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What Is Testopel?

Testopel is a new form of supplemental testosterone where instead of injecting it or applying it transdermally, a licensed medical professional actually implants the testosterone-containing pellets into your body. The procedure, which is not invasive at all, generally takes less than 15 minutes.

First, the implantation area is numbed and sterilized, after which a small incision is made using a surgical instrument. A series of testosterone pellets are then inserted through this incision and nested in the subdermal fat layer. Once they are in place, the incision is sealed using steri-strips.

The testosterone in the pellets is released very slowly. This keeps your levels steadily elevated for a long period of time, usually three months at minimum and sometimes for as long as six months.

During this period, your levels are tested regularly, and when they start to drop off, at that point you go back in for more pellets.


Testopel vs Other Products

Testosterone is superior to other types of steroids and muscle-building products because it is the primary male hormone the body. Therefore, it has more ability than any other substance to effect improvements in muscle mass, strength, and leanness.

Even bodybuilders who cycle other steroids for various reasons, such as joint support or cutting body fat, always maintain a testosterone base in their cycles – at least they do if they are smart.

Testopel itself is advantageous over other types of testosterone delivery systems for many reasons:

  • It is easy to use. Gels and creams have to be applied daily, and injections have to be given weekly or twice-weekly (not to mention there is a needle involved).
  • You don’t have to administer it yourself. Once the pellets are implanted into your skin, you can pretty much forget about them until your next doctor’s appointment.
  • Testosterone levels remain more consistent using this method.


Testopel Reviews & Testimonials

Testopel is a newer product, so it doesn’t have the breadth of anecdotal evidence that you would find with another type of testosterone delivery method such as injections.

However, the information that is out there so far is overwhelmingly positive. The biggest benefit touted by men who are currently on Testopel is the convenience factor. Especially for those who switched from a more effort-requiring method of taking testosterone, the every-three-months to every-six-months dosing schedule for Testopel was a welcome change.

Reviewers also reported that their testosterone levels remained steady throughout the period the pellets were implanted. Guys who have been unsatisfied with testosterone injections frequently decried the wild swings in their levels: The day after their injection they would be coursing with testosterone, but the day before an injection they were lucky if their levels were at baseline.

With Testopel, this doesn’t seem to be an issue. As long as you test your levels regularly and are vigilant about having the pellets replaced at the first sign of decline, you shouldn’t have to worry about the “yo-yo” effect.


Testopel Usage

Because it is a very slow-release method of receiving testosterone, it can take a little bit longer to feel the effects than with other delivery methods.

Most men who use Testopel and like it do not mind the wait, as they feel this minor drawback is far outweighed by the product’s benefits, namely the fact that it is so convenient and provides such consistently high levels of testosterone.

And it isn’t as if users have to wait for months on end to start seeing size and strength gains in the gym. Usually within a month of having their first series of pellets implanted, guys on Testopel find that they’re increasing muscle mass, lifting more weight, and recovering faster from hard workouts.


Summary: No drug or supplement is completely without the risk of side effects, but the side effects a lot of people talk about with testosterone products are wildly exaggerated and in many cases complete fabrications. The side effects which actually do occur with Testopel are regular. For example, you’re supposed to rest for a few days after your pellets are implanted. Occasionally, a guy will rush back to the gym too quickly, and the straining during a heavy lift will cause a pellet to come dislodged. This can require a trip back to the doctor. Men who took especially high doses occasionally reported mild acne as their bodies adjusted to such a high level of testosterone. However, Testopel is not completely safe for bodybuilding purposes and without a proper doctor’s prescription, so we don’t recommend it for our audience.

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