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What Is Monster Creatine?

Monster Creatine is a creatine supplement that is marketed toward professional athletes such as bodybuilders. The supplement is sold in the form of a powder and is packaged in a tub for storage and travel convenience. The product is available in grape, watermelon and unflavored options, and it can be mixed as a drink on its own or added to a protein shake.

Creatine has become a popular supplement among the bodybuilding and fitness community. The surge in popularity has occurred as a result of multiple scientific studies that have shown its effectiveness. When Creatine is digested, it assists in the production of ATP, an element that provides energy and is stored in a person’s muscles.

By increasing ATP levels, Creatine serves to increase a person’s endurance and stamina levels. This allows a person to work out at a higher intensity level and for a longer period of time. Such increases result in quick muscle gain and fat loss. However, Monster Creatine’s formula has not undergone clinical trials on its own, so a study is needed in order to prove its claims.



CytoSport is the manufacturer of Monster Creatine. The company was founded in 1998 and has since been known for its most famous line of products: Muscle Milk. All of the business’ products are created with professional athletes and bodybuilders in mind, but since they use natural ingredients, they also cater to everyday fitness enthusiasts.

The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Lack of accreditation is common among producers of nutritional and dietary supplements because its official acknowledgement is not a requirement for operation. The BBB does provide ratings to companies regardless of their accreditation status, but CytoSport has not been given a score. This is odd because the company has operated out of California for nearly 20 years, but it may be a result of the lack of complaints filed against the company.

Any product that CytoSport produces has a lead over many of its competitors because the company has been in operation for so many years. The company also has a regarded reputation for their success with some of their products in previous years. This has allowed CytoSport to expand their products to international customers by operating through third-party distributors in charge of certain areas. Using other distributors is common among companies because it allows territorial expansion to occur quicker.


How Monster Creatine Works?

The process by which Monster Creatine works so efficiently is based on its active ingredient as well as its dosage requirements. Creatine has become extremely popular in the supplement industry because it has shown such proven effectiveness. The product takes full advantage of these properties by building up the amount of the Creatine in an individual’s system so that it can be readily used.

The supplement accomplishes that by breaking down the dosage requirements into two phases. The first phase is called loading and covers the first seven days of use. During the loading phase, a person will take one serving of the product four times a day. This acts as a shock to the system and eventually creates a storage of the product in a person’s system. The second phase is called maintenance and last for next five to eight weeks, during which time a person drops down to a single serving once a day.

Choosing to operate by a double process provides the product a handup over over creatine supplements. The majority of the supplements in this category only provide an increased dose of the main ingredients right before workouts, so the Creatine is depleted by end of an intense workout. By building up the amount of Creatine in the body, Monster Creatine is able produce continuous results throughout the day and night.


Ingredients of Monster Creatine

The product only has one main ingredient: Creapure (Creatine Monohydrate). Creatine comes in multiple types, but Creatine Monohydrate is the most common. It is also shown to be the most effective in clinical trials performed. This efficiency of this form is a result of the body’s ability to keep a high percentage of the component in its system. Other forms of Creatine lose their effectiveness quickly because the majority of the ingredient is lost during digestion and washed out of the system.

Other ingredients are comprised mostly of creation and storage components. Potassium Citrate and Sodium Citrate are used to keep the product fresh while Natural and Artificial Flavors are used to create the taste for both grape and watermelon versions of the product. Fruit and Vegetable Extract are used for color, and Sucralose is used as a sweetener to increase the flavor.

Compared to other Creatine supplements, the product’s formulation is very similar. The majority of Creatine supplements use the same form of Creatine because of its level of effectiveness, and some products even use the same patented Creatine solution. The other formulas also use a limited number of ingredients, so the product doesn’t necessarily stand out based on its ingredients list.



The product has the advantage of holding an NSF certification. The NSF is a reputable and respected organization in the scientific community. A certification based on safety awarded from such an organization provides customers with a sense of security when purchasing the product. The certification is not common among Creatine supplements, so it provides Monster Creatine with a bragging point over its competitors.

Another advantage of Monster Creatine is its manufacturer. The company has been in operation for nearly two decades, and it is well-known throughout the industry. This serves as an advantage for the product because it provides trust to customers that there is someone to hold accountable if there are any issues with the product. This advantage is increased even more considering the company is family owned and not a corporate conglomerate.

