost in your quest for a leaner physique.

Stabilizing blood sugar – You know the feeling – that late-afternoon crash when you’d kill for some sugar, a nap, or both. Particularly when you’re cutting calories in an effort to lean out, it’s easy to accidentally let you blood sugar get too low. When your blood sugar drops, you’re more likely to eat too much (not to mention suffer fatigue and irritability), so it’s in your best interest to keep it steady. If you suffer dips in energy, it also makes it harder to get to the gym after work or school, and if you do make it, chances are you won’t perform to the best of your ability. This can hinder your efforts at getting leaner.

Suppressing cravings – Nobody likes dealing with hunger pangs, irritability, and other symptoms of cutting calories. Clean Burn helps to remove that temptation by helping to suppress appetite, and particularly by suppressing sugar cravings. With pesky cravings out of the way, you can more easily achieve a physique that you’ll be proud to have.


Ingredients of Clean Burn

Clean Burn, unlike many processed supplements, has only five active ingredients. Below is some information on each:

L-Carnitine Tartrate – There are many variants of L-Carnitine, a mitochondrial catalyst that is found naturally in red meat. But L-Carnitine Tartrate is a particularly powerful version of this important supplement. It not only supports fat loss and conversion to energy, but it also supports efficient recovery. In particular, Clean Burn’s particular brand of L-Carnitine, Carnipure, was developed in Switzerland. Anyone who knows supplements knows that not all versions of one supplement are created equal, but Carnipure has been proven effective in several studies, not to mention tested by Gethin himself.

Capsimax – This is a Capsicum extract, which comes from hot peppers. You might know that hot peppers are used as a way to spice up a meal, but many people aren’t aware that the concentrated extract from them actually helps to rev up your metabolism. A host of clinical trials have indicated that not only does this supplement help you to suppress appetite, burn calories, and have more energy, but it also has been proven in many studies to reduce body mass and body fat percentage. In an age of questionable herbal extracts, it can be helpful to know that a given herbal supplement has actually been proven to do what you want it to do – burn fat.

Green tea extract – Green tea does contain caffeine, which helps to boost metabolism, but it has a more intricate mechanism that won’t cause the jitters. green tea is loaded with catechins, and these catechins get in the way of the enzymes that break down norepinephrine, a hormone that supports energy and fat burning. Because of this action, the effects of norepinephrine last longer, and you get a boosted metabolism for longer. There is some evidence to suggest that green tea can suppress appetite and reduce fat deposition, although these claims are not quite as well researched.

Gymneva Sylvestre Extract – This unique herb has been used for over 2,000 years in natural medicine in India. It is known for its ability to keep blood sugar at a steady level, and it has been called the “sugar destroyer” because it has been noted for its ability to mask the taste of sugar.

ChromeMate – This unique ingredient is a special version of Chromium, which is bound to niacin. Niacin is a thermogenic agent, which means that it helps the body generate heat, thereby supporting additional burning of calories and fat. Chromium has been found to support fat loss while still preserving muscle. This makes this an incredibly important ingredient – one of the biggest concerns of bodybuilders who are trying to cut fat is the worry that one may lose muscle as well as fat.

This concern becomes magnified when you cut calories also. With ChromeMate, you get an even more effective version of chromium. In fact, a trial revealed that ChromeMate led to significant weight loss in four weeks. Subjects who took ChromeMate lost an average of 2.4 pounds, while those on the traditional Chromium Picolinate lost an average of less than one pound.



This supplement has a host of advantages. One is that the ingredients are tested extensively, both in the laboratory and on the founder of the company, so you know you get high-quality ingredients. And in an industry where supplements do not always have to be tested for ingredient accuracy by the FDA, Kaged Muscle goes the extra mile and has ingredients tested by a third party to make sure what’s on the label is what you actually get. And Clean Burn is certified free of banned substances, so you don’t have to worry about entering competitions while taking it.

Another advantage is that this fat burner won’t give you jitters or elevate your heart rate or blood pressure. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of taking a supplement that accelerates heart rate and makes you jittery, you know that this is an incredibly important benefit. Plus, elevated blood pressure can be downright dangerous, as high blood pressure and strength training can, in extreme cases, cause blood vessel damage or rupture.

Still another benefit is the fact that this is a fat burner that works multiple angles to support both energy and fat loss – many “fat burner” supplements are only stimulants. these are less effective (and are the type of supplement that most often causes jitters). Plus, the stimulant-only variety of fat burners tend to make it easier to lose muscle, while this product supports muscle and helps you reduce the risk of losing muscle as you burn fat.



This supplement does not have any applicable certificates, although it is fairly new. The ingredients, however, are backed by extensive personal and scientific research. Most of the research backing the ingredients has been proven in multiple studies, and the company founder has also personally tested each ingredient on himself to make sure each works and does not cause side effects.



Sometimes, it’s helpful to hear from users of a given supplement before you make the choice to buy. Below are some words from those who use and love this supplement:

Jackson, 29, Murfreesboro, TN:

I like looking lean, but the older I get, the more like I feel fat is masking my gains. And i do tons of cardio and eat clean, so it’s not like I’m lazy or anything. I used to take yohimbine, which a buddy recommended, but I get so dizzy and nauseated on it that my cardio really suffers, plus I felt terrible throughout the day.

