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What Is Muscle Champ Extreme?

Muscle Champ Extreme is an amino acid and BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) supplement that is designed to support muscle growth and recovery. While even the most new of lifters know that post-workout protein is important and that a good pre-workout can help psych you up to lift heavy, not everyone realizes that an intra-workout can help you to get a jumpstart on recovery and stay energized throughout the workout. One of the amino acids contained here is L-arginine, a nitric oxide booster. While nitric oxide is often sold as part of a pre-workout supplement, it also can be useful during your workout. L-arginine is a metabolic precursor to nitric oxide, which stimulates blood flow to the muscles, which increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. This can help you to work out harder. If you are familiar with the burning feeling you get towards the end of a set as you approach failure, you know what the accumulation of lactic acid feels like. This muscle waste product accumulates in the muscle tissue as oxygen is depleted. By increasing the delivery of oxygen to the muscles, this supplement delays lactic acid accumulation and lets you lift longer.

The other amino acids included in Muscle Champ Extreme have positive implications for recovery. One of these amino acids, glutamine, is especially helpful in avoiding the muscle soreness that comes with recovery. By bypassing some of the soreness that anyone who lifts heavily will get, you’ll be able to get back in the gym faster and lift heavier. Many of the amino acids included can help prevent muscle breakdown, even while lifting at a deficit. All of them can help you keep fueled throughout the day. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and no matter how heavily you lift, if you don’t have enough dietary protein, you won’t build muscle. By taking the amino acids in this supplement throughout the day, you will ensure that your muscle tissue consistently has whatever it needs to grow bigger and stronger. In short, when you take Muscle Champ Extreme as your BCAA and intra-workout supplement, you make sure that you have all elements in place to help you grow.



This supplement is manufactured by Atlantic Health Naturals, a company that makes this and other supplements. The company is headquartered in New Jersey, but beyond that, there is not much information available. This company has little to no online presence, and this supplement may be the only product it makes. While this may seem like a red flag, there are some advantages to buying a supplement that is made by a smaller company. For instance, if you call a larger company to ask questions, chances are that the associate you talk to has to look up information on the product you want to know about. It’s impossible for anyone to memorize details about hundreds of supplements, but a smaller company’s representatives will be more likely to know details about the products. Additionally, the manufacturers of this supplement ensure that they are easy to contact. Thus, despite its small presence, the manufacturer of this supplement is here for you.


How Muscle Champ Extreme Works?

This is a supplement that works on a number of levels. It supports more rigorous workouts, it supports muscle recovery, and it reduces risk of muscle breakdown. With all of these things taken together, Muscle Champ Extreme is a supplement that can double as a pre-workout and general muscle support. let’s look at how each facet of how it works contributes to you reaching your overall muscle and physique goals:

To start, the amino acid blend in this supplement is especially full of L-arginine. This ingredient is one of the most vital amino acids, and this supplement contains multiple types of arginine, each with slightly different effects. L-arginine is the original nitric oxide booster, and it was used for years as a workout enhancer before anyone knew how it worked. Many in the fitness community observed that this compound let them lift heavier and work out longer while suffering from less fatigue. Then, in 1998, a group of researchers decided to investigate how this compound works. They found that it boosts nitric oxide production, which caused blood vessels to dilate and thus deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue. This study won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Now, l-arginine is a staple of many nitric oxide boosters, and for good reason. This supplement enhances your workout by helping you to lift longer without fatigue. It also makes sure that key compounds are delivered to the muscles. One such compound is phosphorus. In order for your muscles to contract properly, they must have adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. This is the basis of cellular energy, and it’s made in the mitochondria of cells. As ATP is used in a burst of explosive energy, it turns to adenosine diphosphate, or ADP, as it loses a phosphate ion. It needs additional phosphorus to turn back to ATP, which is where nitric oxide come sin. The increased blood flow can deliver more phosphorus more quickly, so your energy is replenished faster. This way, you can not only have more explosive lifts, but also lift longer.

Additionally, the increased blood flow allows for more oxygen delivery to the muscle tissue. This also allows you to work out longer. Whether you’re on a long run or lifting, as you run out of oxygen, you’ll feel your muscles fatigue, and breathing may become harder. Ample oxygen delivery can allow you to exercise longer without fatigue. While no supplement can hold off fatigue indefinitely, this is a good start.