The supplement also has the advantage of using a patented solution as its main ingredient. A patent is an indication that a product has proven its effectiveness in clinical trials and laboratory tests. Although the product’s formula as whole isn’t patented, using a patented ingredient provides the product with another advantage over its competitors that don’t use any patented components. Customers may find the product more trustworthy because the formula was designed with a scientific backing.



The product has received an NSF Certified for Sport certification. The NSF (National Science Foundation) is a government organization that supports scientific research in areas of the scientific industry that are not considered medical. Since dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA, the industry falls into the “non-medical” category of science. This certification is awarded to supplements that don’t contain any ingredients banned by professional sports organizations. It also verifies that the product lacks any toxic ingredients that may be harmful to customers.

Monster Creatine isn’t a patented formula, but the main ingredient, Creapure, does hold a patent. Holding a patent is only available for formulas that have shown to be effective in clinical trials. Since it is the only active ingredient used in the product, there is little chance of the component’s effectiveness to be counteracted by the product’s other elements. However, not obtaining a patent for the formula as a whole is a disadvantage to the product.

Holding any certifications automatically causes the product to stand out among Creatine supplements. Supplements designed in the U.S. do not have the same level of overhead as that of supplements produced in other countries. Lack of official requirements results in less opportunity for products to become certified. It also results in products reaching the market that contain unsafe ingredients.



This product has become my secret weapon in the last six months. I’ve spent the last two years training to become a competitive bodybuilder, but I struggled to get the level of muscle gain that I needed. Not only has this supplement helped me get my muscles to where they need to be, I’ve also become a top competitor in my weight class. I recommend this product to everyone at my gym.

– Mark R., Houston, TX, US

I love Monster Creatine! As a fitness trainer, I’ve got to be able to maintain a high level of fitness while also having enough energy to train my customers. This product has given me the amount of energy I need to be successful and make it through my day. I simply mix the product about 30 minutes before I start my day and I’m good to go. I even suggest it to my clients.

– Josh T., Boston, MA, US

As a professional bodybuilder, I have to constantly improve my level of fitness. This product has allowed me to gain enough muscle to move up a weight class. I’ve become so successful that people are now asking me for tips, and I’m now starting a second career as a trainer. I can’t say enough good things about this Creatine supplement.

– Jacob M., Philadelphia, PA, US


Awards & Media Coverage

Monster Creatine has not received any awards from the supplement community. However, this may not be a direct reflection of the product’s effectiveness. Awards for supplements in the U.S are primarily given by fitness publications. While some of these publications provide awards based on popularity, many are awarded based on parents and acceptance by the scientific community. Since Monster Creatine hasn’t undergone clinical trials or published the resulting findings, its chances of receiving awards are limited.

This same line of thought can be used regarding media coverage. The product has not received acknowledgement from any traditional or online media outlets. This is not uncommon for Creatine supplements as the market is smaller than for other supplement categories. However, it is odd that a product created by such a well-known company hasn’t received even a review by a reputable publication. This could be a result of the large amount of Creatine supplements on the market or a lack of marketing by the manufacturer.


Money-back Guarantee

Monster Creatine is not backed by a money-back guarantee. However, used products are accepted as returns, but they only qualify for an in-store credit. Not providing a money-back guarantee is unusual for such a well-known company, and it may cause customers to question its effectiveness. Unfortunately, not offering a money-back guarantee is a common practice among Creatine supplements.

To obtain a return, customers must first contact the customer support team. The team will begin the process of the refund and provide the customer with a special return number. This number must be visible for packages to be accepted and processed. Once the returned package is processed, refunds will applied to the account used in the original transaction while in-store credit will be sent through email. This process typically takes around a week, but the refund can be completed in as little as two days for U.S. customers.

Customers are responsible for the shipping costs associated with returning an item unless the refund is a result of a damaged or incorrect package. Customers with issues that fall into the latter categories will be provided with a shipping label from the company as long as they reside in the U.S. or European Union. International customers outside of the EU are required to pay for shipping on all returns and exchanges.



Monster Creatine can be shipped to multiple countries around the world. For U.S. residents, there are three shipping options available: Standard, One-Day and Two-Day. Items are only shipped and delivered on business days, so orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on Monday. Standard shipments typically arrive in two to six days. Orders for one and two-day shipments must be placed by 2 p.m. EST or an extra business day will be added to the shipment time.

