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Capsiplex Sport Review – Is It One of The Best Fat Burners?

What Is Capsiplex Sport?

Capsiplex Sport is a fast-acting and potent mixture of ingredients that are specially formulated by Bauer Nutrition as a metabolic booster that will aid and enhance the fat burning abilities of active adults while increasing their workout performance. This special mixture contains a unique blend of organic ingredients that target the systems of the body that regulate the function of metabolism, raising energy levels, and increasing mental focus. Adding this safe and tested supplement to a healthy lifestyle will enhance the performance and shredding abilities of athlete’s of all stages and abilities. This one pill formula delivers a multitude of benefits and healthy components that are sure to give an athlete the upper hand in their physical performance and bodybuilding abilities.



Bauer Nutrition produces and distributes Capsiplex Sport as part of The Bauer Group DMCC in an FDA approved and certified facility with only 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients. They are listed under the ERGO Group Limited, which is located at Suite 2408 South Tower, Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai, UAE, and they also have offices at 1330 Av. of Americas, NY, USA, 10019 and in the UK at Digital House, Clarendon Park, Nottingham, NG5 1AH. This powerful metabolism boosting supplement was introduced to the public initially in 2010 by Bauer Nutrition with great success and they have now expanded their supplements in 2015 to the sports arena with the newly formulated Capsiplex Sport. Fully devoted to the needs of their customers, Bauer Nutrition offers personal connections and complete support with the expertise of fitness professionals, nutrition experts, health coaches, and personal advisors to assure that you reach your fitness goals and aspirations.


How Capsiplex Sport Works?

The secret to the success of Capsiplex Sport is the main ingredient Capsicum extract. Each powerful dose of this ingredient targets the lipolysis functions of the body, which increases metabolism naturally. This boost in metabolism increases the body’s ability to burn fat while increasing energy levels to encourage longer and harder workouts. One capsule taken 1/2 hour before a workout will increase energy and burn extra calories regardless of whether you workout occasionally or everyday.


Ingredients of Capsiplex Sport

Capsicum Extract

This all natural ingredient is taken from the red chili plant is the most potent ingredient in this mixture; the inherent properties of the red chili naturally raise the metabolism and energy levels within the body to increase fat burning and energy levels without any extra effort on the user’s part.


One of the essential amino acids of the body, this ingredient is helpful in the absorption of oxygen and other vital nutrients into the bloodstream by increasing the levels of nitric oxide; this results in increased energy and faster recovery times for muscles after working out.


Otherwise known as B3, this element is helpful in improving cholesterol levels and overall heart health by widening the arteries and veins of the body.

Black Pepper Extract

This spice contains the essential element Piperine which is responsible for the blocking of damaging enzymes and aid in the quick absorption of beneficial elements.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is essential in the building and repair of cells within the body which aids in muscle recovery after workouts and boosts the immune system.

Vitamin C

This water soluble vitamin is essential for the growth of new cell structures and increasing muscle mass while supporting the body’s immune system.

Provitamins E, P, B1, & B2

These elements are converted into vitamins within the body to perform a variety of healthful benefits for the immune system, cellular rejuvenation, and muscle building and recovery.

Capsaicinoid Oleoresin

This derivative from the red pepper plant is associated with a reduction in appetite as well as a booster for metabolism levels with the possibility of long term effects.

Scopoletin (Coumarin)

This ingredient is found in the roots of Stinging Nettle and is beneficial to the relaxation of blood vessels to increase blood flow throughout the body.


This potent ingredient found in black pepper helps the body to absorb other components and increases metabolism as well as helping the body to efficiently extract nutrients from the foods that are eaten, thus getting more out of the nutrients that are ingested and using them more efficiently to burn calories.


This natural ingredient is commonly used as an energy booster and will offer more mental focus and clarity without the jittery and uneasy feeling sometimes associated with caffeine intake.

Vitamin B3

This essential vitamin offers a wide variety of benefits including boosting energy, burning glucose, and eliminating muscle fatigue, as well as metabolizing fats, proteins, and carbohydrates within the body to aid in the burning of fat and rebuilding of muscle after working out.



One of the greatest advantages of Capsiplex Sport is that it will burn off extra calories, equal to 45 minutes of vigorous exercise such as bicycling, without even adjusting your current workout routine. The one pill formula of Capsiplex Sport will enhance the performance and results of athletes and bodybuilders of all types, sizes, and physical goals. There are no hidden calories or sugars in this fast acting supplement so there are no adjustments necessary for the dietary needs of the bodybuilder who is tracking their caloric intake. The convenient pill formula gives the athlete the ability to easily transport this booster in a gym bag or workout pack that they can take with them anywhere at anytime with utter convenience.



Capsiplex Sport was evaluated and reviewed by Dr. Michael Woo-Ming M.D. from Escondido, California in the United States. His report gives the ingredients and the results of this supplement an A rating for meeting the Doctor Trusted code of conduct as of 11-12-2015. Bauer Nutrition certifies that their special blend of organic ingredients are all natural and completely safe for daily use. In a study conducted by the University of Oklahoma, they certified that the users of this booster burned three times more calories before and during their workout and a whopping 12 times more calories after their workouts.



Darren Collins, London, UK:

I’ve tried Capsiplex Sport over me exercise programme took one tablet half hour before I started and found that it kicked in as i was exercising. It give me the boost and energy I need and mentally the power I need to achieve the goals and to push me further. As am a long distance runner it helped me to go further. Would highly recommend Capsiplex Sport for any sport.

