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What Is Striant?

Striant, otherwise referred to as testosterone, is a prescription form of testosterone that is intended to provide individuals with a supplement to current testosterone levels. It is synthesized in the laboratory and is FDA-approved. It is the first of this type of drug to be administered in buccal form. In other words, it is placed in the mouth against the gums or inner cheek.

As a mucoadhesive, it will actually adhere to the inside of the mouth. From that point, it will release a specified level of testosterone throughout the day. It releases the medication over a 12 hour period. People who use Striant for fitness purposes are generally dedicated to bodybuilding, weightlifting, and strength training. Athletes who are attempting to perfect their physique will use striant in order to have enhanced muscle mass, strength, and endurance.


Manufacturers of Striant

Striant is manufactured by Auxilium. Auxilium is a biopharmaceutical company that is based on the Latin word, “assistance.” The company is committed to assisting consumers in producing quality medications that will assist them in achieving well-being and their health goals. The company is based out of Philadelphia. It was originally produced by Columbia Laboratories, an American-based company.



Many bodybuilders, weightlifters, and other athletes enjoy using striant because it is a convenient form of testosterone that doesn’t require injections. The time release formula is helpful as well. Because it is delivered as a mucoadhesive, it is absorbed into the blood stream rapidly, entering the superior vena cava to bypass the liver. While other forms of testosterone have been known to have adverse effects on the liver, Striant is not processed by this vital organ.


How Striant Should Be Used?

In order to avoid dangerous side effects, it is extremely important to use Striant as prescribed by a doctor. It should not be a form of self-medication or obtained in any way except by prescription. Dosage is key and no individual should have an overdose of testosterone supplements or there could be serious, adverse effects. Generally, two tablets should be applied to the mouth daily for the duration that is prescribed, one at night and one during the day. Exceeding the recommended dosage can result in such undesirable effects as gynecomastia in men. It can also result in water retention and weight gain. Unusual aggressiveness is common as well for those who do not follow the prescribed dosage.


Applying Striant Properly

When applying this mucoadhesive, there is a curved side that should be applied to the gums over the incisor teeth on either side of the mouth. It is important to alternate sides of application in order to avoid irritation of the gums. Many users have experienced redness and soreness after long term use. Switching sides and diligent performance of an oral hygiene regimen can help to alleviate any problems. Regular visits to the dentist’s office can be helpful as well. Extreme irritation should be checked by the dentist or a physician. When removing the tablet, the most effective practice is to slide it down over the teeth, away from the gums, in order to avoid harm to the gums.


How Striant Works?

Striant increases levels of testosterone in the body, enhancing What Is already produced in a natural way. As a naturally occurring steroid in the body, testosterone is a growth hormone that is responsible for helping the body to produce protein, build muscle, and burn fat. By using an androgenic steroid that is artificially produced, like striant, athletes can expect to have more effective results in a shorter amount of time. This only holds true when diet and exercise are combined with a regimen that includes Striant. It is considered most effective when combined with other bodybuilding-enhancing products.


Active Ingredients in Striant

The main ingredient of Striant is testosterone. However, it does contain inactive ingredients. These include:

  • USP
  • Carbomer 934P
  • Anhydrous lactose NF
  • Magnesium stearate NF
  • Hypromellose USP
  • Lactose monohydrate NF
  • Starch NF
  • Polycarbophil USP
  • Talc USP
  • Colloidal silicon dioxide NF



Take a look at testimonials from satisfied customers to find that many Striant users enjoy the fact that this particular form of testosterone is not applied to the skin in the form of a sticky gel. Some individuals have experienced transfer issues with other forms of testosterone. However, striant is taken easily in buccal form. Other users have noticed multiple benefits after consistent use of Striant, including enhanced mental clarity and an effective decrease in body fat. Overall, users are satisfied with their results, although some find the adhesive tablets to be uncomfortable in their mouths.



While many people will take advantage of pharma steroids like Striant in order to get the desired effects that result from an increase in testosterone levels, it is important to realize that there are alternatives. There are legal steroids that are completely organic, herbal-based, and have no side effects. They are completely safe and offer a viable option for those who do not qualify for a pharma drug or do not wish to add artificial chemicals to the body. In some cases, pharma drugs are only available to those who have a specified health condition. However, FDA-approved, organic alternatives are available as well, helping individuals to achieve their goals when it comes to perfecting the human body. Bodybuilders, weight lifters, and those engaged in strength training can find excellent herbal supplements that will bring about promising results.


Summary: As with any kind of drug, it is important to consult a doctor about all possible side effects and any health conditions that can cause complications. Testosterone supplements of any kind are especially a concern for individuals with prostate cancer or breast cancer. If the tablet is swallowed, another one can only be administered if it is time for the next dose. Otherwise, another dose will have to wait in order to avoid an overdose. Throat irritation has been known to occur. Our advice is not to use a product like Striant

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