Muscle Champ Extreme is also useful for muscle recovery. Part of this is because it contains L-arginine, which, by increasing blood flow to muscles, also increases the speed at which post-workout nutrition is delivered to muscle tissue. But the main part of this supplement that aids in recovery is glutamine. This amino acid supports the transport of other amino acids in the body. Amino acids are vital to muscle repair, and getting them into muscle tissue faster is why glutamine is so instrumental int educing soreness. repaired muscle will be less sore. This supplement also provides ornithine, which some studies suggest actually reduces the risk of muscle breakdown. This holds true even when you’re eating at a deficit. While these function all are important functions of a BCAA supplement, this supplement is unclear as to how many BCAAs it contains. Most complete amino acid supplements contain the crucial peptide leucine, but this supplement does not appear to have it. Thus, while Muscle Champ Extreme does contain extremely useful amino acids, it may not be the most complete amino acid supplement.


Ingredients of Muscle Champ Extreme

This supplement contains several key amino acids to enhance performance and support recovery. Below are the ingredients, along with a bit of info about each:

Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate – This ingredient contains arginine, one of the most instrumental amino acids for muscle performance. The fact that it is bonded to alpha-ketoglutarate is important, as some studies have suggested that taking alpha-ketoglutarate can enhance peak athletic performance. Taking these side by side is likely to give your workout an even more explosive boost.

Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate – Like the above ingredient, ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate also contains alpha-ketoglutarate, which can help enhance your performance. Because of the emphasis on peak performance, this supplement is good for those who are looking to break through plateaus and lift heavier than ever. The ornithine here is especially vital if you’re trying to get cut as you’re lifting, since it helps guard your muscles against breakdown. Nobody wants to lose hard-earned gains while dropping fat, and ornithine can help you do that.

Arginine ketoisocaproate – This is yet another form of the vital amino acid arginine. Ketoisocaproate may also serve as a nitric oxide booster, and it may help with ATP production, thus also supporting cellular energy as you lift.

Glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate – In this ingredient, we see alpha-ketoglutarate again, but this time, it’s bonded to glutamine, an amino acid that is instrumental in recovery. By increasing amino acid transport, this amino acid speeds recovery and reduces soreness. This maximizes the benefit of your workouts, and it also helps you get back in the gym faster.



There are many advantages to taking this supplement. One major advantage is that it combines the benefits of multiple supplements in one. For instance, many online supplements designed for muscle building only have L-arginine. Combining many BCAAs gives you a more complete supplement than you can get in most places. Another advantage is the company’s convenient autoship program. It can be difficult to remember to buy new bottles of all of your supplements, and getting it delivered to your door can save you a lot of time and effort. Another advantage is the fact that all the ingredients in this supplement can accomplish a wide variety of effects. This can help you simplify your supplementation routine, as well as your supplement purchases. In short, Muscle Champ Extreme is a supplement that can improve your workout routine while still keeping everything simple.



This supplement has not been awarded any certificates as of yet. However, as those who are familiar with the supplement industry know, since the industry has grown, it has grown to be nearly impossible for the review boards and agencies that award certificates to get to every supplement. It often takes years of exposure. For this reason, plenty of worthy supplements are overlooked simply because of the size of the market. It is likely that, with time and exposure, this product will get the attention from these companies that it deserves. Additionally, while it is not a certificate directly awarded to this supplement, one of the main ingredients here was the subject of a study that won the Nobel Prize in medicine.



When you buy a supplement online, it can be very daunting to choose which one you want, as getting free samples tend stop be nearly impossible. Below are some words from those who have used Muscle Champ Extreme:

– Seth, 22, Miami, FL, USA:

I’m new to lifting, and i used to go in with no pre-workout or anything. This was great at first, but I learned soon that without the right supplements, I was going to just keep hitting plateaus. I decided to do some research and pick some good supplements to take. that’s how I ended up with this stuff. it works great! I feel energized and I keep hitting PRs, which is amazing! I am also looking leaner, and part of my goal is fat loss, so i consider this a success. I will definitely keep buying.

– Johnny, 33, West Palm Beach, FL, USA:

I’ve been lifting for ages, but I only recently got super serious about supplements. But I kept hitting walls in my workouts, and I knew something had to change. Within a week of using Muscle Champ Extreme, I knew I’s found my amino supplement. I love that it’s stimulant free, as I’m sensitive to supplements. But it really helped me to get myself in gear to add muscle while still getting cut. I think I look great now, but the good thing is that this stuff makes me feel amazing, too. I can recover fast, even from grueling lifts, and that makes me feel like the Hulk! Now every lift I do is a good lift. Will for sure keep buying.

