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What Is Parabolan?

Parabolan was a popular steroid that was only available for a few short years. Developed by the French company Negma for horses, the same company later created a version suitable for humans. Dan Duchaine, who wrote about the dangers of steroid use after working as a bodybuilder, was the first expert who wrote about the steroid in the United States.

As the substance is more than five times as strong as testosterone and steroids that affect the testosterone levels in the body, it’s one of the strongest and most effective steroids. After Negma discontinued the product, other laboratories developed similar products and released those substances on the market. Most of the newer products sold as Parabolan do not offer the same results as the original.


Who Makes It?

Any type of drug or substance can only reside for so long in the human body. Experts refer to the length in which the substance remains active as its half-life. Negma is a French pharmaceutical company that found itself manufacturing drugs for veterinarians in the 1980s. Researchers working for Negma created a new synthesized steroid that would treat horses and help the development of muscles in those horses. The steroid contains trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, which is a type of ester similar to trenbone acetate. Trenbone acetate has a shorter half-life, which makes it more suitable for use in animals.

Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate has a longer half-life of two weeks. Though Negma originally wanted to create a product that would help horses, it wound up creating a steroid that was more popular among human users. Citing several problems with the substance, Negma stopped producing and selling the original steroid. All types of Parabolan available today come from companies that do not have the patent or the right to sell the original steroid. Many underground laboratories offer similar products that contain some of the same ingredients as Parabolan.


How Does Parabolan work?

Found throughout the body, androgen receptors are tiny molecules that gather information and take it to the nucleus, which then lets the brain gain more information about that part of the body. Those receptors play a big role in the way that men and women develop muscles and lose weight. Parabolan acts like a binder. It binds itself to those receptors and gives it new information. When the brain registers the new information, it can make changes to the the appetite of a user, his or her blood sugar levels and even the way in which the brain breaks down fats, carbohydrates and other types of foods. Parabolan may also change the conversion process that leaves behind fatty deposits.


Active Vs. Inactive Ingredients

One of the first things that new users need to look at when selecting a product is its active and inactive ingredients. The active ingredient in Parabolan is trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. This ingredient has a half-life of up to one week, which may lead some to think that the steroid leaves their system within seven days. Depending on the test used, the substance may remain in the body and in the bloodstream for several months or longer.

Inactive ingredients are those that add nothing to the base formula. As Parabolan is not available through any different manufacturers today, shoppers typically purchase the product through underground laboratories. Those laboratories may use filled ingredients not listed on the official packaging.


Parabolan Advantages

One reason for the popularity of Parabolan was that it had some fat burning capabilities. New bodybuilders often focus so much on building muscles that they don’t think about burning fat. This is why some of those new to the sport often have flabby stomachs and fatty areas with clearly defined muscles in their arms or another part of the body. Parabolan forces the body to increase the rate at which it burns fat and turns proteins and other components into muscle.

Another mistake made by newcomers is that they diet too much. They think that they need to cut back on calories to avoid gaining weight without thinking that they need those calories when spending long hours in the gym. Parabolan can increase appetite and help users build better muscles without relying on a strict diet. Other advantages that some might find include:

  • Little to no side effects
  • Doesn’t lose its effectiveness when mixed with other steroids
  • Works well for cutting regiments
  • Suitable for bulking up and building stronger muscles
  • Requires smaller doses than similar products


How Do Users Feel?

Some of the claims regarding Parabolan from users include the claim that it increases testosterone levels. High testosterone levels can take an average player to the next level and help an athlete move from the minor leagues to the majors. Other steroids can cause an increase in the production of estrogen, but Parabolan does a good job of keeping all hormone levels in check.

Professional bodybuilders were among the first groups to find and use Parabolan during its early run. They found that the steroid was good for bulking and developing the strong and tight muscles that would help them win competitions. Other bodybuilders found that it also assisted with cutting and developing long and lean muscles that were just as strong. Users also liked that they could get all the benefits of Parabolan with a lower than average dosage.


Things to Consider

Some manufacturers use the name when releasing steroids with a similar structure or some of the same ingredients as the original. Others know that there are a wide range of people still looking for the steroid. They create an entirely new substance and sell it under the same name. There are also a few manufacturers who had access to the original reserves and sold the old bottles without taking into account the effectiveness of the old steroids. Shoppers must think carefully when buying a steroid referred to as Parabolan today.


Summary: Finding out information and news about Parabolan is next to impossible. Despite being a popular steroid for a number of years, the original manufacturer of the product took it off the market in the 1990s. The products still sold under this name often share little in common with the original product. We advise against the usage of such dangerous products.

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