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What You Need to Know About Oxydrol?

Oxydrol is a type of steroid that is available in two different forms. Some users like the freedom and flexibility that comes from taking a simple capsule of the steroid a few times a day. Others enjoy using the liquid version and giving themselves injections. This lets them decide exactly how much they want to take every day. They can also gradually increase the dosage size to improve their results. The results associated with this steroid are often quite good. Many users find that they can get better results from their ordinary workouts and lifting workouts when taking Oxydrol. With regular use, it can reduce the damage caused by lifting and other workouts, increase muscle strength and give users more energy.


Who Makes Oxydrol?

Many people don’t realize that Oxydrol is actually the trademarked name of the steroid. Users can trace the steroid back to the researchers working for British Dragon Pharmaceuticals. Though this was the first company that released the product on the market, it wasn’t the only company making the steroid. Athos Pharma is another company that sells Oxydrol in a tablet form. British Dragon Pharmaceuticals and other companies also sell Oxydrol in a liquid form for injecting. The steroid goes by several names, including A-50 and and Andarol-50. Some users also refer to the steroid as an A-bomb when taking in a capsule form. The capsules often resemble small white pills with a capital “A” and the number “50” printed on the front or back. In its liquid form, Oxydrol comes in a small clear glass vial that contains numbers on the sides to show users how much to take with each dose.


What Oxydrol Does to the Body

Some bodybuilding enthusiasts and fitness experts might find themselves surprised when they learn that researchers originally wanted to use Oxydrol in the treatment of certain medical conditions. Doctors originally prescribed the steroid for those diagnosed with late-stage HIV or early-stage AIDS. The steroid affects the immune system in the body, which is the system responsible for controlling red and white blood cells. Oxydrol makes the body increase its production of red blood cells, which can improve a user’s well-being. It may also provide users with an increased appetite.

Bodybuilders use Oxydrol because the steroid helps them retain more moisture in their muscles. Water retention can lead to frequent urination and other problems, but Oxydrol is not a water retention substance. It simply helps the body absorb more water from the fluids that users drink. This helps the muscles look sleeker and more dynamic, and it may also improve the strength of those muscles.


Ingredients Found in Oxydrol

The active ingredient found in Oxydrol is Oxymetholone. Researchers developed this drug as a way to help those diagnosed with conditions that could lead to muscle fatigue or muscle wasting. Muscle wasting occurs when the body does not receive enough vitamins or nutrients. Those who make significant changes to their diets often suffer from muscle wasting. Those new to the world of bodybuilding often don’t realize that a lack of vitamins can actually cause the muscles to collapse. In addition to reducing the risk of muscle wasting, Oxymetholone can also cause:

  1. Changes to the immune system;
  2. Faster repairs after damage to a muscle;
  3. Changes in appetite;
  4. Increase in muscle mass;

Most Oxydrol available for sale today uses Oxymetholone as the primary ingredient. Those interested in using the steroid should always read the ingredient listing carefully and look for any dangerous filler materials. Most manufacturers use Oxymetholone and no other ingredients.


Advantages of Oxydrol Over Other Steroids

Oxydrol remains popular with bodybuilders because it is the strongest and most dependable product of its type on the market today. Unlike other steroids that can leave users seeing no results for two months or longer, Oxydrol often begins working within just six weeks. Even those with little experience can see themselves gaining 30 pounds or more of new muscles within 1.5 months.

Water retention is one of the biggest issues associated with steroid usage. While Oxydrol will lead to water retention, it uses that excess moisture in a number of ways, including:

  1. To prevent strain and damage to the muscle;
  2. To better lubricate the joint prior to a workout;
  3. To improve the elasticity of the body;
  4. To reduce the risk of potential injuries;

Frequent use of Oxydrol may also lead to an increase in estrogen levels in the body. When an individual stops using the steroid, the user should gradually work his or her way off the steroid and use other substances in place of the steroid.


User Experiences

Oxydrol ranks as one of the top and most popular steroids currently available on the market. Unlike other steroids that can only improve a few functions of the body, Oxydrol can improve the immune system, muscles, elasticity and flexibility and dozens of other components. Many users find that when they take the steroid prior to working out that they feel better instantly and that with regular use, they can lift more weight than they could in the past.

Users also appreciate that Oxydrol helps them build better muscles and improve certain muscle groups faster than other steroids. Some professional bodybuilders tried dozens of steroids and other products before working exclusively with Oxydrol. Those who use Oxydrol also claim that the steroid repairs the damage that they did to their muscles in the past and lets them get back to the gym faster than they could if they relied on rest alone.


Summary: Though Oxydrol isn’t popular in the mainstream media, the steroid has a number of proponents. Both professional bodybuilders and those just getting started in the field use the steroid to build as much muscle mass as possible in a short period of time illegally. Many also use Oxydrol as a way to rebound from injuries and accidents, but only when a doctor prescribe it. Using too much weight when lifting can tear one or more muscles and leave lifters out of competition for months at a time. They use Oxydrol in combination with light exercise and rest to get back on their feet again faster, but it comes with a cost. Oxydrol is dangerous, toxic and shouldn’t be used in normal circumstances. We advise our readers against the usage of Oxydrol because of the side effects.

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