John Steward, Nottingham, UK:

I was 16 and a half stone when I started taking Capsiplex Sport, now, 5 months later I’m 14 and a half stone, so I’m very happy to report that I’ve managed to lose very nearly 2 stone in that time. I took (this supplement) as recommended, every day, but I found it most effective when I took it before I went to gym, 2-3 times a week. It gave me loads more energy for my workouts, even on those days when I was pretty exhausted from my normal 9-5 job. I would definitely recommend (this booster) for anyone who lacks energy to drag themselves out of the house, but also to the guys who go to the gym anyway but want to boost their workout intensity.

David Crew, Nottingham, UK:

I have been a user of (this supplement) for a number of years now and can honestly say it has helped me lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Now, with (this supplement), I’ve found that in addition to maintaining my weight it has greatly improved my running, giving me extra miles and increasing my stamina.

Stewart Williams, New York, USA:

Just had my first Capsiplex Sport. Results were very good. Loads of energy. Could have stayed longer. Will do another one tomorrow. Good results so far. Thank you!

Don Johnson, San Diego, USA:

Genuinely pleased with your product. Tried stuff in the past with very mixed results, but with Capsiplex I have lost 18 lb over the last 2 months. I’ve since read up on Capsicum and it’s all true . . . a great way to lose weight and healthy too.

Kelley L. McGinness, Los Angeles, USA:

Shipping was very fast. I get plenty of energy with this product 🙂 Will buy again! I only take one a day and that is usually enough to get through. I have a very active job and this product helps curb my hunger AND get me through a physically hard work day!

Samuel Thomas, Rochester, USA:

I do Bikram yoga (hot yoga) and I can definitely tell a difference if I take Capsiplex before a class or not. When I take Capsiplex, I feel like the time it takes me to get “warmed-up” is significantly decreased. As for the weight loss, once I started taking it, I dropped a few pounds (I think more because I was having better work-outs than anything). I do not take Capsiplex Sport unless I plan on working out so I cannot attest to its effectiveness with no exercise.


Awards & Media Coverage

This boosting supplement has been covered by many members of the media, sports, and supplement world such as “Hello!” and “OK!,” as well as being featured on television stations such as Fox News, NBC, BBC, and USA Today. Sports magazines and internet supplement critique sites such as Daily Mail, The Sun, and itv have taken notice and commented on the success and benefits of this supplement. Doctor Karen Vieira, PhD, a medical writer and scientist from the University of Florida in the United States, backs the performance enhancing and natural ingredient claims of this boosting supplement. Other online watchdogs who have endorsed this supplement include “HealthzMag,” “Slimming & You,” and “Offline Health” to name just a few of the electronic media outlets that are buzzing about this all natural metabolism boosting supplement.


Money-back Guarantee

Capsiplex Sport is offered with a 60 day money-back guarantee on the product regardless if the packaging has been compromised or not. If for any reason the customer is not completely satisfied with the products or the results that they achieve, they are encouraged to contact the return department of the company at their telephone extension 0208 945 5042 in the UK, 1 888 761 9269 in the US, and 33 1708 09354 in France, leave them a message in the designated area on their official website, or send them an email message to their official e-mail address and they will respond to the request within 48 hours with the return instructions. Consumers will have to return the bottles of product, whether they be empty or full, to the company within 67 days to receive a full refund. With a less than one percent return rate, Bauer Nutrition has a proven track record of quality products and excellent customer service.



All orders for this supplement are processed within 24 hours of arrival in their manufacturing and order fulfilling facilities and all orders are shipped immediately. Delivery to the designated address can be expected within three to five business days but may take up to 15 days in some instances where customs and excise issues may be present. Any outside charges incurred for taxes or import duties for this supplement are the sole responsibility of the customer to settle with the authorities or port master. Packages are delivered conveniently and quickly to the address listed on the order form in a discreet plain package to ensure the consumer’s privacy.


Customer Support

Live customer associates are available to answer questions for customers at all times of the day, every day of the week, and in a number of different methods of communication. Consumers who would like to speak to a representative directly can dial them on the telephone at 0208-945-5042 in the United Kingdom, 1-888-761-9269 in the United States, and 33-1708-09354 in the country of France. There is also the choices of email or ground mail to contact the company in the event of a customer complaint, question, or concern. The fast, friendly, and smart associates are standing by right now to answer any questions or concerns that their customers may have; call, type, or write down your concerns and they will be happy to help solve your problem and get you back into your workout groove.


Safe & Secure Checkout

All transactions completed on the Capsiplex Sport site are completely safe and secure through the use of an encrypted 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption system that keeps the name, address, credit card details, and other personal information hidden from unauthorized individuals and thieves. They use secure financial backing with security measures from such trusted internet companies as GeoTrust and HackerSAFE. They conduct their monetary business through Paypoint with such trusted companies as VISA, MasterCard, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Maestro, and PayPal to ensure that all transactions are kept confidential and private. All transactions are sent using the most secure of connections and personal information is never shared or sold from the private information gathered about the customers for this supplement.


Capsiplex Sport Pricing & Free Trial

This company stands behind their product with a no-hassle 60 day money back guarantee on Capsiplex Sport. If for any reason customers are not completely happy with this supplement, they can return both the used and unused packaging to the company for a full refund of the purchase price. All shipping, handling, return, and re-stocking charges are the responsibility of the purchaser; the company will not accept return to sender packaging. The initial price for a one month supply is £29.99 / $47.15, purchase a 2 month supply for $125.62 / £79.90 and receive one month free, or take advantage of the best deal of buying a 3 month supply and receive three additional months free for the low price of $188.43 / £119.85.






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