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Copyright Restrictions



Be advised that all of the content that is posted on this website, including, but not limited to product descriptions, sales materials, graphics, HTML, product reviews, scripts, call-outs and other website-specific copy that does not fall within these categories, has been copyrighted by Supplements Watch Ltd as collective work protected by United States copyright laws. Properties licensed by and on behalf of the Supplements Watch Ltd are included in this collective work, as are licenses granted to that cover all materials posted on the website. All rights are reserved.

This copyright notice reiterates our commercial purpose: We are an educational, sales and marketing entity committed to assessing, evaluating and reviewing products and services provided by third parties. As such, we undertake periodic reviews of everything appearing on the Supplements Watch Ltd website. Because we apply due diligence to these periodic evaluations, we take no responsibility for third party entities who violate digital property copyright laws by supplying with incorrect or misleading information.

Given our commitment to protecting the copyrights associated with all website, product manufacturers, product reviewers and other parties contributing to the Supplements Watch Ltd website, its operation, content and publication, no part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, including mechanical, electronic, recording, storage and retrieval, e-mail transmission or otherwise distributed, in full or part, without permission of the website owner.

That stated, permission to display, extrapolate, copy, recreate or share text, images and reviews displayed on the site is not granted without the permission of Supplements Watch Ltd’s management and administrators, nor may hard copy and/or electronic materials taken from the website and reproduced be allowed under 2016 DCMA licensing laws that protect Supplements Watch Ltd and third parties from infringement by unauthorized parties.

Additionally, we serve notice that temporary caching and/or downloading of product- and review-related text, images and editorial for the express purpose of storing these materials on personal computers, particularly if it is clearly marked non-reproducible, will be considered a copyright violation and will pursue violators to the fullest extent of the law.

By acknowledging your review of this copyright notice page and the limitations placed on the reproduction of all content included on the Supplements Watch Ltd website including HTML, product and editorial, you assume responsibility for violating language contained within this copyright notice page should you take action not sanctioned by Supplements Watch Ltd management and all parties and materials associated with the company’s online presence.

Further, you are prohibited from changing, deleting or adding photographs, HTML and text. Should you choose to ignore copyright protections described herein and publish, distribute and/or broadcast these materials in violation of sanctions put forth by Supplements Watch Ltd and products sold on the website, you will be legally cited and banned from access to the website. Be advised that all trademarks, service marks and proprietary brand names are also subject to the aforementioned restrictions contained within this copyright notice.

We respect the intellectual property rights and the limitations imposed by others and we expect purchasers, website visitors and site browsers to do the same. All purported DCMA violations will be investigated promptly and resolved immediately by Supplements Watch Ltd administrators and the website’s legal team.




In keeping with DCMA laws, you are required to provide the following data if you wish to claim copyright infringement(s) related to anything appearing on the Supplements Watch Ltd website: either the electronic or physical signature of the copyright owner/holder or the legal/authorized agent acting on behalf of that person, as well as a full description of the product, citation, editorial or image in question. It is not the responsibility to to collect claimed copyright infringement data nor is it our responsibility to underwrite costs associated with the pursuit of such a claim.

Conversely, should Steroids entities discover a violation of our copyright laws and upon our receipt of irrefutable evidence that a copyright violation has been proven, the offending party must immediately cease and desist use of the intellectual property in question by removing, disabling or eliminating all offending materials and removing access to materials that are the object of the infringement violation.

For purposes of the Supplements Watch Ltd’s legal team, you are required to provide all links, resources and identifying elements associated with the aforementioned infringement violation. You are further required to provide with the name of the violator’s service provider, including all pertinent addresses, telephone numbers and, if available, electronic mail address(s). You are also required to draft a statement describing your good faith belief that you or you agent were not in violation of copyright laws and you must also attest to the voracity of this information under penalty of perjury and in keeping with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

Toward that end, we caution you about future misrepresentations should you subsequently infringe on copyrights after being sanctioned by taking additional unauthorized online materials or in any way extrapolating it from the Steroids website. Every infringement violation will be subject to heavy legal and possibly criminal penalties that include, but are not limited to, attorneys’ fees, monetary damage, brand damage, court costs and expenses associated with the cost of prosecuting copyright infringement cases on behalf of Supplements Watch Ltds and the website. Be advised that you may also be the subject of criminal prosecution for perjury should we prove repeated violations.

As the host for Supplements Watch Ltd, all violations related to intellectual property violations as cited within the language of this copyright notice page are also applicable to Therefore, be advised that attempts to restructure the website or in other ways obstruct the site’s performance and operation may also incur legal actions on behalf of in light of the relationship that exists between and our web host. For more information about copyright violations, infringement issues and illegal actions related to Steroids, the Supplements Watch Ltd website, contact us at: or find a link within the website menu under “Terms of Use.”