The company suggests standard shipping for products that come in a tub, like Monster Creatine, because it is more economic. Standard shipping for U.S. residents is priced at $6.23. One-day shipping can be purchased for $18.48 while two-day shipping costs $13.50. The product can also be shipped to military personnel that reside on a military base for $7.23.

Shipping options and prices for international shipments are based on the territory that the customer resides. In general, the shipping options consist of standard, priority and economy. Products shipped via the standard option typically arrive within 10 days, but it can take as long as 25 days for the product to be delivered. Economy and priority shipment methods guarantee the product to arrive within 10 days, and priority orders can be delivered in as little as two business days.


Customer Support

Customer support for Monster Creatine is available for current and prospective customers. For U.S customers, support is offered by phone, email and live chat. Customer representatives are available around the clock every day, but email communication can take up to 24 hours for replies. Customers will not be charged for accessing the support hotline, but the company does not guarantee that mobile phone carriers won’t apply charges for airtime used. This is typically only an issue for customers that use prepaid phone services.

International customers are also afforded the three customer support options, but a separate phone number must be used in order to avoid international phone charges. Like with U.S. customers, there is no charge for receiving assistance, but some phone carriers will deduct the time from the customer’s allotted minutes. There is a chance of increased wait time for international calls as there are less designated operators. Communication can be directed through these outlets or to the distributors in charge of each territory in order to avoid a longer wait time.

The support team can be used for general questions regarding products or for nutritional advice. For general questions, email should be the primary form of communication. For issues regarding billing, shipping, damaged products, refunds or other time sensitive information, customers should should direct their concerns through the hotline or the live chat function. The phone lines should also be used for questions regarding medication interactions.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The product can be purchased through a secure checkout. To prevent customer information from being accessed by outside sources, the site uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This form of security encrypts the page where the checkout is located, so any information that must be entered to make a purchase cannot be seen by any third parties monitoring the site. Such a security function is required by the majority of credit card and debit card providers.

Secure servers and an anti-virus are also used to avoid digital theft. Customers information is stored on virtual and physical servers to be used for billing or customer support issues. To prevent hackers from gaining access to these servers, the company uses digital security software that blocks any efforts. There is also an anti-virus used on the site. This prevents hackers from accessing information by creating a backdoor through a computer virus.

The company does use cookies on their website. These items temporary store information on a customer’s hard drive and is a common practice within the industry. Cookies are used to collect information regarding shopping habits and interests of customers in order to create a more individualized shopping experience. They are also used to create marketing strategies. However, this information is never sold to third parties, and the cookies can be removed from the customer’s computer at any time.



Monster Creatine is only available in one size, but it does offer three flavor options to choose from. The 500 gram tub is priced at $19.94, and it is available in grape, watermelon and unflavored. The dosage recommendation is broken down into two phases: Loading and Maintenance. The loading phase covers the first week of use and requires the customer to take one serving four times per day. This is followed by five to eight weeks of a once daily of the product.

One tub of the product holds about 50 servings of the product, and each serving costs around 40 cents. Breaking the number of servings down by the recommended doses for each phase, the product should last around 29 or 30 days. Most of the creatine supplements are packaged similarly as they usually include around one month worth of product.

Compared to other Creatine supplements, the price is competitive. The initial cost of the supplement is higher than other products because the package offers more servings. Other products only include around 10 to 15 servings and cost over one dollar per serving, so Monster Creatine is priced much lower than its competitors from this point of view.


  • The supplement is created by a well-known manufacturer that has a long history producing nutritional supplements.
  • The only active ingredient of the product holds a patent, and that particular solution has undergone clinical trials to prove its effectiveness.
  • The product has received a certification from the NSF for its lack of toxic ingredients and banned substances.
  • The supplement offers a limited number of ingredients, so there is less of a chance that ingredients will cancel each other’s effectiveness out.


  • Although it uses a patented component its formulation, the product does not hold a patent for its formula as a whole.
  • Monster Creatine hasn’t undergone clinical trials, so it’s effectiveness cannot be guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • The product hasn’t received any awards or media coverage even though it is produced by a prominent company within the industry..

Monster Creatine

Summary: Monster Creatine is a daily creatine supplement marketed toward bodybuilders, athletes and trainers. The product has received a certification from the NSF for using athletic association approved ingredients as well as avoiding any toxic elements. It also boasts a simple list of ingredients with only one active ingredient. The main component holds a patent for its effectiveness, but the product as a whole is not patented. The product still needs to undergo both long term and short term clinical trials in order to prove its effectiveness in such a competitive market.

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