But then I decided to give Clean Burn a shot. And wow! It’s been a couple weeks, and I can see my definition beginning to emerge. Like I’m that statue of David or something. And zero jitters. It’s incredible – will keep buying.

Luka, 41, North Sea, TX:

I’ve been looking for a legitimate way to cut fat for awhile. I really stepped up my cardio and cleaned up my nutrition, and that has helped a lot. But it’s true what they say – that the closer you are to your goal weight, the harder it is to drop fat. So I needed help. This was not the first fat burner I’d tried, but it’s the last one. No shakiness, no fatigue, and that terrible three p.m. slump seems to have been banished from my life. I’m so thankful I discovered this stuff, because damn!

Sonny, 20, Minnesota, WI:

I came to college and totally did the freshman 15, which I thought was just for girls. That’s what I get for eating pizza every day, I guess. So i needed some serious help. luckily, I started lifting with my roommate, and he was taking this stuff. i got to try it, and I’ve got to say, Clean Burn is the best ever! I’ve lost 50 pounds and am now leaner than when I got to college. proud of myself and thankful for both my roommate and Clean Burn.

Bobby, 45, Lisbon, OH:

Really great stuff here. I was frustrated at first because I stupidly expected to get instant results. Turns out that isn’t how it works. But good things come to those who wait, and boy, did good things come my way. When I look in the mirror I almost don’t recognize myself. I’m shredded now, and I’m thinking about entering a few bodybuilding competitions. This is a real life changer.


Awards & Media Coverage

This supplement has not yet received any awards or media coverage, although its newness is likely a factor. However, it has been reviewed favorably on several bodybuilding websites and fitness forums, and Kaged Muscle is endorsed by a handful of high-profile bodybuilders. Based on these facts, it’s likely that Clean Burn will soon receive media coverage.


Money-back Guarantee

Kaged Muscle is a company that stands behind all of its products. Therefore, all products, including Clean Burn, come with a money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may contact the Kaged Muscle support team within 30 days for a refund or exchange. Kaged Muscle handles returns of items bought from third-party sellers on a case-by-case basis. Please note that, in order to obtain a refund, you must provide a purchase receipt. Accepted returns are free, so you don’t need to worry about restocking fees or other hidden costs.



Shipping is free when you order from Kaged Muscle. Other sellers may have different shipping policies – be sure to ask before you buy to avoid mishaps and/or high shipping costs. Kaged ships fast and free, and order tracking is available if you’re the kind of person who needs to know just how soon you’ll get your order.

It may seem as though it takes longer to order online than to make a purchase at a supplement shop, but ordering directly saves you time and energy, as you can buy your supplements from the comfort of your home.


Customer Support

Kaged Muscle has an excellent support team, the members of which are incredibly knowledgeable about all things fitness and especially about Kaged Products. And these representatives are here for you whether you are trying to decide what product to buy, wanting to make a return, or curious about how to get the most out of your Kaged Muscle products. Plus, this team is incredibly accessible – you can reach them by phone, e-mail, chat, and more. When you have a question or concern, they are there for you.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you make a purchase from kaged Muscle, you can rest assured that checkout is completely safe and secure. Kaged makes sure your information is not stolen, and it also will never lease, sell, give away, or share your personal information with any person or company. Your information is safe with Kaged Muscle.


Clean Burn Pricing

When you buy direct from Clean Burn, a bottle of 90 two-caplet servings costs $34.99. The cost may vary when buying from another company. This supplement may seem somewhat expensive, but the fact is that the ingredients included – along with the extensive testing carried out on them by the founder and a third party – justify the cost.

One downside of this pricing is that, depending on your individual needs, you may require more than one serving per day. This can drive up the frequency with which you need to buy new bottles – be sure you know your individual supplementation requirements before buying.


This supplement has several pros. They include the following:

  • All ingredients are third-party tested to ensure that the labeling is accurate.
  • All ingredients are backed by clinical testing and/or historical testing.
  • Ingredients are meticulously sourced and personally tested by the company founder.
  • This supplement comes in easy to take caplet form.
  • The formula will not cause jitters.


As with any supplement, this one has some cons, too. They include the following:

  • Though it will not cause jitters, the absence of high-powered stimulants may make this a less-ideal supplement for those who can tolerate jitter-inducing supplements like yohimbine and others.
  • Depending on your size, you may need several servings a day, meaning the bottle may not last very long.

Clean Burn

Summary: Clean Burn is an innovative fat-burning supplement that works in several ways, despite the fact that its ingredient list is small. By combining L-carnitine, capsicum extract, niacin-bound chromium, green tea extract, and an Indian herb known as the “sugar destroyer,” this supplement supports energy, fat burning, and stable blood sugar, and it also suppresses cravings, especially sugar cravings. Plus, it supports losing fat while supporting existing muscle mass, so you won’t need to worry about losing your gains.The ingredients are analyzed for accuracy by an independent third party, and the founder of the company has tested out all ingredients on himself, so you’ll know that you are getting high-quality ingredients that really work without causing unpleasant side effects.

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