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What Is Superdrol?

Superdrol is an extremely effective anabolic product that was available over the counter until 2012. It’s the brand name of a compound called methasterone, developed in the late 1950s as a tumor-fighting drug, and its highly anabolic and androgenic properties were discovered shortly after. Superdrol is derived from dihydrotestosterone, and it is actually a synthesized form of the anabolic hormone Drostanolone, with a slight modification to make it digestible when taken orally. It has mainly strong anabolic properties with weak androgenic properties, similar to methyl-testosterone in bioavailability and 400 percent as effective at building muscle and only 20 percent as androgenic. It has a Q ratio of 20, one of the highest of any anabolic steroid. The Q ratio is also known as the anabolic-to-androgenic ratio of a steroid or pro-hormone.

  • While many bodybuilders refer to Superdrol as a pro-hormone, it is in fact a steroid with extremely fast-acting effects.
  • It has been marketed under the name Methyldrostanolone due to its close similarity to the hormone Drostanolone.
  • Superdrol and Drostanolone were all created around the same time in the 1950s during research into anti-tumor drugs.
  • Unlike Drostanolone, this supplement is not injectable, and it contains an additional methyl group on the molecule’s seventeenth carbon atom, allowing it to be taken orally.


Brand History

Although Superdrol’s molecule was discovered in the 1950s, Superdrol itself wasn’t available over the counter until 2005 when it was manufactured as a designer steroid for about one year by a company called Designer Supplements. In 2006, the name Superdrol was removed from the branding due to urging from the FDA. However, the drug itself continued to be sold under various names until 2012. It was first developed by a company called Syntex, which specialized in anabolic hormones such as Dimethazine, a drug similar to Superdrol but that converted to Methyldrostanolone after it was ingested. Like Dimethazine, Superdrol is broken down in the digestive system, but the active steroid in Superdrol is present in the drug itself, with no need to be converted through metabolism.


How Effective Is Superdrol?

Superdrol is a quite effective mass builder, and in fact its name is a nod to the well-known anabolic steroid Anadrol. The name Superdrol is meant to insinuate that the steroid compound is as powerful a mass builder as a Super Anadrol, but most bodybuilders agree that Anadrol is a much more powerful steroid than Superdrol. Still, weightlifters can see quite clear gains in lean tissue all over the body from using Superdrol, and its effects can be seen very soon after starting the first cycle. It’s a steroid that requires cycling to counteract its androgenic effects, although these effects are less pronounced than in other steroids, such as methyl-testosterone.

  • Superdrol typically leads to 5 to 10 pounds of lean mass gains when taken with sufficient calories and weight training.
  • It is not accompanied by the undesirable water retention of Anadrol, although its lean mass gains are smaller.
  • It strengthens a bodybuilder’s long-term metabolism, so above-average mass gains are still possible in the off-season.
  • Although Superdrol has a very strong anabolic effect, making muscle gain quite easy compared to not using Superdrol, it is still possible to gain fat with too many calories or not enough training.
  • Superdrol also makes a very effective cutting supplement, promoting fat loss and preserving muscle mass when there is a caloric deficit.
  • Because Superdrol doesn’t promote water retention as much as other steroids, muscles have a harder, drier appearance that they do when cycling other drugs.



The usual dose of Superdrol for men is 10mg to 20mg per day, taken for a cycle of six to eight weeks. For 10mg capsules, this dose equals one to two capsules taken every day with meals. For athletes with a high tolerance to pro-hormones, a 30mg dose can be taken after one complete cycle, but most people should not take such a high dose. As a steroid stacking agent, Superdrol complements other anabolic compounds quite well, promoting very quick mass gains, minimal fat gains and fast fat loss.

  • Superdrol allows bodybuilders to train much more efficiently, although longer workouts are not necessary.
  • It prevents bodybuilders from getting tired while working out, allowing them to lift heavier and perform more repetitions.
  • Recovery time is faster between workouts, and during this time is when Superdrol really has its effect in the body, rebuilding torn tissue and adding layers of lean muscle.
  • Because Superdrol has no estrogenic properties, it doesn’t cause water retention or gynecomastia.

When taking Superdrol, a steroid stack including an exogenous testosterone supplement is highly recommended. Superdrol causes the body to stop producing normal levels of natural testosterone, so another source of testosterone is necessary to keep normal body processes functioning. After completing a cycle of Superdrol, a post-cycle therapy program should be undertaken to return the body’s testosterone production to normal levels.


Athletes Taking Superdrol

Because Superdrol isn’t detectable in drug tests, many researchers believe professional athletes have taken it as a performance enhancing drug. The Washington Post conducted an investigation into the steroid and its hidden use in professional sports, concluding that players in Major League Baseball, the National Football League and U.S. Olympic teams had possibly used Superdrol. The director of the U.S. Olympic drug testing lab, Don Caitlin, wrote that five over-the-counter supplements he tested, one of which being Superdrol, were in fact designer steroids. He compared Superdrol to a drug known as tetrahydrogestrinone, a legal, over-the-counter steroid associated with San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds.


Summary: Superdrol is effective, but not more effective that other similar drugs. It works best when taken in a stack and promotes a lean, highly detailed physique. Because of its lack of estrogenic properties, Superdrol does not cause water-weight gain and works better as a cutting steroid than other drugs. It certainly isn’t as effective as Anadrol, the inspiration for its name, but it does work better than other designer steroids that have cropped up under stricter FDA scrutiny. The name Superdrol is really just a marketing term rather than a literal description because Superdrol isn’t as powerful as a Super Anadrol would be. With all of that being said, it is very important to mention that Superdrol has some of the side effects as the illegal steroids and for that reason it shouldn’t be used as a bodybuilding supplement in our opinion. It is far better to get something that is both safer and more effective than this one. Don’t ruin your health for less results, choose a safer alternative!

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