– Daniel, 41, Baltimore, MD, USA:

The older I get, the slower I feel in the gym, and I knew I needed something to wake me up. I started with just stimulants, but they gave me a weird, edgy sort of energy I didn’t like much. So I decided to do some reading, which inspired a complete overhaul of my supplementation scheme. I had been doing it all wrong! The most egregious thing was my lack of BCAAs, which I corrected by ordering this. I now feel absolutely incredible, and I can’t believe I ever went without this. I want to do a physique show soon, so I think that this small start will be able to help me along. So thankful that I found something like this!


Awards & Media Coverage

This supplement, as noted above, has not yet been awarded any media coverage or prizes. However, as is the case with certificates, many supplements don’t win awards simply because there are far more supplements than there are companies that give out awards. In time, though, this may earn media coverage and awards. Sometimes, once a supplement has had some time on the market, it will get a feature in a prominent men’s magazine. As noted earlier, one of the main ingredients was a subject of a study that won a major award.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of this supplement stand behind their product. As such, they offer a money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can return a supplement bottle within 30 days of the purchase date. You will receive a full refund, although shipping and handling will not be refunded. You will also be subject to a 20 percent restocking fee. Please note that the manufacturer will not process refunds unless you have already filed a return merchant authorization, or RMA. Once you do this, you will be able to send back your product for your refund.



Shipping is fast, as the manufacturer ships all products out within 24 hours of your order. Additionally, it is very reasonably priced. When you enter into the free trial, you will only have to pay $4.94 for shipping and handling. After the free trial, if you choose to stay a member, you will have shipping costs rolled into the cost of the product. While there is no tracking available, you should expect to receive your bottle within a few days of the order. If you don’t receive your bottle of Muscle Champ Extreme in a few days, it my be wise to contact the company to ask about it.


Customer Support

The customer support staff of Muscle Champ Extreme is made up of dedicated fitness enthusiasts who want to help you achieve your fitness goals. Having a knowledgeable support staff is important, as they can help you at virtually any stage of the process. If you haven’t made the purchase yet but still want some help on deciding whether or not this is the right supplement for you, the representatives can help you make an educated decision. If you are already a customer, they don’t stop being there for you – you can still call them and ask for help on the best way to implement this supplement into your routine. The customer support team makes an effort to be available to you via phone, e-mail, or regular mail, so you can count on having reliable guidance each step of the way.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying online can be daunting for many, and given the history of internet security, this is somewhat understandable. However, Muscle Champ Extreme and its manufacturers use the most secure connection available in order to protect your information. This checkout process is certified as 100 percent secure by SafeBuy. This company also monitors the site to ensure that your information is continually safe. When you buy the way, you have nothing to fear. Additionally, while some may be concerned about the staff, you can be assured that those who work with this company only use your information to fulfill your orders, and your information will not be sold or shared anywhere.


Pricing & Free Trial

Pricing for this product is on par with many supplements sold online. Thankfully, though, if you want to test out this supplement before buying, you have the option of doing the free trial program offered. This trial lets you test out Muscle Champ Extreme risk free before you commit to a monthly payment plan. To do the free trial, you just need to pay $4.94 for shipping and handling. Then, you will be sent a month’s supply of the product. You have 18 days from your order date to decide if you want to keep subscribing. If you decide the product isn’t for you, you can cancel, keep the bottle, and pay nothing. If you want to continue, do nothing, and you’ll get a new bottle each month for $79.73 plus shipping and handling. You can cancel at any time.


There are many benefits to choosing Muscle Champ Extreme as your BCAA supplement. They include the following:

  • It contains a variety of necessary amino acids.
  • It is conveniently auto-shipped.
  • It offers a free trial program.


As with any supplement, this one has some cons. They include the following:

  • It does not contain leucine, an amino acid thought to be very valuable.
  • It does not list the amount of each amino acid included.

Muscle Champ Extreme

Summary: Muscle Champ Extreme is a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement that is designed to help you enhance the intensity of your workout, support recovery, and hold on to muscle even while trying to lose fat. It also can help to support energy levels and your reaching of your physique goals. This supplement contains key amino acids like L-arginine, which increase nitric oxide production. This delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your working muscles, which in turn supports more rigorous, long-lasting workouts. It also contains glutamine, which improves recovery and reduces soreness, and ornithine, which helps prevent muscle loss. The inclusion of alpha-ketoglutarate can help you to reach peak athletic performance as well. While this supplement can be taken as a pre-workout, it also provides excellent general metabolic support for those wanting to build muscle, burn fat, and lift heavier.

FREE TRIAL to $84.67
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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